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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
Think about the times you have helped a friend achieve their goal. You may have run a few miles with them each day in preparation for a 10k. You might have stayed up late at night reviewing flashcards for a big test the next day. Or, maybe you watched a family's children for a couple of days to allow the parents to work on their goal of opening a new business. These types of scenarios work great to answer this question. Simply tell the interviewer a high-level overview of your scenario, and share how thankful the individual was for your contribution.

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
Yes, I believe customer service is the number one key to attracting other customers to come shopping again.
Yes I have my friend is dyslexive I help them with there maths exam I was patient with them and gave them confidents to pass that exam.
Yes, all new cashiers struggle most of the time and look confused I help them with any questions they need answer and master point of sell system.
A crew member at mcdonalds was struggiling grasping a station. I worked with them all that lunch time, had patience with them and broke down the start the station into part learning. There confidence and performance improved and now they can work on the station by themselves.
I helped mentor trainee staff at my job with college assignments and observations. Giving my knowledge and help.
I oncve helped a colleague of mine who was struggling w.
In my cafe we are constantly developing our associates to enhance guest experience and better the associate. I do coaching and immediate feedback.
I write a personal blog which is mainly about weight loss, and problems I suffered growing up.
By helping with my own experience where l can and showing easier and better ways to competently do their job.
At slimming world, I helped my mum and she helped me and were both no longer fattys.
Yes had carpenter apprentices working under me I had to motivate them and get the best from them while training them to a very high standard.
Yes, I have. Part of a jewelry associates job is to sign customers up to credit cards. One of my coworkers was having a hard time getting people to sign people up, so I first taught her my way. And then later after she got the hang of it, I helped her find her own way of talking people into signing up to a credit card.
I have always been involved with training people and pride myself in helping them achieve their goals wether it be by standing beside them on a production line or training them for a fork lift truck licence.
Started a diet with a friend to help her lose weight. She done really well.
As a leader I always support and encourage my team to achieve their goals and to improve their performance.
Yes, I helped my General manager and other team members maintain an 88% guest satisfaction rate.
My colleagues in the office have started from office juniot and I have trained them up to full time legal secretaries.
I am currently training a member of staff to be an assistant manager.
I have helped explain how certain things work to people who may have been struggling understanding it in class in order to pass the subject. Also just encouraging someone who is considering applying for a position.
I think it is always your choice in the end weather you achieve what you want or better yourself in some way.
Yes, but putting in a good word and watching their actions. Usually the one doing the best jobs will be the one no bringing notice to themselves.
I have hlep staff to do ther jobs better and understand how it can help them and to help them train in there jobs.
Have on numerous occasions taken staff who started in menial jobs and given them the training and confidence to progress to much more elevated positions.
Yes, my friend is currently studying so ive been helping her as she struggles to remember things, ive been giving her hints and tips to help her.
My best friend at university was never very good at exams. We used to have revision days where I would help her keep focus on what needed to be done and I helped her understand complicated assignments.
Through physical training patience to construct clients into being independent, not dependent on trainers in the long term.
Yes, I encourage and support students to try and reach their full potential by offering support where needed.
I often help co workers in their training. I spent a lot of time with a Polish co worker teaching her how to take orders and do call backs.
I have helped someone achieve better grades in school by pushing them to the best of their ability.
I am always helping people to achieve their goals and better themselves by being encouraging and positive. My wife decided to go back to school and I have helped her achieve her goals of getting through her masters in psychology.
I have raised and homeschooled my children. They have all since graduated from highschool/college and have gone onto their careers. I have also mentored elementary students with reading which enabled them to feel confident and proud of themselves which led to a much happier student.
As a leading hand I have helped co workers with confidence and easier and safer techneqes to do the job in an easier and safe manner.
Yes I trained a member of our floor staff in the office so that he could apply for a supervisor position.
Yes. I am often asked to train cashiers how to operate the cash register at my current job.
My Previous position as a sales assistant, I gave them encouragement to not give up, and worked together to create new ideas and approaches to be more successful with customers.
I occasionally give feedback to players I have umpired, suggesting they change the way they do certain things, so as not to occur penalties against them, and even improve their gameplay.
As a teacher I was always doing that.
Yes I helped a colleague develop themselves in the customer service role to become a section co ordinator.
I did volunteer in india free taught to children, volunteer in hospital as well here taught children.
