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Principality Building Society Interview

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| Ryan has over 10 years of experience interviewing
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At Principality Building Society, we value diversity in our customer base and on our team. How do you work effectively with people from different backgrounds ?

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Principality Building Society Interview Questions


  1. At Principality Building Society, we value diversity in our customer base and on our team. How do you work effectively with people from different backgrounds ?
    • In any interview that you experience, a diversity related question is likely to come your way. This is no different at Principality Building Society because in the banking industry, customers will come from all walks of life and you will be required to work with them effectively. To give your interviewer the greatest sense in your answer, talk both about how you value diversity in your personal and professional life and give an example of a time you worked with a diverse team of people and thrived. In the end, your interviewer will be looking to hear that you will join the team at Principality Building Society with an open mind and open heart.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I am a firm believer that a diverse team and work environment benefits the greater good of the organization by bringing many different perspectives to decision making processes. My first job out of school was with a company that lacked diversity and it really struggled because of lack of new ideas and a lack of value for others. Since that job, I have worked at companies and on teams that were very diverse and I really enjoyed being able to learn and grow from others from different backgrounds than me."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "In my current position, I work with customers from all different nationalities and walks of life. As a very young adult taking this job from a small, non-diverse town, it was intimidating at first to me. But from day one on that job, I've really grown to appreciate and see that connecting with individuals that are different from me is beneficial to society as a whole. If hired in this role, I understand that I would be working with a very diverse customer base and I'd be able to do so in a very empathetic and understanding manner."


  1. What are your thoughts on working in a position here at Principality Building Society that had a lot of routine tasks each day?
    • A position as a Teller with Principality Building Society will entail many job functions that can get repetitive from day to day and your interviewer is looking to hear that you are able to perform these tasks with focus and ease each day that you are required to. As you prepare for and answer this question, be sure to talk about past positions where you've thrived with routine tasks. As well, keep your answers focused on the positive by explaining why these routine tasks are important and how you always pay attention to detail no matter how mundane a task may be.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I would have to say that I handle routine work very well. In my current role, a majority of my day is handling routine labeling and shipping tasks. By staying in the moment and remaining focused in my work, I ensure that I take all necessary steps each and every time to ensure that my customer's needs are satisfied each and every time. In this role, the customers at Principality Building Society rely on accuracy and timeliness and I would be able to bring that in any duty that I was tasked with."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "For me, an end goal, customer focused approach is important in any work that I do and it is extremely important for very routine tasks. While my current position has a lot of routine tasks that I handle every day and week, understanding why these tasks are important helps me to stay on track and on time with them. If hired to join the team at Principality Building Society, I would make sure that the focus of my orientation would be for me to understand how each job duty positively influences customers that I interact with."


  1. Tell me about your education. How has it prepared you for this opportunity with Principality Building Society?
    • Share some of the highlights from any of your relevant courses from high school, college, university or on the job training. Explain how your experiences will enhance your performance.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Getting a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance was a great experience. I especially enjoyed my accounting courses because they challenged me to think more critically and furthered my analytical skills. I know these skills will help me to handle work at Principality Building Society and advise clients on important financial decisions."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "The bulk of my education has been on-the-job training with my current company. They value continued education and have a tuition reimbursement program which I am happy to have taken advantage of. This year I have taken additional courses in calculus, negotiations, and building a sales pipeline. All of these courses will help me in this role with Principality Building Society because you are customer service focused while also needing employees who understand banking related concepts and calculations."


  1. To get to know what type of leader we'd be hiring at this branch of Principality Building Society, how would you describe your management style?
    • With your interviewer looking to hear your thoughts on what type of leader you will be, make sure not to use generic labels of different leadership styles. Rather, try and remain focused on your ability to build and maintain an effective team based atmosphere as the success of any branch at Principality Building Society will rely on the Branch Manager's ability to do so. From there, talk about your specific skills and abilities that will really be able to foster that team atmosphere to promote branch growth and employee satisfaction moving into the future.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I take a very well rounded approach with my team that is both personable and professional and I've honed this approach through my time and experience as a senior leader. I take the time to get to know my staff and their work preferences so I can effectively delegate work as needed. I know that I am the authority for my team and I always keep an open door policy for them to approach me when needed."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I consider my management style to be a very adaptive one and I say adaptable in that I am able to cater my approach to each unique team member and each unique situation. I pride myself on promoting a fully functional team environment and I like to allow others to be part of the decision making processes. But when necessary, I can make crucial decisions and communicate those decisions with my team in an educational and firm manner."


