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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

Start off by telling the interviewer that you are typically an organized person and achieve everything on time. Share how you usually organize your work. You might share that you keep a to-do list of all the objectives that you must complete, keep your electronic calendar up-to-date and that you spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your day reviewing your calendar for the day as well as prioritizing your to-do list for that day.

Next, share a time when you failed to get an assigned task done on time due to something outside of your control. Perhaps you were sick, an emergency arose, or someone else called in sick for the day changing your priorities. Share how you prioritized your time with the goal of achieving the deadline, and share why you were not able to make it on time. Finally, be sure to wrap it up by reiterating that you are usually a deadline driven person, and you almost always complete everything on time.

For example "I am always diligent when it comes to deadlines. However, once I remember having an abnormally large take-out order from a regular client once. I was a little stressed about making sure it was perfect, so I put in a bit of overtime to meet the expectation. It felt great to deliver high-quality service."

Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
Answer example

"I am always diligent when it comes to deadlines. However, once I remember having an abnormally large take-out order from a regular client once. I was a little stressed about making sure it was perfect, so I put in a bit of overtime to meet the expectation. It felt great to deliver high-quality service."

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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
Handling of customers, arranging of goods, stock availability, repleshing food items, cleaning.
Do all essential tasks first and then other tasks by order of importance.
The most import task which effects customers satisfaction is number one and then the least import would be last.
I placed the tasks in order of most important to least and completed them like that.
I made a list of the tasks and if I had to stay late to finish them, I did.
Customers come first. Help them first then finish other jobs.
According to kpi targets set by area manager or store visit by MD.
Often, due to low staffing issues at the nursery that I work at there is not enough time to have a dinner, there I decided to stay with the children and make sure that they were being taken care of and sacrificed my dinner in order to make sure that there we enough members of staff to take care of this children.
The opening of the new store in galway we did not have enough time for all the stock to be setup so I closed off a section of the store before open day and it was a success.
The tasks that require done most urgently prepare first and delegate other tasks to other members of staff that are available to help.
At Dairy Queen, there is a front counter order screen and a drive through order screen that both were filled with orders. I advised one of my coworkers to focus on the front counter screen and I would focus on the drive through screen in order to maximize efficiency.
I prioritised what is the most most important at the time. Then I stayed until I finished them.
I prioritized the largest and most important tasks first, then if time was remaining I went back to complete the smaller and less important tasks.
I always prepare to do list and prioritise my tasks. This helps me to complete assigned tasks on time.
In high school you have many assigned tasks such as, tests, projects and classes, I figured out in my mind what needed to be finished first and went from there.
I started with what absolutely needed to be finished first, then continued down the line leaving projects that had no deadline or specific due date last.
When I don't have time to complete all my assigned tasks, I always tried to do what is needed to be done first before any of the other tasks.
I started with the most important tasks and worked through.
I prioritized the tasks based on their importance and did those tasks first. I completed the less critical tasks later which could afford some delay.
I've always tried to be organized to such an extent that these situations do not arise, but if I had too, I would assess in order of importance and go from there.
I did the ones that I thought were more important by attending to customers at till and leaving the stocking of shelves.
Do the most important first.
Working at HomeGoods there was several times that I was asked to put together lamps to cover for someone as a cahier with a part time shift, so I would go to the back to try to get as many done in between customers as possible and most times it worked out for me.
I had to do a canteen clean and do wages and supervisor staff so I got my staning supervisor to hlep with the running of the shift . I then did wages and then did the cateen clean.
There was a time when we had two sick calls from checkout operators. This would mean we would not have enough time to finish the store. I sent two floor staff to checkouts to ensure the customers were served. The areas within the store that are shopped less than others were sacrificed as they had a full pack the night before. So the checkouts and popular items were prioritized to ensure we had a detailed finish and did not increase wages spend.
I am patients and a l love what I do and I'm good at what I do. So if I have a goal to reach I always accomplish my goals.
The same task as as when my manager gave me a pile of work to complete that day.I knew the only way to get it done is by delegating.
