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Can you give an example of a time when you have had to deal with a difficult or disappointing outcome? How did you handle this, and move forward?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I review a situation and reflect on what went well and what didnt go well. I think about how I could handle an enquiry better in future, and seek training if necessary.
I try to take it as a learning experience and move on.
By going away and thinking about where I went wrong. Establishing this by asking for feedback and then working on the area that let me down.
Of course dissappointment is an emotion so I would feel this emotion, then review the of events which led me to feeling like this, how I might have done things differently to alter the outcome and look to what I can do next going forward to improve in the future.
Whenever I get disappointment I try to find my flaws behind it and work hard to get over it.
I see disappointment as a learning situation. For example, recently, I had been heavily involved in a large bid and had spent a lot of time on it but it became apparent through the peer review process that it did not quite answer the call and it was decided that the bid should not progress. I was disappointed but I had gathered a lot of experience and made a number of connections which could be used in the future.
Experience the emotions briefly and then analyse why things did not work out the way I thought. Once this has been done devise a plan for the future to get around the obstacles.
Ice cream and netflix for a day, then put things behind me, reassess, and move on.
I tell my self I am better than that, I support myself, and try again.
Initially of course I have a feeling of dissappointment, then I take a moment to reflect on the outcome and the reasons for why it is so and plan what my next steps forward will be.
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