  1. Our clients here at Principality Building Society expect top-tier service and products and we will expect you to do just that in this role. Have you ever went the extra mile for a client when it wasn't expected? Why did you do so?
    • Principality Building Society looks to set themselves apart from their competition by delivering the best service possible in the industry. You, as a customer service professional, are likely used to doing this so in your example, be sure to think about a time where your going above and beyond the call of duty really impacted the overall customer experience. No matter what example you use, be sure to explain why you felt it was important to take that action and what outcomes you are aware that it produced.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "A couple of years ago when I was working customer service in retail, a customer was looking for what happened to be a discontinued item of clothing for her sick mother. The easy route would have been to simply look it up, tell her it was discontinued and have her be on her way. What I did was take down the customers contact information and let her know that I could contact our person that handled archived products. If we could track it down, I would be in touch. With a simple phone call, my colleague was able to track the item down from the supplier and have it coordinated to ship directly. We put the customer in direct contact with the supplier and she was as happy as could be. Looking back on that situation, I felt that it was the right thing to do given the situation that the customer was in and knowing she was a loyal customer of ours."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "My current role in hospitality often has me working with very high profile customers that come to our hotel. Last year, a touring manager for a musician contacted me regarding and upcoming stay for the musician. I proactively asked for their dining and entertainment preferences and with that list, I was able to work with our catering staff to ensure we had preferred items on the menus for the nights that he stayed and that we had a customized video game package in the musician's room for the his extended stay. Prior to him leaving, his manager reached out to thank me for the great service!"


  1. What do you want to accomplish at Principality Building Society?
    • Set some goals so that you can share how this position at Principality Building Society will help you to achieve them and how you will add value to Principality Building Society along the way.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "First and foremost, I want to deliver top quality service to customers of Principality Building Society and perform my responsibilities with best in class service. I want to work at Principality Building Society because I want to become a financial advisor. Starting out as a professional banker will give me valuable experience resolving client account issues and providing financial assistance, from investments to savings and travel advice."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "My primary goal is to achieve a leadership position within the banking industry. To do this, I will continue my related education and take any training opportunities that come my way."


  1. If hired for this role with Principality Building Society, how would handle a large a work load of clients working through a mortgage process.
    • At the heart of this question, your interviewer is looking to find out how you manage a busy workload by having you talk about your organization skills on the job. In your answer, talk about the skills you have and the tools that you use to stay organized and on-track while handling a large workload. Don't hesitate to talk about the software programs that you use and any other tactics that you use to ensure that all deadlines are met and no issues occur with clients because of too large of a workload. In the end, your interviewer wants to walk away from this question knowing that you'll be able to provide top notch service to the clients of Principality Building Society.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "In my current role, I'm able to handle a very large workload with my ability to stay organized on the job. If you could take a tour of my office, you'd see that I maintain a neat and clean desk with a very organized file cabinet of my current workload. If I need to shift gears and move on to work with another client, I can easily access information on the fly and keep moving. I also utilize my Outlook calendar to set deadline reminders to stay on track of closing deadlines and paperwork requirements and the tasks function within the program helps me stay right on track with all of my clients I am working with at a given time."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "During my time working a large client load as a mortgage consultant, my success was due to my efficiency and organization on the job. If hired for this role with Principality Building Society, my efficiency would be very high because of my experience with the entire mortgage loan closing process and my ability to handle certain challenges quickly with that experience. From there, my organizational skills within the loan process software I have experience with kick in to help me keep each client on track with their loan process."


  1. What would you do if you saw a colleague breaking company policy? What if they were stealing something as little as $5?
    • While this may seem like a question with a very obvious answer, your interviewer is looking to hear that you value honesty and integrity in any environment that you work in and that you'll do all you can do to promote that within the team at Principality Building Society. As you answer, talk about ways in which you've shown honesty and integrity in your work while making it clear that you'll do the right thing if confronted with these situations while working at Principality Building Society.