Head office reports become first and the least important reports left till last.
I would examine the tasks asked and make sure the most important jobs were done then followed by the rest with as many as could get done.
As a delivery driver I was running out of driving time to make all my stops so I delivered the closest ones.
I prioritised depending on impact and what could wait until later. I delegated tasks that could be completed by other staff members to ensure as many tasks as possible are completed within the timeframe available.
I delegate out to other co workers what they could handle.I finished my resposibilites.
Looked at the tasks and checked what would have the least impact if not finished.
I prioritised the most important tasks and came back to the other tasks once those had been completed.
I would say this was working in the 99p store. It would get very busy and we had a small team. I was assigned to cashier duties as well as completing the glasses section. I prioritised this by putting out the glasses which were empty and performing cashier duties whenever the need raised. I then stayed behind on my shift to complete my section.
That didnt happend to me because as soon as I realise my shift time is going to finish I always keep ready all station for next shift person. I was keep clean my work place.
Look at the planning priorities delegate some tasks in order of priority.
In school or college exams, I would decide which questions I could tackle best and try get them out of the way soon enough to do as much of the harder questions as I could.
Customer service is top priority so I would complete that first then move on to other tasks.
At Walgreens towards the end of the night right before I was about to start my end of day tasks for photo, my manager asked me to fill the entire cooler. I finished the easiest end of day tasks such as shutting the photo machines down first, then started on the cooler. A coworker came in to help halfway through and we finished amazingly quick. I then finished my other duties such as garbages, facing, and even had time to help my manager count money.
When working at the airport two members of staff phoned in sick on one of our busiest days in July. That left two members of staff to cover the tills, put out the deliveries, cover breaks for other sections and give out advice to customers. The main priority for me was the customers. We worked out an arrangement by which we split our shift into two, one of us would serve on the tills and look after customers in the morning whilst the other sorted out stock and covered breaks for other sections and then at dinner time we swapped. Knowing that we did not have time to get all of the stock out, we worked out which stock was most likely to sell the quickest and put that out first. Then we put out what ever we could when ever we had the chance through out the day. Out of 32 cages there were only two left at the end of our shifts so we came in early the next day to get them out before the store opened.
Always prioritise for example: if you have low stock on the shelves that should come first over your break or if the till is calling that should come before your stock.
Our work at Inspectorate is global so priority has to be given to time differences so a problem in China takes priority over a job in South America. We also have to be mindful of the client and how much work it generates.
If I could not complete my tasks within my time limit I would ask for help, I believe team work makes for smooth running.
I prioritized by what was the most important to my superiors.
I always prioritize the customers, safety hazards like cleaning up spills. Then I'd do stock take on products that need to go onto the shelves. If I have no time to shelve the products, id leave them somewhere appropriate and it'll be the first thing the next day.
I did the most important tasks first. For example, at the cinema I would prioritize the projection work first.
I put items out that that needed to be put out first.
I am never leaving unfinished work it has to be done 100%
Worked with the most important and finished them first and reviewed to see what could be put off and worked through planning for the next day.
I would prioritise my work load by assessing all jobs that I was required to do. Coordinating a list of the highest priority to the lowest and work my way through the list. I would stay late if I had not achieved my work load in my working hours.
I had a piece of college work that needed to be handed in but I needed to complete it but it was in for that day so I got my head down for a few hours and was able to hand it in on time.
On numerous occasions I would be left to run my shop without any volunteers and would be expecting a large delivery of stock from our warehouse. When this happened I would make sure to put out all the stock I could which could earn the most money if sold.
I always make a list and work my way through efficiently completing the tasks as I go through.
The most beneficial to the business came first and worked it that way.
I would prioritize in order of urgency. What are customer orientated or profit opportunities would be highest. I would then look for tasks that can be moved to another time. The middle would be assest depending on the circumstances.
I prioritised the tasks that were most important, for example new stock that had been delivered and customers were waiting for it. I then write a list prioritizing most important to least.
If I had to finish a shift and a customer needed assistance I would help the customer and then try to finish my task quickly.
Put in order the most important tasks first and work hard to complete the job.
