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Quality Control Inspector Interview Questions and Answers
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Why are you the best candidate for the job?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Give me chance I will proove it.
Because I have experience on this field.
I am experienced and equipped with basic rules or standards of quality and will add knowledge and my expertise skills while learning new things in this organisation.The requirements and duties of this post are very much so it wont be something new to me like..SOP's, updating and capturing info on the system.
Diverse background in variety of positions quick learner.
I have worked with all parts coming in on a daily basis for many years.
I'm quite rigorous in my works, which means delivering quality.
Diverse background in variety of positions quick learner.
22 Years in the field of inspection and working different sectors and around the globe tough me to work with all nationalities and solving problems to best suite the company and to comply with company standards.
I have come from a Facilities Building management background, I bring skills including working in Grade 2 listed buildings, professional body and housing experience. I have extensive experience in negotiating, I successfully negotiated 95% of properties to meet decent homes standard. I initiated the contractor service set up of EPC and liaised with all Landlord to ensure works are carried out and Certificates are sent out. I am a quick learner, have supported housing experience, safe guarding. Hightown Housing Association is a reputable Registered Social Landlord, growing very fast and I would like to be part of it and in turn contribute my skills.
Being competitive , knowledgeable, trustworthy and good attitude towards work.
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