Yes I have mentored great salesman who became millionairs.
When trainee managers come in to do their 12 week training I try to give them tips as much as I can.
I love pointing out peoples positives areas and strong points to them. I find a compliment can lift someones mood instantly.
Yes. It a job, Ifinished my work on time and assist my colleage who was slow.
I help volunteers gain reception and admin skills. Many have gone on to gain paid work.
I set up a cell of workers for a very important role at Sanofi talked a lot of workers to apply for the role.
Yes all the time, I push my employees to better them selves everyday but leading and training them.
I will assist any team member that requests my help. I am often asked to help other team member with there projects because of my knowledge of the work.
Yes, I have put in a good word for someone when they do a good job and are deserving of the recognition.
I help the girls at the end of day to clear up so they can get on and do other jobs.
Yes several times I have helped others to complete their work goal before the end of shift.
I helped one of my colleague to develop as a manager. I was helping them to do her work book and show her how to do things. I helped her in her training.
I've helped my daughter with her homework.
Yes, lending time and support physically and financially.
Yes all of my children and some of their friends.
I was in a class competition with two rounds, knowledge and skills and I made it to the top five but decided against going to a state competition, the other girl really wanted to and I knew she was serious about being a CNA so I explained to my teachers that I didn't want to go and by doing so she was allowed to go.
Developed 5 members of staff from general operative roles to become junior buyer, bdms, line managers.
Yes. I found myself mentoring a staff member (in a positive way) helped them to empower themselves and there feelings. The person was young and was often upset and crying at work. Eventually I found out the problem, which was another manager in their eyes, so I tried to give them a big picture perspective of the roll the manager and the time restraints the manager was under. I suggested asking a few additional questions to help with the direction or repeating the instruction, thus eliminating the feeling of mistakes and not doing the job right in the managers eyes.
Yes, I used to train cashiers. I will teach them about the store, the crew, the position and always gave tips on how to be the successful in their position in other to become a kitchen manager.
I have in school I often go up to people I know can do the work but they just need someone to put it in a simpler terms that are clear.
Yes. My friend during GCSEs had an exam before any of mine and she was really panicked about it. So I put my revision on the side and did a weekend full of solid revision with her- she got the grade she wanted.
I help my children better themselves every day, by going for this position I am bettering them by showing them how important it is to work and work hard for money ad that nothing is free. They must strive to be their personal best.
Yes I have been given the opportunity from my night fill manager at IGA to train new night fill employees and demonstrate leadership so they can achieve their goals that is expected from the role and help them better themselves by answering any of their questions or demonstrating how to perform a particular task.
Yes. I have helped a friend of mine who was a regular employee at his workplace and he's been wanting to be a manager. How I have helped him was by giving him moral support and help build up his confidence.
Yes, of course. For example: I helped a women, who totally lost herself to find a job and find herself again. She can manage her life now and she happier than before.
I always try and get the best out of people. I always encourage friends, family or colleagues to achieve the best that they can.
Yes on numerous times in my last job by helping members of my team to achieve daily targets.
I helped a former work colleague with the new system that what put on our computers which she was struggling with, she was very thankful for my help as she easily picked it up after me showing her.
Trained a girl to better herself to get team leader job.
In my last job I helped a lady who wanted a job there in the kitchens I learned her how to make some of the meals on the menu in my own time as she really wanted the job so was happy to help.
In high school I was a basketball coach and mentor too the younger pupils, supervised by my head of department, I took a team of younger pupils too the regional championships and came out as champions, for that I had too coach, train and mentor the other pupils to achieve there title.
Whilst working in Savers Health and Beauty, I took on a Retail Trainee. Once his traineeship came to an end I was in a position to offer him a permanent contract. After only being with us for short amount of time, I trained him to become a Supervisor.
I have a friend and she was doubting herself job wise. She had not been employed for a while and I suggested that she do a course and she did and after that she found a job.
I have worked along side staff who have been promoted and have a better understanding of forecasting and achieving cost saving results.
Yes by working together as team, because team work is very important to group success.
Yes most definately. A friend dropped out of high school in America. I encouraged him to go back and continue his studies. I drove him to and from school on a daily basis to be sure he could complete his education and he succeeded.
I helped my sister lose weight by preparing meals for her and setting her on a calorie budget diet.