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How do you expect to make a difference at Wegmans?
The interviewer wants to hear that you are passionate about working at Wegmans and have thought about how you can make a positive impact while working there. Think about what kind of impact you could make. Possible things that might come to mind are: - Creating a positive environment for customers by smiling, asking them how their day is going, and providing them with great service - Building business relationships with your co-workers, so everyone looks forward to coming to work each day - By giving people energy to make it through a challenging day Whatever comes to mind that you are passionate about, share it with the interviewer!

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you expect to make a difference at Wegmans?
I will work harder than the other co-workers and always be on time and be really friendly to all the customers.
By providing a friendly atmosphere and making it a place our customers want to come back to.
I expect to make a difference because I am a hard worker, love working with people and will always give my all to complete a task. I request very little time off, I am a stickler for being on time and ready to work. Will offer Wegman's the best customer service I can offer so their shopping experience is a good one.
I have numerous years of working in a customer oriented field on an every day basis and have built relationships with customers over time. There are many return customers that I work with each year or keep my email address to contact me when they are in need of finding a particular item.
I will always do my best and be on time.
I expect to provide a more friendlier atmosphere to an already good working place. I love working with people, and I will give my best to any assignment that I am given.
Have great customer service skills and have a smile on my face.
I expect to make a difference at Wegmans because I set goals for myself, I value the employees, the management and the customers whenever I am working. My hard working, reliable, hard working skills is what you'll see that will make a difference at Wegmans and with the customers satisfaction as well.
By giving customers the best experience they can have shopping.
By giving great customers service and being very reliable.
I plan to make a difference at Wegmans by making customers and coworkers look forward to seeing me at work. Knowing they can expect me to cheerfully fulfill my duties in an exemplary manner.
I expect to make a difference at wegmans by provide a friendly work environment for my co-workerss.
I expect to make a different in a lot of ways at Wegmans one of the biggest is my positive attitude. I come into work everyday with a clean slate I try my best to leave my personal struggles at the door and focus my energy on the job I have been assigned to do.
I know that I would be able to be a good representation of what good customer is and also since I enjoy cooking I think that I would be able to give ideas for recipes.
Being optimistic and providing high customer service.
I will make every customer experience a positive one and make them want to come back. I will always do my best.
By providing great customer service and working to my full potential.
I will make a difference by succeeding at my job and treating my customers with the respect that they deserve.
By providing the highest level of customer service and respecting and appreciating working with those who come from a different background.
Have great customer relations and set goals for myself.
My determination, motivation, reliable, customer skills and hard working will definitely make a difference at wegmans.
With my work ethic. I can bring a great positive energy to work everyday, as well as giving 150% every single time I clock in till I clock out. Making customers feel amazed with the customer service to where they come back again and again.
By learning everything and being best at my job and then helping others to make a difference.
I expect to make a difference by contributing more to the superior customer service skills that Wegmans maintains. I hope to contribute even more to their skills and make a difference in the way customers view Wegmans.
I would hope to make all the difference I can. I would try to make this by being friendly, smiling, and being a helping hand.
I will alway do my best, and friendly to my co worker, customer, obey all the rules.
I will bring my experience and knowledge from my various duties at the chateau to help improve this kitchen.
I believe my positive attitude and hard working skills will add to the excellence of wegmans.
I am very good with people and feel I would be a plus for the store.
By being a friendly person and upholding the high standards.
By bringing my skills to work, improve customer service,
Because I have a genuine affection for Wegmans, for eating healthy and for customer service, I will engage customers and help to make their experience even better.
I expect give a friendly environment to the customers. I hope to give them a great shopping experience in the hopes that they will want to shop there again.
Offer my skills and passion about food to make a difference in each customers day.
I hope to help customers find and purchase what they need quickly and efficiently.
I can aid people when they have questions, and be a guide for them so that they get everything they need.
I can do a very good job at many different things with little training in most cases and I am relatively fast at completing tasks.
Be part of a group that supports the corporate mission.
I have high expectations of myself to perform the best that I can. I will try my best to make every customer satisfied with the service. With this I hope that my attitude towards my job will be a part of the reason why customers would make Wegmans their primary grocery.
I hope to help those in wegmans with any problems that may arise and hope to offer them the best of our products.
I expect to make a difference at Wegmans by showing interest towards the customers and making them feel wanted. Every day I will do my very best work.
By putting my hard work and my patient nature I can help customers and fellow workers.
I plan to bring a more efficient and attentive service to the community, while maintaining your excellent reputation for customer service.
I expect to make a difference at wegmans by providing the best service for every customer that comes through the door.
I want to be able to improve the costumer satisfaction and even help improve the food.
In my opinion, wegmans is already a place where anybody can come and feel welcome and happy. I would feel honored to work in an environment like Wegmans and I very much look forward to helping and experiencing the mass diversity of people that I would have the opportunity of helping.
Do my best work to make sure every customer leaves satisfied.
I will love to learn new things so I can better myself in wegmans and I will try to always put in my all to make the customers happy.
Just being the Caring, Loving, Big Hearted person I am, and treat everyone as Id want to be treated, with RESPECT...
I think that I could contribute a lot between making sure everyone gets what they needs, helping coworkers with tasks, and just making small talk with people and making them happy.
By always being friendly and putting customer service first. I want to do my best to make sure every costumer is happy and treated with respect.
I expect to make a difference by making customers come here again and be happy by the end of the day.
I am a hard worker and I always am looking for new ways to accomplish tasks better and faster.
I feel that I would bring great customer service and a great work ethic to wegmans.
To Improve the way customers see wegman's.
I will become a part of your team, your goals are my goals, and everything Wegmans is about I have tried to with much success implement in my own business.
Wegmans is already a great business that functions well. I just want to keep up the apperance by providing fast customer service.
To go beyond expectations with my customer service.
My hard work will definitely make a difference.
I am capable at making a positive difference by providing excellent customer service & make great products so that people will love their experience and want to come back again.
By creating goals and accomplishing to forfeit the skills and qualifications that much the job position that I applied for, i'm willing to apply my current skills and become an asset to the company and not only work efficiently but also show reliability, honesty and integrity.
By creating goals and accomplishing to forfeit the skills and qualifications that much the job position that I applied for, i'm willing to apply my current skills and become an asset to the company and not only work efficiently but also show reliability, honesty and integrity.
I would be representing Wegmans if I work here. With my smile and helpfulness, I'll make customers feel good about their shopping experience here.
I expect to make a difference at wegmans by my friendly and respectful nature, my dedication, and skills and abilities.
I will make a difference by bring in sales and giving new ideas for sales.
I expect to make a difference by providing people with great food.
By bringing my ubeat attitude and eagerness to learn, along with my strong background in customer support, and commitment to improve everything I work with.
Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the other applicants.
In Wegmans, I'd make a difference by adding positivity to the working atmosphere and becoming a dependable co-worker, so that my co-workers and I can create a great working dynamic. I'd also exemplify Wegman's amazing reputation of customer service.
I want to be a part of something bigger and I take pride in what I do and I think that will shine through and make peoples lives better.
I expect to add a bit of flare into everyones day with my randomness and cheerfulness, especially to people who may be having a bad day, I want to help lighten the load they are carrying, even if its just a little.
Making the customer happy will make Wegmans a great place to shop. I know I can accomplish that.
With a positive and kind attitude I think it is possible to make any customers experience better.
I think working with wegmans in a big organization big oportunity forme and I will have chance prove myself.
I hope to make a difference by giving the best customer service possible.
By having customers who walk through my lane every day to feel the difference that Wegmans is and I will do that by serving them the best customer service I can give them.