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Why do you enjoy Jamba Juice?
"I love Jamba Juice because of the Juices, Smoothies, and Energy Bowls. The energy and atmosphere make it a great place to visit, and enjoy a small meal on the go. It is one of my favorite places to stop and visit with my friends. I'm really excited about the opportunity to be able to work at Jamba Juice. This career opportunity, would really excel myself, and teach me new skills and develop business skills such as teamwork and leadership." When answering this question, give a personal example for why you love Jamba Juice. Then switch the focus of your answer to why this opportunity would be great for your career!
Answer examples
"I love Jamba Juice because of the Juices, Smoothies, and Energy Bowls. The energy and atmosphere make it a great place to visit, and enjoy a small meal on the go. It is one of my favorite places to stop and visit with my friends. I'm really excited about the opportunity to be able to work at Jamba Juice. This career opportunity, would really excel myself, and teach me new skills and develop business skills such as teamwork and leadership."

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User-Submitted Answers

Why do you enjoy Jamba Juice?
Because the smoothies at Jamba Juice are healthy and tasty.
I have manny reasons. I always drink jamba even in winter, I love smoothies if there is any fruite in the kitchen I will find a way to make it taste good some how. I also love the health aspect of jambas menu. It seems like a good fit for me.
I love how their smoothies are so delicious and a healthy choice all at the same time. It is the best of both worlds!
The healthy aspect and feel Jamba Juice gives to it's customers and the warm feeling of employees.
Because the smoothies are healthy, they taste amazing, and the customer service is always great!
It is very smooth and delicious.
Coming in, it seems like a happy environment and the staff is usually friendly and the smoothies are amazing.
L love the fact that jamba juice uses all natural fruits and ingredients. For me, its really important to have a healthy lifestyle and to eat well, so I feel like this company is a great fit for me.
I totally love the atmosphere that the employees give off and the smoothies are so delicious!
I enjoy jamba juice because not only do they sell healthy and yummy smothies but also because the team members are ery friendly they always have a positive attitude they make sure the customers leave happy and satisfied.
I love the smoothies and how relaxing the environment is.
I enjoy that your smoothies are healthy, and that the environment is just so inviting and friendly!
I absolutely love the fact that it promotes a healthy lifestyle.
The environment is very friendly, I always feel welcomed and it is a very positive place.
As I said before I have never had a bad experience in any Jamba Juice I have been to. I love how healthy it is. And it tastes great.
I love that Jamba Juice is a much healthier and tastier alternative for a beverage than most other places, and I also love how it contributes to schools and communities.
Because the smoothies are delicious and still healthy, also the people at Jamba Juice are always so nice.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because the environment is so welcoming and nice.
Because of the friendly environment, and every time I walk into Jamba Juice the workers always makes me feel welcome.
I believe it to be a place where everyone can feel welcomed and happy.
I enjoy the friendly employees and the amazing atmosphere.
The ingredients are fresh and all natural and everything I have tried has always left me wanting more.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because of all the smoothies and how rich it is of nutritions. I love that everytime I come into one of the locations, it is always positive and the workers greet me.
I enjoy jamba juice because I love smoothies and jamba has the healthiest drinks. And theres a variety of choices.
I enjoy the healthy and natural aspect of Jamba Juice products, and the efficiency and quickness in which my orders are completed.
Ive been going to Jamba Juice since I was living in Palm Springs and I have always wanted to go there versus Starbucks.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because I love to see everyone happy and getting along well.
Walking inside I just get that feeling, where im happy. It always just gives me that sudden happy feeling.
I enjoy it because I like how the drinks are good for you and are filled with vitamins.
The environment is so fun and friendly when you first walk in and I love there drinks.
Because jamba juice helps people live a healthy life with their products and me myself am a healthy person so when I come here I know im ordering something thats beneficial to my body.
For their fantastic smoothies.
Because its a place where im happy.
Hard worker, works well with others.
I enjoy the employees at Jamba Juice because they are all really happy and nice every time I walk in. Furthermore, I have never received a drink that I was unsatisfied with.
The smoothies are good and healthy and how the store seems so open.
I enjoy Jamba Juice for its drinks and food, and the atmosphere that surrounds you when you walk in.
I enjoy jamba juice because I love the taste of the fruit smoothies and how satisfied I feel after drinking one.
I like their smoothies, and I like how quickly you get your order.
I really love the smoothies and which I could try more stuff from there and the place has a very welcoming feeling once coming in in a fresh place and being welcomed.
I really love the smoothies and would like to say ive tried everyone.
Jamba Juice has a warm, welcoming environment. I like the friendly atmosphere.
It is a healthy, affordable alternative.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because it is great tasting while being a healthier choice than other company's out there.
I love smoothies after a hard volleyball or basketball practice, and Jamba Juice makes the best smoothies I know. I would pick a smoothie from Jamba over anywhere else, honestly.
They have a variety of smoothies you can choose from.
I love the atmosphere and the smoothies are really good.
It taste very good and it is good for you.
Very upbeat and the snacks and smoothies are very delicious.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because there are many healthy options to juice from and contain all the nutrients our body needs.
Jamba Juice offers a variety of healthy foods as well as an uplifting and friendly staff.
I enjoy Jamba Juice cause it's fresh and organic and there no mix camicals.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because when ever I have come into a store I was always treated with kindness and because the smoothies are always a nice and refreshing choice after say a long day.
It's so delicious and I love that it's healthy.
They provide delicious smoothies (among other goods) that are simultaneously healthy and help me get my recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables. Their goal of making healthy fun is a large part of my lifestyle and something that I highly value in improve the quality of life easily.
I enjoy Jamba Juice because their staff is extremely friendly and I love the smoothies that they make. Jamba Juice is always the place to go when enjoying times with friends or family. They create a very warm environment that I enjoy very much.
Because Jamba Juice is tasty and you feel good drinking it knowing that it's a healthier alternative than other things.
Jamba Juice smoothies are always so refreshing, they just make you want to buy their drinks all over again. When I was younger, I would go to the nearby Jamba Juice and order the strawberries wild because it would always satisfy by craving.
The vibe and look gets me in a happy mood and I love fruits.
I like everything the company stands for such as health and well being. It's fresh and nutritious and it tastes good.
I enjoy jamba juice because it has such a relaxing environment and I love the smoothies.
I love fruit and it's very refreshing without making me feel guilty as if I were to drink a soda.
Its always fresh, I really like fruits, and I have enver had a bad smoothie.
It offers healthy yet delicious food and it is something unique from other brands. It also gives many opportunities to its employees.
I enjoy jamba juice because everytime I enter the establishment, it is warm and welcoming by the employees, customer service is always 100% and my order is always correct and tastes delicious.