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In your opinion, what has been the biggest breakthrough in social media marketing as of late?

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    In your opinion, what has been the biggest breakthrough in social media marketing as of late?

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    The technical team at Marketo is made up of people with a wide variety of technical skills, some of who are highly specialized. How would you manage a technical team like this in order to successfully build a competitive Marketing Automation platform?

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    More third party apps are being developed for specific social media platforms. What third party apps are you aware of that provide added value in increasing the effectiveness of a particular platform?

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    Why do you want this job with Marketo?

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    As an active contributor to the development of Marketo's products, it is helpful for technical team members to have some knowledge of or experience with digital marketing. What experience have you had with digital marketing?

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    Marketo understands that managing social media marketing efforts can be difficult and time consuming for its clients. What are some different social media marketing tools or technology available to marketers?

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    Data security continues to be a concern for marketers when executing Digital Advertising campaigns. What security issues do you find important as it relates to Digital Advertising and how can your knowledge/experience help us at Marketo?

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    Describe your experience working with Digital Advertising?

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    At Marketo, we find product development experience to be valuable as a member of the technical team. Talk about your product development experience and what stages of the process you find to be the most challenging.

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    The technology available to Digital Advertising campaign managers is constantly changing and improving. How do you remain current with the changing industry?

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    Social media messaging is becoming a frequently used tool for online marketers. Marketo has clients using this channel to market their products/services. Describe your experience or knowledge with these types of apps, particularly as a developer.

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    Social media marketing continues to change and evolve over time as new trends develop. What skills do you have to offer that would help Marketo stay current with the tools it offers?

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    What is your experience with email marketing automation as it relates to Marketo's product and service offerings?

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    At Marketo we look for those with a sincere interest in marketing and advertising. Tell me about your favorite project at the moment.

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    As an increasing number of people are accessing content via mobile devices, Marketo wants to ensure that it is offering tools that address these trends. What experience do you have developing mobile applications as it relates to online marketing?

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    As a team member in its technical department, what do you believe is the most valuable technical skill you have to offer as Marketo continues to strive to be a competitive player in the Marketing Automation industry?

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    What is your experience with the analytical capabilities of email marketing tools?

  18. 18.

    Tell me about your greatest work accomplishment.

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    To help Marketo remain a strong competitor in the Marketing Automation industry, it is important to have some knowledge of the industry players. Have you had experience working on or with any Marketing Automation platforms or software?

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    We have a culture of collaboration and high energy here at Marketo. Describe your workplace personality in 3 words.

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    To be a valuable contributor to the product development process at Marketo, team members need to keep up with the evolving social media trends. How do you plan to do so if hired by Marketo?

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    Which email marketing platforms have you worked with in the past and which is your favorite?

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    What do you know about our clients at Marketo?

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    At Marketo, we believe data management is crucial when executing and evaluating a campaign. What is your experience working with data as it relates to Digital Advertising?

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    Industry experts believe Demand Side Platforms (DSP's) have made a positive impact to Digital Advertising. Based on your knowledge, in what ways do you find this to be true and how can Marketo improve its products or services to benefit marketers?

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    As Marketo continues to develop and offer new social media marketing products and services, what skills do you provide that you believe would provide value to our efforts?

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    Artificial intelligence plays an important role in Online Marketing. Marketo would like to ensure its tools continue to include artificial intelligence capabilities. Talk about your experience with or knowledge of artificial intelligence.

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    Tell me about your experience working with databases, specifically as it relates to email marketing platforms.

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    What do you think our company's biggest challenge is?

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    Customization is an important aspect of email marketing as a company's goal is to get the right message to a customer or prospect. Tell me about a time when you worked with the customization aspect of email marketing.