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Why did you choose to become a Quality Control Inspector?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Quality Control Inspector interview

How to Answer
The interviewer would like to know what brought you to being a QC Inspector, in the first place Tell the hiring manager about what initially inspired you to pursue this type of career. You can make your answer a bit personal but do be somewhat brief.

"My initial interest in QC started at University. I entered into a calibration technician class and absolutely loved the analytical side of the lessons. Then, I took an auditor course and realized this was the career path for me. I've always been a strong problem solver with great analytical skills so QC is a perfect match for me."
Entry Level
"My father was a Quality Control Inspector, and I have always admired him. For that reason, I chose to pursue the same career path. In addition to this inspiration, I appreciate how this career path utilizes my detail-oriented mindset and strong analytical skills."
"My University career was spent earning my Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing Management. Initially, I had a hyper-focus on third party supply chain. It was during my coursework that I discovered a genuine interest in quality assurance. I loved learning more about inspection methods and techniques, non-destructive testing, and quality planning. That interest led me to a career as a Quality Control Inspector."

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Why did you choose to become a Quality Control Inspector?
I thought it would be fun.
There is always something to learn, something to share with workers and/or managers, Quality is important to ensure the company prospers and the customers want to give you there business.
To give better products to customers.
I would like a better opportunity in the company.
Its a very interesting career.
Because of my love for quality and good standards and compliance.
I was machine operator and they gave me the opportunity to become in QC Inspector.
From previos experience with the job of qc tech I would like to see what is happening on the inspection side as well.
Because I have a lot of my skill as mechanic and during that am try to be response about my work and my colleague.
Beacuse I like to work with consumers that is common man.
I'm analytical, I like to export and examine things in detail, QC inspector allows me the change to do what I like.
It will be a new challenge for me.
I didn't really choose it it just happened over time and I found out that I was really good at it.
I want to learn the quality side of our business. Learning how all aspects of a Walmart warehouse works is exciting to me and I like to challenge myself.
To use my experience and background to the max.
To use my experience and background to the max.
I love to provide a good quality product to customers & after getting best the smile of satisfaction on face.
To be able to closely and direct coordination with the site contractors and other consultants.
I enjoy analyzing and love taking pride in final end product that is defect free.
I've always loved learning how something works and putting the pieces together in order to see the bigger picture. I feel a great sense of pride not only because I know I helped ensure that the result is the best it can possibly be, but that I'm learning how to make what we do even better in the future.
Because that's what I liked in my previous jobs.
I enjoy working with buildings, improving and upgrading properties. I worked in Facilities Building management, then in Housing/building management so this is a natural progression.
I like to make correct to wrong that happening in during production of any.
I want to become a Quality control Inspector because I will have the opportunity to use my knowledge about materials.
Prime reason its field of personal intereset and next command in field,
My Dad was a QC Inspector and since school day he use to take me with when working on pipelines and I viewed RT films with him...
I like to be organised and enjoy a challenge.
The satisfaction I get from seeing things get don right.
Interested in making the company more successful in their product.
It kind of chose me. I have a keen eye for quality.
I am very confident to make sure about the standard.

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