      Ryan's Answer

      "In any situation where I saw a colleague being unethical and breaking company policy, I would confront them right away in a professional manner. Using my best judgement, I would escalate it to a manager if necessary and would absolutely do that in the case of theft. Last year, a coworker of mine was excluding necessary steps of our nightly cash counting procedures. While she may have likely still been doing things accurately in the end and just trying to save time, I talked to her about the importance of taking all necessary steps in regard to accuracy. She thanked me for my input and always used our steps from that point forward."


  1. If working here at Principality Building Society in this role and you found a more efficient way of handling a job duty or process, what steps would you take in order to ensure that your idea was heard?
    • Business process improvements are sought on a consistent basis in any industry and the banking industry is now exception. And because many of these process changes are initiated by frontline employees like Tellers, your interviewer is looking to hear that you will always have an open eye toward seeing improvements. As you answer this question, while there is no right or wrong answer, use a methodical approach in answering how you would approach this situation hypothetically. If you have a time that you did just this, be sure to explain that to your interviewer as well and walk through your thought process in that situation.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "In any role that I've taken on during my career, I take all of the extra time and effort that I can to learn every aspect of the job. This lets me really dissect every piece of a process and enables me to look for better ways of doing things. If I were to find a better way of handling a duty or process here at Principality Building Society, I would likely first run my idea by a colleague or two to ensure that my thought process was sound. Then, I wouldn't hesitate to bring my idea up to my supervisor where I would explain my thought process and what the benefits would be."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "In my current role, I did just this a few months ago when I noticed that our triaging of incoming phone calls with customers wasn't as efficient as it could be. On my own, I started documenting incoming calls and tracking the number of times a caller had to be transferred to get to the correct person. Based on a couple of week's worth of data, I was able to draft a new routing system based on customer needs and take this to my manager. Even though it didn't take much extra effort, the work definitely paid off in regard to internal efficiency and customer satisfaction when we implemented a new system after some tweaking to my draft. With Principality Building Society, I wouldn't hesitate to take this same approach on the job if I found a better way of doing things."


  1. How do you stay organized?
    • Staying organized is essential to make sure that you are thorough and pay attention to details, to keep customers happy. It is also necessary for accomplishing your daily tasks behind the scenes. Share a few tools that have helped you stay on-task and on-time.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I prioritize my workload against deadlines to stay organized, always putting the needs of customers first."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I work closely with my peers to share responsibilities and ensure key tasks are delegated out, should there be an important deadline to consider."


  1. Customer service is the name of our game at Principality Building Society. If hired for this role, how would you be able to provide the best customer service possible to our clients?
    • While following all of the steps of a mortgage process and handling client inquiries along the way is the foundation to success in this position, you will be relied on to provide the best customer service possible to all clients because the mortgage section at Principality Building Society is just one small piece of the pie in their business. If a client feels like they weren't handled with respect and compassion, they could take all of their business elsewhere and see an impact financially because of it. To show that you can provide top-notch customer service in this role, talk about how you provide a personalized experience for the clients you work with and talk about the interpersonal skills you possess that make this possible.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "With any customer that I work with, I take the time to get to know them and listen to their thoughts, concerns and questions right from the start. I like to hold what I call an intake session to listen to all of these things. After hearing each customer out, I then talk about what I can do to alleviate their concerns and answer their questions right from the start. From that point forward, my customer service skills go the extra mile by staying in constant communication with my clients through either email or phone because I feel that over communication is important right from the start. As human, we have a desire to know what is happening all of the time and I make time to do this for my clients. Last, my customer service starts and ends with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. I take pride in being a front facing representative of my company and work my tail off to ensure that customers know that my company is there for them."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "In my experience, provide the best customer service comes down to doing the little things right. While often overlooked by some in our industry, a smiling face and simple conversations to get to know your customers can go a long way towards building a foundation for a great long-term relationship and I don't take these little things lightly. Even though I may be experiencing a huge workload or stress somewhere else on the job, I am focused and happy when I am face to face or on the phone with the client. At those times, they deserve 100% of my attention and focus and they get that every single time."


