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Are you comfortable talking to customers?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

Yes, you are! The interviewer wants to hear that you are comfortable conversing with other people. As a customer service person, you are definitely a sociable person. Explain to the interviewer that you enjoy getting to know your co-workers, work hard to build relationships with your regular customers through simple interactions, and look forward coming to work each day in customer service. You might work best in a large group setting, or one-on-one interactions might be your thing. Either way, you are a sociable person.

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Are you comfortable talking to customers?
Yes, I am able to make eye contact and I think that makes customers feel special and heard.
Yes, I have very good communication skills and with that im able to feel comfortable and make the customer feel the same way as well.
Absolutley - I am a customer service expert I love resolving issues, serving, greeting and promoting a happy environment.
I am comfortable talking to strangers, so I believe that I can handle customers well.
I love interacting with customers and strive to make them feel like it's them above all.
Yes I enjoy talking to people.
I am very comfortable talking to customers. I have very good communication skills and I know that I would be able to make the customer feel comfortable as well.
Yes I am. I love meeting new people I like to be around others im outgoing and id be very comfortable.
WOrking with others has never been a big issue, and I look forward to meeting new people on a regular basis.
I have great social skills and because being friendly is so natural to me, helping and talking to people comes very easily.
Yes I am will keep eye and try to answer the customers questions to my best ability.
I love helping people and if I can help customers by talking to them I would do it in a heartbeat.
Very! I like to get to know customers. What do you like to do? wear? listen to and take that into account with their shopping experience.
Yes, I like to think I can talk to and help customers.
Yes, I am such a people person so talking to customers would be no problem.
Yes, I enjoy talking to new people, and feel I will be especially comfortable talking about the merchandise.
Yes, I am. I am very outgoing and it is easy for me to start up a conversation with anyone.
I am very comfortable. I am always willing to help others in any way they need it and work hard to satisfy their needs.
Yes I am comfortable approaching customers and helping them,
Yes, I have always been an outgoing person and I have no problem conversing with customers, making them feel welcomed and help them with all their needs to leave them with a satisfying experience.
Yes I am comfortable talking to customers and making feel like they are important.
I am comfortable. I tend stay very focused and try to accomplish the task at hand in the best possible way.
I believe I am comfortable talking to customers and that I can provide great communication with customers so that they can enjoy their visit at Old Navy.
Yes I am. I love meeting new people I like to be around others im outgoing and id be very comfortable.
Yes, I am extremely comfortable. I love speaking to people.
I am a people person and I like talking. Even when im shopping by myself on a regular day ill ask people around me their opinion on an outfit or ill go up to someone and just compliment their choices.
Yes, I love meeting new people and love talking to people so I would be more than comfortable.
Of course, I love talking to people in general because I am quite talkative and out-going. If I become a part of the team I would make sure that I spend time to personally get to know the customer to make sure that their experience here is splendid.
Yes. I have worked in retail for 2 years now, so I have a lot of customer service experience.
I feel like I would be I have been working with people on and off since 2010 so I have have gained experience in having conversations with others and I love to meet knew people and help people out whether its giving a customer my preference on a item or just telling someone to have a nice day.
Yes, I am a people person so talking comes naturally to me. In fact at my last job, I loved talking to customers and knowing about their day.
Yes. I am comfortable approaching others and asking if they need any help or have any questions.
I am a extremely comfortable person. I know that customer service is very important in the retail business and I am not afraid to bring that to the table.
Yes, I really do feel comfortable talking to customers. I am an outgoing person and with my social or communication skills, I can strive to make them feel like they are being prioritized in order to provide a great shopping experience.
Yes, I like interacting with other people and making them smile.
Yes, I am very comfortable with talking to customers.
Yes, At my catering job. I joke and talk to the customer all the time and suggest restaurants the company own to them so they can get more of what the company has to offer.
Yes ! I love engaging with new people.
Yes, I think meeting new people is great even if it is only for a couple of minutes.
Yes, I am a people person.
Yes I am very comfortable talking with customers.
Yes, I love meeting new people.
I am comfortable talking to costumers due to the fact that I have worked as a Host at a restaurant.
I am very comfortable because I enjoy working with people.
Yes. Whether it be when they approach me or I approach them offering my assistance.
Absolutely. I love talking to people, whether its about the weather,
Yes, I really enjoy making communication and interacting with customers and I will try my best to make them they are above all and also I have good skill how to start talking with customers in order to start conversation.
I am extremely comfortable with talking to customers. I can handle all types of people.
Yes! I love interacting with new people, and am always willing to share a smile, as well as lending a hand.
Yes, I am. Although I do not have much experience in retail experience, being club president and working closely with my school has allowed to have experience talking to other teens and adults. As club president, I often have to communicate with my club sponsors and principle to update them on my club.
I have no experience talking with customers. Though when I have to talk to teachers, parents of the kids I babysit, and when I am trying to get to know someone new I am very comfortable and can make a great conversation with them. I use my outstanding happy personality when I speak to people.
I used to have an issue with talking to people but as of late I have no issue whatsoever, and I am always happy to help people.
Yes, I am perfectly comfortable talking to customers.
Yes, I am comfortable talking to customers and helping them in what they need.
Yes very much so, I strive to give them the very best customer service they ever had.
Yes, I am very comfortable talking to customers.
I'm a fairly outgoing person so I don't think I would have any problems interacting with customers.
Yes, i'm not very shy and I feel comfortable engaging with others.
Yes its quite fun talking to customers even if they are strangers.
Yes I am. I am a very friendly outgoing person. And I enjoy getting along with everyone.
Yes I'll make sure of it. I'm a quick learner and a hard worker, I'll make sure that I prepare myself so I know exactly what to do and say in any event.
Yes, I am comfortable talking to customers. I enjoy meeting new people and I enjoy being able to help out whenever I can, even if it is something minimal like finding a shirt in the right size.
I am. I do multiple speaking competitions at my school.
Yes I am, without intruding into their personal space.
Yes, I love giving information to people and helping people with anything in general.
Yes, I am comfortable with giving out information and helping in anyway I can! Customer service is a big deal while shopping, so its important to be social.
Yes, I'm a very conversational and extroverted person.
Yes I am because its my duty to satisfy customer.
Yes, I enjoy talking and helping out customers as much as I can.
I'm a very shy and not comfortable around with others. But i'm working on it and I find it wouldn't be a problem.
Yes, I enjoy talking and helping others.
I am comfortable as my current job is a customer service representative.
Yes, definitely. I really enjoy talking to people.
Since this is my first job I think at first it would nerve racking and a lot of pressure but as time progresses I think I would start to get comfortable to the environment and be happy to assist the customers.
Definitely. I'm very friendly and I love meeting new people.
Yes very comfortable because I love meeting new people.
Yes, I'm comfortable talking to customers.
Yes, interacting with people is a necessity of life and it keeps the day going. Even though I consider myself an introvert, I also love meeting and talking to new people.
I pride myself with how well I am able to talk to strangers. As an individual who thrives off of social interactions, I feel that I would succeed in an environment where interpersonal skills are required.

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