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33 Dunn Bros Coffee Interview Questions

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List the top 3 skills that you have acquired in your last role, that will help you in this position with Dunn Bros Coffee.
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You have likely gained many valuable skills in your career. Share with the interviewer which skills you value the most. Be sure to include capabilities that will potentially benefit Dunn Bros Coffee.

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How does this position with Dunn Bros Coffee fit into your career goals?
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Is this particular position a good fit? Is it a step up in your career or - a stagnant move that you are just complacent with taking until something better comes along? Assure the interviewer that this position will be challenging for you, is a step up in responsibilities, and that it fits with your overall career goals.

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We are always looking for tomorrow's leaders at Dunn Bros Coffee. Tell us a little about your leadership qualities.
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The Dunn Bros Coffee interviewer would like to know what you consider to be strong leadership qualities, along with how you exemplify those. When describing leadership qualities, try to avoid general terms and give some unique ideas and examples where possible.

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We greatly value open communication at Dunn Bros Coffee. Please rate your communication skills from 1-10 and tell us why you chose that particular rating.
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The Dunn Bros Coffee interviewer is checking for a couple of things here. First, how self aware are you? And second, how do you value good communication. Take this opportunity to give an objective description of your skills and how they mesh with company values.

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We try to make sure all of our hires are good personality fits for Dunn Bros Coffee. How would you describe your personality?
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Personality and character are two very different things. The interviewer is looking for more information on your traits vs. your integrity. Be sure to point out how your personality is a good fit for the Dunn Bros Coffee culture.

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About Dunn Bros Coffee

Dunn Bros Coffee is a franchise company of coffeehouses founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, in December 1987 by brothers Ed and Dan Dunn. The first store was opened on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, when Ed Dunn drove a pickup truck loaded with his refurbished 1950s Probat roaster from Portland, Oregon, to St. Paul in search of a good, underserved location.

The store's locations are primarily in the American Midwest, especially Minnesota, where there are 74 locations. In the last few years stores have also opened in Texas, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa. Dunn Bros Coffee is a franchise, and most stores are locally owned and operated. One distinguishing feature that separates Dunn Bros from most of its chain competitors is that at every traditional location the coffee is roasted right in the store, usually on a daily basis.