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Do you need a job at Wegmans or just working for fun?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

If you are working at Wegmans just for fun, that's great! Tell this to the interviewer, and be sure to mention that you look forward to working hard for such a great company!

If you are seeking a job because you need the income, tell the interviewer that you are seeking the income, but working at Wegmans would be fun. So, it's a win-win!

Do you need a job at Wegmans or just working for fun?

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Do you need a job at Wegmans or just working for fun?
I need a job at wegmans because I need to make money.
I think its time for a job and I think wegmans is a great place to work.
I Need A Job At Wegman's.
Yes I need a job at wegmans because I've researched that Wegmans is a great place to start working and a great place to work. It will provide with basic skills I need for the future.
Yes I need a job at wegmans because I want to become more indepent and I want to be able to work for what I want instead of just having it given to me.
I am applying to wegmans because of the companys reputation as an employer and business.
Yes.I think it would be a fun place to work.
Wegmans would be a great opportunity and would look great on my profile as a nutrition major.
I need a job to pay bills.
I work to earn a living, I wish to work for Wegmans specifically because I love Wegmans, I jokingly tell my daughter that we moved here so we could shop at Wegmans. I have honestly had working at Wegmans as a personal goal ever since I moved here.
I need a job at Wegmans to help out my parents and pay for my schooling fee.
I need a job at wegmans so that I can start saving up for college.
I would very much like a job to help me pay for college.
I need a job but I think working at wegmans would be fun.
I would like to work at wegmans because I appreciate the values wegmans stands by.
I need a job at wegmans and want a job at wegmans.
I need a job, I refuse to be lazy and just get by from help from the government when I am completely able to work.
I want a job a wegmans because I know I could be a too asset and I would love the experience.
As a full time college student,I am looking for a job that I can maintain throughout school.
Yes I need a job at wegmans,I need to make money for raise my family.
I need the job I recently moved out of my parents house and need the job to support myself aand I believe wegmans is my best option.
I need a job to pay back student loans while I begin the next step in my life. That being said, I think that Wegmans would be a fun and enjoyable job for me.
Both, I need a job at Wegmans and I find helping people enjoyable.
I need a job at wegmans, not just for fun work.
I need a job. I want to taste what being a more responsible adult is like.
I need a job, and Wegmans is where I want to work.
I need a job, im going to start my first year of college and im going to need a job to pay for school.
Both, I need a position like this one, but I believe it would also be enjoyable.
I need to work and after talking to others and doing some research on my own, I feel they are a great company to work for.
I need a job as source of income.
Yes, I need a job at Wegman's. Kids, bills and rent are not free.
I need a job but I choose wegmans so that I would be happy to come in and work.
In my personal opinion, i'm looking forward to getting an opportunity to work here.
I need a job at Wegmans because I want to gain the experience and skills.
I need to start saving up for college since I will be leaving in only a few short years.
I would like to have a career at Wegmans.
I currently have a fulfilling job, but I have wanted to experience working for this company that ranks high in employee saatisfaction.
I actually need a job, Ive been looking for a way out of my job for awhile as I feel I have learned all I can from it. I need a new challenge, I need something exciting and I need a change of pace. I love the company I work for however Ive done all I can.
I am planning on working at wegmans so I can afford a car and then hopefully not too much long after that my own place.
I need this job. Building a career is important to me.
I would say that I do need a job for future payments such as a car and car insurance as well as other expenses that I would eventually like to take off my parents shoulders.
I need a job. One of my sons will be attending college in two years, and one will be attending private school next year. My wife works full time, but her salary is not sufficient to handle the financial needs of my entire family.
I don't need it, but I would like to need it.
I need a job at wegmans and the fun will come with the job.
I need a job at Wegmans to gain more knowledge in the work field and earn a living.
This is definitely not for fun. I am a single mom so I need a job to support my family.
I do need a job at wegmans. I'm working to save for a car so I have better transportation here if I was hired.
It is more for the experience more so anything else.

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