A gas shortage prevented production from completing output for three hours. I asked for staff to work overtime and finished assigned tasks.
I did the most important tasks first and I left the easy tasks to do last so that If I got behind I would be able to get done the tasks quickly.
I had to finish packing bags for customers and it was nearing the end of my shift so I stayed on until I was finished.
Tried to work as fast as I could while doing a good job to get everything done and stayed after if I needed to.
I done the ones that were the most importnat first.
I once had to make a smoothie in a family meal in Burgerking, as well as other orders and a few customers were in line whilst the other cashier was on break. The manager was in her office having an important phone call, so I went to make the smoothie and did every small thing I could to get the jobs done while waiting for it to be ready. You see smoothies actually take a lot of time to make ! I apologised to the customer waiting and the others behind explaining I would be with them as soon as I could. I kindly asked the manager for some help when she was ready also, and when help was got I apologised once again for the delay. Thankfully nobody seemed to be annoyed, they were understanding.
I have always completed any assigned task given to me, though I do prioritized them anyway on urgency. What needs to get done now to what can be saved for later in the day.
Customers come first this when team work helps your colleages all pull together and get tasks done.
There has never been a time where I have not completed all assigned tasks I always prioritise my workload by deciding which is the most important. I f there ever became a time where I could not complete all assigned tasks then I would make sure I worked on untill they were completed.
I like to empower people, delegation of tasks to ensure deadlines are met regardless.
I havent been in that situation before but you complete all crucial tasks and let anyone who would be taking the next shift know exactly what you had not completed and what had to be done.
Trucks arrived late to be unloaded and shelves needed to be stocked before opening. Back stock was done last and the products that had to be on the shelves were put out first once the floor was looking tidy we continually worked on the rest if the tasks at hand. Sales floor had first priority along with customer assistance once the store opened.
Looked carefully at all tasks which then prioritized importance.
In stocking, stock what has the highest demand and continue to the least in the time provided.
By picking most important ones, which depended on a satisfied customer or companies shrink, and delegating rest of them to relevant colleague.
Which ever tasks did not directly effect thr running of the business that time were left aside.
An overnight shift were it was very busy and barely enough time to do what was needed. I prioritized food safety on temperature checks on the food products, system close and open as well as equipment preparation for breakfast. When the morning Manager came in, I was able to send crew of home on time, then do my stock counts and back enter them, complete the nights wash up, do the temperature verification checks on the fridges and freezers.
I stayed past closing time at work, and if that was not feasible, I would just get the most important things done first!
I gave corridors as a special job for the day but this tasks could not be completed as rooms left pretty late and we had to concentrate on getting the rooms back and leave the corridors for the next day as this task was not urgent and could wait to the next day.
I thought logically about it and completed the task that would effect the business the most and soonest. I may have been able to find more time to complete the jobs at a later date.
When I was oveloaded, I generally work well under stress and it spurs me on, I knew that because of the lateness of my the guy in the film, I would be completely stuck for time, and not be able to finish, I had to sacrifice my perfection to complete it all. However I do generally work well with multi tasking.
Prioritize by accommodating the greatest number of clients/customers weighted against their high priorities.
Had to finish a stocking duty but a customer came in and need assistance so I went straight to the customer and handlers that then went back and finished my. Duty because the customer always comes first.
I prioritise accordingly but I ll stay back and finish the task.
Depends what is more needed, what must be done stright away,
When I came to know that I have short time and I have to more things, I divide my work in my time frame in try to finish my work according my time frame.
There is meant to be between 6 and 8 people on the deli and one day only only 3 of us turned up everyone else either rang in sick or just didnt come in. We were unable to get anyone else to come into cover. So 3 of us worked from 7 in the morning till 8 at night and we only got to stop for a 30 minute break. We had to go through the list of jobs that needed doing for the day and just put them in order of importance. Obviously serving customers and cooking were at the top of the list.
When I was closing my station there were customer at the closing time so I wasn't going to finish on time so I hurry myself and re-stock everything the cashier needed in the morning clean the bathrooms and left the floor cleans. The rest was really easy and it wasn't needed much.
If is chance i'll finish it tomorrow, if has to be done today i'll stay longer at work and I finish my task.
I made a list of the most important. I delegated some task to coworkers and the few that could wait I completed the following day.
