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Fantastic Sams Interview

17 Questions and Answers by Professional Interviewers

Question 1 of 17
Why would you like a position at Fantastic Sams?
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Question 2 of 17
Give me an example when you were praised for your people skills in a past job.
Question 3 of 17
Have you ever received excellent customer service? What did the employee do, that made it so special?
Question 4 of 17
Tell me about a time when it was better to be agreeable in a situation rather than continue the arguement.
Question 5 of 17
How often are you late for work?
Question 6 of 17
What type of customers irritate you the most?
Question 7 of 17
What hair cuts do you dislike the most?
Question 8 of 17
What are your favorite hair cuts to make?
Question 9 of 17
Do you enjoy talking to customers while cutting hair?
Question 10 of 17
What motivates you to work hard?
Question 11 of 17
How do you expect to make a difference at Fantastic Sams?
Question 12 of 17
Why did you decide to apply at Fantastic Sams?
Question 13 of 17
How would a job at Fantastic Sams, fit into your career path?
Question 14 of 17
Have you ever been faced with company policy you disagreed with, but had to enforce it anyway?
Question 15 of 17
How do you define great customer service?
Question 16 of 17
What work experience do you have with the public?
Question 17 of 17
Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?

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