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Tell the hiring manager what you feel a perfect day on the job would be.
Answer examples
"For me, a perfect day on the job would be a day without accidents, everyone arrives for their shift on time and the day runs smoothly on the manufacturing floor."

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User-Submitted Answers

Busy, highly detailed work and not enough time to complete it, yet I finished.
I got some boards back in RMA and found that there was an ongoing problem and that the line lead had mentioned to the engineer but the issue never got resolved so after some investigating and getting other engineers and quality persons involved we got the ball rolling on the issue and hopefully in the very near future we will have a new vendor and process and less RMA. So I also think this will save the company money.
Go to work in a good positive mood and attitude. Have everything go right and run smoothly. Everyone working together as a team.
To meet time restraints and quality work done with no snags or rework.
To meet time restraints and quality work done with no snags or rework.
Everything happening very smoothly with best quality aspects.
Food, friends brainstorming.
Package product quality chake . When I saw end of the day all proper packaged.
A day full of activities and new knowledge to me.
It was the last day of the month I was called while I was already on my way home to come and assist with interfacing to avoid OTD1(not reaching target)I then did and our branch was number on that month .
Finishing all my tasks in a busy day.
I liaise with Management agents, attend meetings, inspect property.
Upon completion of one of our major storage tanks. We installed a new floor on a 600 000 barrel capacity tank. The existing bottom was left in place and a 4 inch concrete slab (pizza) installed and followed by the new bottom. This involved allot of skilled personal on the job and we accomplished this task within the time frame and budget.
Inspected the products and found no errors.
I was a manufacturing CNC. It was in a controlled environment, enjoyed my job and loved training others to understand 5s and lean manufacturing.