A tour bus arrived which we were expecting but at almost the same time a second bus arrived which was not booked in and all arrived into the hotel this put enormous pressure on all staff from kitchen to waiting staff so I had to decide what was the best way to deal with this I decided to get first tour sorted with food while allocating a couple of staff to take orders and sell drinks to second tour and informing them there would be a delay because of the situation that had occured dish washing had to be left as all staff were needed to prepare and serve we got task accomplished and not one complaint.
I did what needed looking into the most.
I did what needed looking into the most.
Start with the top priority that would advantage the store and work as fast and diligently as l could to try and complete al tasks. Would stay back if it was urgent.
In my current role there's always a lot of pressure for task completion, so i've learned to prioritize, created some quick work sheets to make some tasks easier, understand the needs of the business ans what tasks takes longer time than others, learnt to multi task and always make sure all set goals are met in timely manner.
Store was extremely busy and I was asked to leave what l was doing and help in another area, so l needed to prioritise to get As much done as l could within assigned hours.
What is most important, what can I delegate, what is the jobs that only I am capable of doing - talk to management and organise a plan.
Take 5 minutes to evaluate the task, list out what needs to be done and delegate.
I lead a conference for 30 women and was the lead trainer. As we got near the date for the conference a number of issues came forward about the centre we were using. In the short term I choose the tasks I needed to complete immediately like talking to the centre about the particular issue, while I asked a number of co-workers for help with the less urgent, ensuring they had all the info they needed.
Last christmas when we had a lot of palettes of christmas food and sweets, had to keep the area tidy and serve customers you do thr most importants. Which was the customers, you serve them first and try not to keep them waiting. When I was able to get the till I went to place stock out as there was no point cleaning untill all the stock was out then I would sweep upand spot clean and wipe down tills.
In the past I never had to prioritize but if I had to prioritize first would be staff and customer safety, cash handling, cleanliness and stock.
I usually have a set time on when things should get done by. If we are busy and are behind the best thing to do is dont get all frizaled just do your best and complete the task. The more you think about all the things that have to be down the worst it is going to get.
We had a massive order from a customer and a tight deadline so I can to pull all the team in to help complete the order.
I made sure the most important task were delt with first.
We had a buffet for vips at the opening of one of the other units I helped with and I had to take charge of canopes I think there were 6 different ones and I needed 250 of each. So firstly I made a list of what needed doing, what staff we had, rough time estimates of production and I then delegated according to strengths the jobs to the team saving the most complex one for myself whilst overseeing and guiding the team with their assigned dishes.
You have to fight out what is the most important in Sainsbury bakery it is important that the department is always clean as its high risk therefore end of day cleaning was of higher priority than disposals.
Customer service is top priority so I would complete that first then move onto other tasks.
You ensure that the most important tasks for the store to run properly are done first and stay later so that all tasks can be complete.
It was Christmas time and very busy and we need to fill all stock in time but I stock all that things which were very important.
It was Christmas time and very busy and we need to fill all stock in time but I stock all that things which were very important.
I would stay back until work was completed, if that was not possible then most important tasks would be completed first.
When clients where moving in to there property I made sure the essential details were finished and explaind I would be back early next morning to finish off I was very apoligetive.
I make a list of the tasks that need to be completed, than I work out which tasks will need to be done first and always keep a diary with me to dot down important dates.
I am quite good at organizing my time and would always try to complete tasks with time limits first then prioritise other tasks in accordance.
I have never left a task uncompleted and will thrive to keep it that way.
At the end of school had alot of testing and assignments due, to priortize them just dedicated certain days to certain tasks like monday I would study my maths and english tuesday, work on this.. Etc..
I also make sure I have enough time to do every task givin by preparing before hand.
I once had a delivery that was x3 what we were expecting to turn up. We had to prioritize our jobs so that we could still have maximise sales whilst getting our task complete.Our priority is always customer serivce and the customers needs. Our team would be split, staff on shopfloor attending customer- manning fitting rooms communication is key when time is not on your side.
I always make lists of everything that I have to do. I am a very organized person and I like to get everything done even if I have to stay up really late.
I always make sure I complete my assignment before my shift ends.
Action plan as to what needed to be done first and stuck to it.

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