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Why do you like to shop at Old Navy?
How to answer
What is it that keeps you coming back to Old Navy? Is it the stylish clothes? Do you like the prices? Or, maybe you really like the fun layout of the store. The interviewer wants to hear that you have some interest in shopping at Old Navy. Simply share your favorite part.
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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you like to shop at Old Navy?
Old Navy has a variety of styles at great prices making it very appealing to shop at. Also, because Old Navy has clothes that fit any shape and size body, shopping here and finding great items that make me feel confident is easy!
Because they accommodate for any and everyone.
Graphic t-shirts, toddler clothes and workout outfits.
Because I can find cute appropriate clothes for a decent price.
Affordable, fashionable, good basics and staples and many unique pieces.
I like to shop at Old Navy, because they have jeans that fit my size.
I love that they have affordable prices and a lot of sizes and styles to compliment different people.
The deals are great and the style of the clothes are my taste.
The clothes are comfortable and the prices are very reasonable. The staff are always so pleasant and helpful.
Its very trendy and inexpensive and has lots of bright colors and fun styles that are avaliable for all sizes.
I like that whenever I go in I see something I like and can find almost everything I need here. I come out feeling good about myself and a bit happier.
Old Navy provides a variety of modern styles that a large age group can relate to.
Because its affordable but it looks more expensive then it really is.
I like to shop at Old Navy because they have good quality clothing and quality prices. And I get mostly my graphic tshirts from this store too.
I likje the clothes which are good quality and with reasonale price.
The prices are low and there is a variety of different styles to choose from.
I like to shop at Old Navy because I love the vibe of the store, and I love the fashion. The staff is always so helpful and kind, and I would love to become a part of that and make other customers experiences as great as mine.
Being a college student money is a little tight so I love that old navy always has great deals on their clothing.
As I said before, my clothing style is inspired from Old Navy a lot as I love the bright and vibrant clothes here.
Old Navy has a variety of colors and sizes that caters to my age group has great value and prices.
I love how quality and price really come together to provide amazing fashionable clothing in a very reasonable price. Most cases when I want to buy a cotton shirt I WANT more variety in color and Old navy always has that option.
I like to hop at Old Navy because the staff are always so friendly and helpful and the clothing is pretty unique in that it complements all ages, sizes, and genders by bringing articles of color to the wardrobe.
I like to shop at old navy because I can always count on this store to find new trends.
I enjoy shopping at Old Navy because as soon as I walk into the store, the workers would have smiles on their faces and they would kindly greet us. Also because the clothes are nice and I can buy them at an affordable price. This is also where my family likes to shop.
Great prices. I absolutely love the flip flops so perfect for summer.
Great prices. I absolutely love the flip flops so perfect for summer.
I personally love stylish clothes, whether its for school, shopping, the beach, and whatnot.
I like to shop at Old Navy because its trendy and its really affordable which what I love most about it.
I like to shop at Old Navy because because of the style your company provides for the customers.
I like to shop at Old Navy because its a fun place to be in and the clothes are always super cute.
The prices are affordable and the styles vary, there is always something that suits me.
Because they have great deals and good quality clothes.
It is affordable and offers a military discount.
There are a lot of simple pieces that I can mix and match and find accessories to. Also, the clothing is very comfortable and I like using it when I want to feel cozy or on a lazy day.
I love shopping her because of the affordable prices and extra discounts for very fashionable and stylish clothing.
Like I mentioned before, I love the friendly environment, and the prices are reasonable.
The clothes are comfortable and sell at a good price.
I like the clothes and the prices. The environment also makes a big difference in the shopping experince.
Afordable and fashionable.
I really like the clothes and the versatile selection the store offers and the pricing is awesome.
I like to shop at Old Navy because I know that I can always find something cute to wear or find in the shop.
I would like to shop at old navy because its affordable and stylish and it is very welcoming to the customers. It makes shopping there very nice.
I love the clothes and the sales Old Navy has.
Old navy is fun and it has everything for everyone at unbelieveable prices.
Again, I don't shop here but the times I have entered an old navy store it feels welcoming the employees are nice and very attentive. Also, the clothing sold a Old Navy are of good quality so it does seem it will last for quite awhile.
Because the quality of clothes are awesome and my kind of styles.
Old Navy has clothing that fits my style and that allows me to change things up, even with the more basic pieces if I'm feeling adventurous.
Because I love the quality of clothes and the styles.
The clothing is very casual and the always carry my size that actually looks decent.
I love their clothes and it has different fashion choices for different people's styles.
I wear plus size clothes and I'm so happy they have a nice selection for all ages and sizes.
The clothing is stylish and comfortable. It's also very affordable.
Everyone in the store is nice and friendly. It seems more like a family then coworkers. Also the clothes all have a wonderful style and look about them. The store also caters to many shapes and sizes and ages making it easy to get all the back to school shopping done in one place.
The customer service is amazing, and the store is always net and tidy. It makes it incredibly easy to find what I need.
Because it is affordable and offers a wide range of variety to cater to different styles.
I love the clothes and the experience there is one that sticks with you and makes you want to go back and shop there.
The clothes are fashionable, the employees are the sweetest and always asking if you need help, and the atmosphere is fun as are the clothes!
I love their clothes. They're always so fashionable and cute, but have really reasonable prices. I also love how diverse the selection of clothes are here. I can buy yoga pants and a sundress and a shirt for my brother all in one place!
I like to shop at old navy because they have affordable prices not only on women's clothing but children clothes as well. It's my style and the type of things I like to wear.
You can't beat the prices, and Old Navy has consistently stayed relevant when it comes to keeping their products up to date.
Like I previously said. The clothes are very decent with every body shape and super trendy with latest outfits.
I like to shop at Old Navy because I can find stylish and quality clothing for affordable prices.
Material of the clothes are soft and compare to other brand the costs are fair.
I love the prices the discounts the atmosphere.
I like to shop at old navy because I feel that they have simple but good fashion that will always make you feel great. I find their clothing brand to be very updated and in with what is currently popular with society.
Because the clothes is made to suit every type of body nicely and it is very comfortable material.
Because their clothing is so good and nice. They have great designs.
I like to shop at old navy because all of the clothes is so comfortable and in style.
I like to shop at old navy because they always have amazing deals and great quality. Its affordable and I always feel amazing when I am sporting an outfit from old navy.
I am a fan of Old Navy, especially my mom. Old Navy has a different array of products, some fashionable, some comfortable, some chic, everything. It also has products for every gender and size so that makes it useful when trying to find a size, especially when two or more people are shopping for different things.
I enjoy shopping at Old Navy because not only are the styles actually relevant, but it is also affordable. And with such a wide variety, almost anyone can find something they like at Old Navy!
Because of their range of styles and sizes. Old navy has something for everyone.