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What sets Old Navy apart from different clothing stores?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you recognize something unique about Old Navy. You might mention the fun trendy music in the stores. You might recognize that it is one of the few clothing stores where the whole family can shop. You may talk about how Old Navy offers fashionable trendy styles at half the price of other stores. You might talk about how Old Navy is the go-to shop for summer flip-flops. Or, you may mention how Old Navy's environment with candy and beverages near the checkout counters sets it apart. Simply choose something that is different about Old Navy, and tell the interviewer.

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What sets Old Navy apart from different clothing stores?
They aren't as pricey and seem to be a very family oriented store than most stores you see.
I love old navy's style and the clothes are very decent and very inexpensive. I've always loved shopping here and ever since having a child this is my favorite place to shop for clothes for him.
They have all type of clothing. Sports, causual clothing or just regular type of day look clothing.
I believe that Old Navy has something special and knows how to pick their employees because they leave the customer a great experience and that makes customers to come back another day.
I believe your prices, marketing and atmosphere.
It's an open place with many different items to select for any occasion to just casual for school. And they have so many jeans for a good price that is not outrageous.
Old navy has cute simple trendy clothes and they're very cute.
Definitely the atmosphere and the unique laid-back casual feel of the clothes.
It is simple but with some elegance to it.
Price and the quality of products.
Quality of products.
Friendly atmosphere.
Old Navy has family environment and inexpensive while they have fashion clothing.
The different styles of the clothing as well as the look of the clothes.
I really love old navys style of clothing, and I have enjoyed shopping here for years.
Customer service at old navy is outstanding. Old Navy's clothing store has fits for all sizes and economically is affordable for all people.
Old Navy offers clothes for everyone in the family and because of this, they appeal to an extremely large audience rather than just appealing to a certain type of person. They offer clothes for everyone that can make anyone feel confident.
Their wide range of clothing, their prices and the many sales that they advertise.
Its cute design, bright colors and affordable price.
The deals, sales. The clothes are affordable and fashionable.
The reasonable pricing, the quality of the clothing, and how on trend Old Navy is.
To be honset old navy has everything everytime I come here im always finding what im looking for it has a whole lot to choose from than other stores. Very cheap, as well.
Committed to serving their customers in the most friendly way possible.
The variety in options, the quality of clothes, and the friendly atmosphere.
They aren`t as pricey and seem to be very organized than most store I seen.
Old Navy is family oriented and different stylish clothes that are affordable.
Not only does Old navy in my opinion have the best deals, but it has sizes for anyone and it has a fun and welcoming vibe as well as being a family oriented store.
They appear to be family-orientated. There is something for everyone... And at reasonable prices.
Old Navy is very reasonably priced they provide, stylish, comfortable and affordable clothes.
Old navy is different from other clothing stores because it is very family oriented and the prices are affordable.
They offers clothes for everyone in the family and they appeal to an extremely large audience. They also have great style and are affordable.
Its very family oriented and has bright, trendy, and inexpensive clothing available for all ages, genders, and sizes.
Old Navy is very family oriented. It has sizes and styles for a variety of people and is very affordable. Anyone can come into an Old Navy store and leave with something they love.
One thing that sets Old Navy apart from other stores is that it is family-oriented, with something for everyone.
Old Navy is family-oriented with something for everyone.
Old Navy has a warm and open atmosphere. They also have fashionable and affordable for everyone.
From an observational point of view, Old Navy provides a great work environment for young workers such as I and has great up to date styles for young people.
Their style is so affordable and functional. I really like the minimalist style and Old Navy really appeals to me. I love their qualoty denim and how fun they make shopping.
They have good customer service and they keep the store very organized and have a variety of clothes to buy.
I know I can find something for my entire family in one store, which is unique and sets the store apart from other stores which either have one main focus or many focuses.
I have observed the work ethic of the store from shopping here numerous times. I admire how hard-working and dedicated the staff is, and how they go out of their way to make sure the customer is having a fun and pleasant time shopping at the store, and I would really enjoy being a part of that.
Yes. I have worked in retail for 2 years now, so I have a lot of customer service experience.
Old navy is a store thats fashionable but affordable youll be able tofind something for everyone in the family for a good price thatll look great on them and theyll love.
Old Navy clotng is actually very comfortable and it fits perfectly in all shapes of body.
Old navy is a family oriented store. Every time I see their commercials or walk into the stores, there are mannequins of the whole family! old navy also sells stylish clothes for affordable prices. Bright colors are also fun!
OLD NAVY has clothing items for a very great price. You would find the same item in another store for a very unreasonable price while old navy has cute and affordable clothing.
Old navy is a very friendly and versatile store.
Old Navy is family oriented and has clothing for all ages, gender, and sizes. The clothing is stylish and inexpensive.
Old navy has a trendy style and it is quite hip. I really like it because its modest and a lot of stores nowadays have very revealing clothes.
Old Navy aside from other clothing stores is different because there is always a great bargain and you can shop for the whole family.
The prices are not crazy compare to other stores. Everything seem reflect the latest fashion trend.
Old Navy has great quality clothes at an affordable price. They also have many options from shoes, to jewelry.
Old navy has clothes for everyone. At some stores its strictly for one age group and here you can get the in style clothes for the whole family.
