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What is the primary difference, in your opinion, between school board goals and school district goals?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Superintendent interview

Discuss with the interviewer how you view the role of your school board versus the role of your school district. Make your answer simple and direct.

Basic answer example
"The difference between the school board and the school district is that the school district is primarily focused on overall student achievement where the board is more focused on policy, security and governance."

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What is the primary difference, in your opinion, between school board goals and school district goals?
Board goals may be directed to specific items with in the school setting while district goals can be set by federal or the state that are require by law.
Have you had experience in investing school district funds?
A board's goals focus on areas falling within their responsibility such as revising policy whereas a district goal is aligned to district supported targets and expectations such as increasing graduation rates through improved attendance.
Board goals are generally put in place to drive the district goals. They tend to be general and broad. District goals are connected to the board goals and are specific.
Board goals establish guiding principals communicated to the superintendent. Whereas district goals sometimes the same as board goals are communicated from the superintendent to district and school leaders. These goals drive the decision making process throughout the district.
Board goals include the vision of the district and the steps that will be taken to reach that vision. District goals are more centered on specific strategies that will be used to achieve the vision of the Board.
I believe the board of education would focus on community needs, including the spending of money and school involvement in the community. Whereas the district focuses on legal issues, needs of the students, teachers and administration. But both the board and the district should work hand in hand to meet the needs equally together.
The board is concerned with governance. The district goals should be student centered around achievement.
Board goals refer to ensuring all assets, whether personal or equipment, are secured and able to assist in meeting District goals. District Goals are all encompassing on what is in the best interest of the district and it's constituents.
Board goals are the overall goals under which the district goals are written.
Board Goals generally revolve around policy. District goals are based on the day to day work of district personnel.
They should be closely matched. The school board develops goals based on their policies. The school district goals are based on student success.
School board goals ebb and flow based on elected members while district goals may be implemented by employees and reflected in student performance.
School board goals set the vision for the school. District goals are goals set to meet the board goals.
The school board goals are broader and give more of a vision for the school. The school district goals are more specific.

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