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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
The interviewer wants to hear that customers are your priority. Tell the interviewer that you would graciously stop what you were doing and start by genuinely listening to the customer. Next, share that you would apologize to the customer and take whatever corrective action was necessary. Be sure to mention that most challenging customers really do not take much time, and they really just want to know that their opinion is being heard. Finally, be sure to mention that once you have the customer on their way you would go back to working on your task.

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User-Submitted Answers

How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
I would do my best to help the customer find what they are looking for and not let their angry attitude affect me, but instead try to see if there is a problem and attempt to fix it.
Always smile and be polite no matter what.
Always be polite to customer no matter what.
Treat the customer like any other customer, smile, and be friendly.
I would politely ask them to wait until I was finished with what I was doing so that I could give them my full attention..
I would try to help the customer as best as I could whether if I'm able to fix their problem or not.
With patience and try to be as helpful as possible.
Put what I was doing and help the customer as best as I can.
I would deal with an angry customer by asking what they are dissatisfied about, why they are mad and what I could do to help them in any situation possible. I would either get the manager stop completing my tasks and calmly talk with the customer about anything they're upset with as they're more important for any business.
Stop my work and listen to customer.
I would take care of the customer first then continue my task.
I Would listen to what their problem is and try my best to help them.
I would try my best to satisfie the angry customer and not fall behind on my work.
If I was able to I would stop the task I was currently working on and assist the customer. If what I was doing absolutely could not wait I would grab one of my other team members to assist me.
I would help assist them and then I would continue my other task.
I would say ill be right with you and then find a good spot in my task to stop and go help the customer.
The customer is the first priority but If the task absolutely cannot wait, I would ask them to hold for just a moment so that I can give my full and undivided attention to the issue, so they did not have to repeat themselves.
Politely assist the customer to the best of my ability or direct them to someone who would be of better assistance.
The customer is the main objective. I would do my best to help them and make that the priority.
I would stop the tasks to give my undivided attention to that customer.
I would listen to their complaint, and solve the problem.
I would try to help the coustomer out until they are satisfied.
I would be as polite as possible while I tried to understand the issue that the customer had and try to fix the problem to the best of my ability.
I would handle the customer immediately with the utmost dedication to ensure their problem was solved.
With patience and a smile, trying to be as helpful as possible.
I would make that my priority. Listen to their problem and try to solve their problem to the best of my ability remaining calm and positive.
I would stop what I am doing, and talk to the customer about the issue. I would try to assist them to the best of my abilities. Then if they were still unsatisfied I would go get my manager.
I would deal them with patience and be as helpful as possible.
I would respond to their grievances with patience and do my best to solve their problem while completing my work and honoring my responsibilities.
I would immediately diffuse a possible angry situation and assure he customer that his/her concerns would be addressed.
I would diffuse the situation and ask the customer what I could do to resolve the situation she was angry about.
Stop the tasks and work with the customer to resolve the issue and make sure I can turn the situation around and leave the customer satisfied.
I would take time out to listen to them and solve the problem the best I can.
I would stop my tasks to try and calm them down seeing if I could change their mood with helping them and if that was not enough I would ask my manager to further assist them because they are our customers and their happiness is very important.
Stop what I am doing, listen and answer their concern.
If the task can be completed later, the customer should be dealt with first. Either by handling it yourself, or informing a manager.
I would take a minute away from my tasks to see if I can help them and make them feel better. If I need more time with them and I had no choice but to complete task I would have to hand it over to manager or superviser.
Leave the task and focus on the customer the most important thing.
I would be patient and make every attempt to satisfy the customer and ask the customer what I could do to make them happy.
I would stop my current task and focus my attention on the customer until I solved the issue they possessed.
I would stop my current task and focus my attention on the customer until I solved the issue they possessed.
Try to calm the customer down and and settle the dispute. If that doesnt work then find the manager.
With patience and and I would meet their needs as much as I can while completing my tasks. I would multi-task.
I am not generally used to dealing with customers directly but I pride myself on being able to stay cool under pressure, so I would allow the customer to speak first before difusing the situation.
Make eye contact, listen to their concerns and then contact a supervisor to assist the customer if I am unable to.
I would paitently listen to what they had to say, understanding that they could be having a bad day, and do my best to answer their questions.
I would take the time to hear them out, listen with empathy and do my best to resolve the issue, I think most angry customers really just want someone to hear them out, if I could not resolve it I would definitely get a supervisor.
I would tell them that they could go to the customer service desk and they will be sure to help them.
I would stop my task immediately, listen to the customer, apologize for them not being happy, and then find a solution to help them.
Listen, have patience, get help if unable to rationalize with the customer.
Always listen first, be patient, and help the customer until they are satisfied, if I cannot help them ask a manager or coworker who can.
I will listen to customer, try to calm them down and call my manager over.
I would pause the task I was currently working on, and respond to the upset customer with compassion. I would calmly as the customer to explain their issue, then I would apologize for their negative experience, then after evaluating the situation, aid the customer in solving their issue to the best of my ability.
I would put my task on hold to attend to the customer in the most efficient manner possible.
I would remain calm and collected and talk to the customer to try and tell them I am completing a task at the moment and require a second to complete it.
As long as I was not with another customer. I would stop what I was doing in order to try to figure out how to help resolve what was making them angry. If I was unable to finding someone that could.