  1. The banking industry can be stressful. Tell me about a time when you worked in a high-pressure situation.
    • While working at Principality Building Society you might find yourself stressed by customers or the fast pace of the work environment. Think of a time where you produced your best work under pressure to showcase how you shine under high-pressure situations.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "When I was working as an administrator at a financial firm, I worked in a very high-pressure environment. There was one case that was highly sensitive and required me to pay extra attention to detail. I had limited time to prepare the paperwork, but I was still able to support the lawyer and the client, by staying calm and carefully providing everything they needed. I asked questions to clarify the deadlines that needed to be met and set daily goals to meet them."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Almost every day in my banking career has been filled with high-pressure situations. When I am faced with a stressful situation, I remind myself to slow down, breathe, and assess the situation before jumping in with both feet. Customers seem always to appreciate my calm and methodical approach."


  1. Tell me about a goal you achieved. What steps did you take to get there?
    • The banking industry offers a variety of opportunities to those who are motivated. Principality Building Society is seeking individuals who think about the future and aspire to be successful in everything they do. Think about something you accomplished through hard work and dedication.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Early in my career, I strived to get to know the banking and thrifts systems from a 360-degree view. I worked hard to partner with my peers in learning how their roles contributed to the whole organizational flow. I set a goal to become head teller within the first five years of working in this industry. I hope to continue that career path with Principality Building Society and am excited for the opportunity to do so."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "A few years ago I set the goal to complete my Bachelor's in Finance while working full time. I achieved this in just four years, through spending a lot of time in online studies, between working as a bank teller. I am very proud of the discipline and dedication I was able to put towards this goal."


  1. What do you know about our services here at Principality Building Society and why do you feel we'd be a great place to work?
    • With this question, your interviewer is looking to see that you have done your prep work and research on the company for this interview while also looking to hear why you feel they are set apart from their competition in the banking industry. Most banks have very similar operating structures and company cultures, so be sure that you try to differentiate Principality Building Society from their competitors in your answer. If possible, try to relate your answer to the organization's mission statement and or core values that would be found on their website.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "As a well known and reputable bank, I have heard from many friends and family members that your checking, savings and loan services are top notch. As I researched a great place to begin a career as a Taller, I was really attracted to your core values of making a difference and taking ownership. As a person that has the desire to be emotionally invested into my work, these are two things that I hold near and dear to my heart as well. If given the chance to join the team here at Principality Building Society, I would give it my all to e accountable to your customers in making a small difference in their day."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "What I really love about Principality Building Society and what draw me this role here is your commitment to community service and being an advocate for the lower income class of our society. Many people with lower income and poor credit are often not given the same financial opportunities as others and I really feel great about the things that you do to be better for them. As well, I am firmly rooted in community service and would be all in with these efforts if given the opportunity to join the team here at Principality Building Society."


  1. Do you have any experience or knowledge in detecting counterfeit cash or checks?
    • Over the years, the banking and retail industries have had to invest a lot into the detection of fraudulent checks and counterfeit money as fraudsters have become more and more savvy in the making their counterfeit currency look more real. If you don't have direct experience working with the different detection techniques, be sure to do as much research as possible prior to your interview to speak knowledgeably about the different ways money is being counterfeited and the steps banks are taking to counteract it. If you do have knowledge and experience, be sure to talk about they things you've used to help prevent the passing of counterfeit money up to this point in your career.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "During my time working as a cashier in high school, I have used the counterfeit pen for bills that were $20, $50 and $100. As well, I have received briefing on new currency when it is released, like the new bills with the holographs in them. If hired for this role, I'd look forward to being trained and learning more about the advancements in counterfeiting and how this role would help negate that."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "While I don't have hands on experience handling cash or check transactions in my prior work, I am familiar with the ways that the treasury department is marking bills now to prevent counterfeiting. I would know how to look for specific watermarks on each bill, the raised printing and the color-shifting ink on the numerals in the lower right corner. If hired on the team here at Principality Building Society, I would want to learn more about fraudulent checks and what measures I would need to put in place in this role to help ensure that none passed through my hands."


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