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XRay Technician Interview Questions
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What do you know about our company?

How to Answer
Finding a job can be tough. It can seem like a numbers game at times; you send out 25 resumes and get one interview. Once you get to the interview stage, you'll want to do further research about the company. Start with the website, reviewing their mission, values and culture. You can read employee reviews to see what their experience was like. Do your homework so that you can respond confidently. You can also talk about a recent news article or award they won. Wow them with your research!

Answer Example
"I was impressed when I found out about your community involvement. That is a value that is extremely important to me as well. I also like your approach to patient care. Your mission stood out above a lot of the other companies I researched."
Entry Level Example
"Coming into my first position, it is important for me to find an employer that values growth from within and education for their employees. Having talked to several employees here, I get a strong sense that your organization does both of those things. On top of that, I love the fact that your organization does a lot of work with the underserved population in the city. One of my reasons for pursuing a career in healthcare was to help those less fortunate people that can't afford high level healthcare."
Experienced Example
"After working in the field for many years and attending training courses with employees here, I found that they are always on the cutting edge of new technologies in the field and that is the number one driver in me applying here. I am not openly searching for a job anywhere, but rather specifically looking to work for you. Your employees always have great things to say about the organization and how it values its employees."
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