Old Navy is a very family and young adult friendly store. It offers clothes that are trendy, comfortable, and modest. Where in competitors, it is hard to find all three of those things.
I feel that there is a light and happy vibe here. Everyone here seems like they really like their job.
Old Navy offers some of the latest trends are very reasonable prices and they have great sales such as their one dollar flip flop sale.
Old navy is different because they have variety.
Old navy is a very family oriented store that has bright, trendy, and inexpensive clothing available for all ages, genders, and sizes.
Affordable, international.
- Old navy is a very family oriented store that has bright, trendy, and inexpensive clothing available for all ages, genders, and sizes.
That it seems welcoming to all types of people; it is generally affordable yet there are pieces that look high end, plus there are more deals and clearance than other stores.
For me its like family oriented and has bright, tendy and inexpensive clothing which is available for all ages, gender, and size and alongside it very easy to find you cloths which fit you.
How you could buy clothes for the whole family and save tons while doing so.
Like I mentioned before, Old Navy is much friendlier and welcoming than many, many other stores. Also the clothes is conservative and just right for anyone in the family.
It manages to keep up with the trends, sell reliable clothing at a significantly cheaper price than other clothing retailers.
The atmosphere, everyone is always so attentive to the customers and a very clean store.
Old navy has the best clothes for the best price! I also just love the overall atmosphere and is one of my favorite stores for a reason.
Thry cater for a diverse group.
The quality is good, friendly/helpful employees.
What sets Old Navy apart from other stores would be the clothing options they provide. Old Navy is very family orientated so it makes shopping easier because the family can just go to one store and pick something out that every family member can enjoy wearing.
I love this store, because every time I come, there is clothes everywhere, a lot of options to pick, the people treats me very well, they are always asking me if everything is okay, if I need something.
I think old navy is a unique, but classical and reliable brand. It is very fashionable, and stands the test of time very well.
I think it's the affordable quality combined with the fact that Old Navy follows fashion trends.
Definitely the prices. It's such good quality and for a cheaper price, which in my opinion, makes it very popular. It's affordable fashion for everyone.
It's affordable, quality, and I have easy access to it.
Things are easy to find, smaller, more customer service oriented and of course the prices.
It's family based environment and mindset.
Old navy has this very different vibe from other stores. When you walk in you or ateast for me it feels welcoming with the employes greeting you but also being attentive if you need help which in most stores you don't much of that. I would also so the many different variations of clothing items that the store has because old navy is for everyone and not just targeted for a specific group like teenagers.
Its affordable and always has the current popular styles.
Old Navy is different from other clothing stores because they sell quality, cute clothing for affordable prices and constantly have sales on items that everyone needs. They also differ in their style of clothing - there is something here for almost everyone from bohemian to chic, professional clothing, there's a piece for whatever style you might have.
They are well organized and the clothes are neat and easy to find.
The fact that they offer quality merchandise at an affordable price, along with offering items for every size and body type that are also stylish and trendy. It's a very friendly and welcoming environment.
I like the vibe in the store, its very different from others. More friendly as well.
They have fun up to date fashion that is extremely well priced. They are great for all age groups. They even throw in a little bit of humor in their t-shirts.
I has everything you can ask for and it's affordable. The clothing is stylish but doesn't have the stuffy atmosphere like other retail stores.
At old navy you can find clothes for a woman, men, boys & girls. Also old navy sells makeup, I would say it has a little bit of everything. You may walk in to old navy looking for a cute shirt and end up leaving with a shirt and a cardigan. There's so many stuff to choose from.
The variety and quality of the merchandise is great, and the prices are reasonable.
Old Navy prides itself in helping its customers find quality affordable clothing and when you walk into the store everyone greets you with a smile and is happy to help.
Old Navy is more family oriented. Unlike stores like hollister it isn't intimidating to walk into the store. The employees are always friendly and ready to help and I've never had a single complaint about old navy.
It provides quality clothing at an affordable price, and offers a variety of clothing to cater to different styles.
The style is different, you can find anything you could possibly want in Old Navy. If you are feeling a flowing flowery shirt, then there is one there to fit your style. Plenty of merchandise to chose and fall in love with!
The clothing is different, you can find all the clothing you could want any style you want from one store for an affordable price.
It has very diverse merchandise that's fun and fashionable at an affordable price.
Old navy is definitely a company that has been around for quite some time and have a lot to offer as far as variety. Old navy clothing has its own style of clothing that's pretty unique.
I think the workers and the environment, everyone is friendly and they store is well put together. Also great clothes and great prices, is always a plus.
Their ability to keep cost low for the consumer without sacrificing style or quality.
What I love most about Old Navy is the style. I love the style and its very decent. And I have to say very expensive, but its worth it.
Old Navy is different in the aspect that basics are always available as well as key trending pieces that really can make an outfit. Simple and trending are words I would use to describe Old Navy Clothing. Another great part of Old Navy clothing is the selection of different styles, fits, and washes of denim that are available.
Old Navy is fun, fashionable, and most importantly, accessible. The clothes are always affordable, and there's something for everyone here.
I find old navy is very friendly and welcoming to the customers that walk In. I always feel that the employees are always willing to assist me with anything and the environment is much more family orietated do to the diversity in clothing a offered.
I feel like it's more clean than other stores. Things can be easily found and I like that the clothes are organized by color.

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