Deter them away from the problem, while looking for any assistance.
I would get my manager or supervisor to talk to the customer.
Put the task on hold and take care of the customer.
The first thing I would make sure I would do is to remain calm. I would make sure to listen to whatever the issue is and to make sure that I show empathy and understanding to that issue. I will then apologize to the customer for the inconvenience and then try to find the best solution possible to remedy the issue.
I would try to calmly talk to the customer and find out a way to help them.
I wuld stop doing my task and ask her if there is any way I can help her.
I would stay calm and try to help the customer with what they desired.
I would stop what I was doing and ask the customer if I could help them with their problem or tell a co worker if they can help this person.
Try to calm them down, focus on on the customer before the task or have someone else help with the customer.
I would ask the customer what he/she is having trouble with and help them. If I cannot help them, I would ask another coworker, or refer him/her to customer service.
I would tell the customer to wait here and that I will get someone to complete my tasks while I help them out with al my focus on the customer.
Yes, I would like to resolve customers problem and help customer.
If the task needed to be completed immediately, I would ask the angry customer to kindly wait a moment and I would be with him or her as soon as possible. If the task could wait, I would first ask the customer what the problem was and do everything possible to assist the customer in an effort to resolve the problem.
I will call a manager or security. Try to calm them down and find there needs.
I will find someone to finish the task and give the costumer my complete attention.
I would try to calm the customer down and call the manager for assistance.
I would tell them id be happy to help and I would do my best to satisfy their complaint while completeing my task.
Id ask him if there is anything I can do to help him.
Take care of the customer first, then finish my task.
Respect them and make them happy.
I would try to tell them to calm down and I would call a supervisor for help.
Smile, and with a soft tone, explain how terribly sorry you are for what they went thru. And you are here to help them now.
I would pause what I was doing to try to help them with what was making them angry and if I could not help them, redirect them to customer service.
I would stop whatever I was doing to handle the customer.
The customer is always right and is always the most important thing you are dealing with. I stop what I am doing and attend to the needs of the customer as best that I can before going back to the tasks I was doing beforehand.
I would stay polite and do my best to deal with whatever was causing them to be angry.
I would politely ask what the problem is and depending on the situation decide on whether or not a manager needs to be involved.
I would stop what I was doing and help the customer.
I would put my tasks aside for a moment and I would approach the customer ask them what they need assistance with, then do what they need me to do and return to my tasks.
I would apologize and try to help them.
I would try and calm them down and figure out how to help them and if I needed to finish another task I would try to direct them to someone who could further help them.
Stop what I am doing and address the customers concerns immediately.
Ask them if there is anyway that I could help them have a better experience.
Customers always come first so I would put my task aside and ask the customer what happened and then try to solve and apologize.
Listen to the customer's problem to determine how best to help. If not able to solve the problem ask my supervisor to help.
Well the best thing to do is try to calm them and ask if they would like to speak to a manager.
I would try to help them with whatever I could and if not I would ask another team member for help.
I would first recognize what the problem or issue that customer could be having and either try to reconcile to satisfy to the customers needs and if things didn't work, I would address to management about the issue.
I will make a continous eye contact & listen and respond to him while doing my work at the same time.
I would try to figure out what is causing him to be angry. If it is because he cannot find an item, I would offer him help. Keep smiling.
I would remain calm and patient. I would assist the costumer first and help them with their problem, however if I cannot I would find someone like a manager or someone that can better help them. Then go back to completing my task.
Stop what I am doing if I am able to and help the customer, or try to find someone to help the customer.
Costumers come first. I can stop work to help a costumer if they have a problem.
I would stay calm and do my best to understand what they are saying so that I can help them and get back to what I was doing.
I would stop what I'm doing and pay full attention to the customer and help them quickly or address them to someone who could.
Id stop what I was doing and try to adress the problem.
I would take care of the customer and try to solve that problem and then continue with my tasks.
I would try to help them if I could and if not direct them to customer service.
Our focus is the customer. I would put everything on hold until I was able to satisfy the customer and deal with his or her concerns.
I would stop what I'm doing and listen to what they're unhappy about and exhaust all of my options to put a smile on their face.
An angry customer is a priority. I would focus on finding out what the problem is and fixing it if it is within my power. If I couldn't fix it, I would seek out a fellow employee or manager or could.
I would ask them what was wrong and it was something that was out of my hands I would get my manager.
Patiently attend the customer and try to make him/her relax for a bit. If possible I will try as much as I can to fix his problem or will get the help from the manager. Then I will complete my task.
I would stop what I was doing and give my full attention to the customer and listen to their complaint and answer in the best possible way I could and if that did not console them I would look to a manager for assistance.
Ask them calmly what they need and be as helpful as possible when assisting them.
I would definitely deal with the angry customer first before I would finish my tasks. One thing at a time and the customer would be my top priority.
I would do my best to calm the customer down and if I couldn't, I would ask for a manager to assist in the situation.
Remain calm. Ask the customer whats wrong, hear them out and find a solution. Apologize if I cannot help.
Like stated before customer service is priority so I would deal with the customer until they received the help they needed from a superior, if need be, or until they were completely happy. Then I would resume my tasks.
If at all possible I would stop whatever task I was completing and assist the customer in any way I could because customers are a priority.