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Have you ever implemented a new Quality Control Policy to a team or group? How did it go?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Quality Control Inspector interview

The interviewer would like to know if you have experience in change management. Implementing workplace change can be a delicate balance. Tell the hiring manager about your ability to assist your staff in accepting changes in the workplace.

Basic answer example
"I have implemented many changes in policy since joining my current company. One recent change was a major update to our ISO program. It took some getting used to for the staff, but I feel that if you provide the proper amount of training and great resources for them to draw on, it will be a smooth transition."
Entry Level answer example
"I have not yet implemented any QC policies; however, I hope that I can have the opportunity to do this as I grow and develop in my career. Could you tell me about the most recent QC policy you have implemented here?"
Experienced answer example
"In my twelve-year career as a Quality Control Inspector, I have implemented many changes in the workplace. Primarily, these are changes associated with ISO programs, health and safety, and specification policies. Are there any immediate policy changes you are looking to implement once you make this hiring decision?"

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Have you ever implemented a new Quality Control Policy to a team or group? How did it go?
Describe how you would handle the situation if you met resistance when introducing a new idea or policy to a team or work group.
Explain the end goal of the new idea.
Need to compared with other ideas. Draw its benefit and disadvantages so that they can see which give clearer benefit.
I will calm down and try another way to tell the that the idea or policy will workout better than previous one.
I would explain the new idea and ask if everyone understands the concept and if there is anything they would like to add.
I would give a logical and practical reason so that can reconsider my idea.
Talk to everyone about it for their input and then get their feedback.
Talk with the group and get their input. Then implement the best idea.
Give my point of view and listen.
I would evaluate my idea. See if I can improve it then make a re presentation.
I would give the presentation and the policy and to break it down and make it more sensful I would tell them the benefits of it in long term and give them bew ways to except it as being a challenge that we all face and we can over come it together.
Prove my finding and consultations, give examples, have those questions answered before we meet.
Present my idea with facts and proof that it works. With persistence and deliverance.
Try to show why the idea makes sense and either improves the process or financial gain.
Try to show why the idea makes sense and either improves the process or financial gain.
Tell them to hit the road.
Listen and try to communicate.
I would keep calm and learn from the chosen idea and take it from there..I believe the will motivate the reason behind of not considering my ideas.
I will explain the idea clearly Listen to the comments, involve people's views, be available to support any queries.
I will look for the minimum requirements and proceed.
I'm always prepared to listen to other ideas and consider and respect my colleagues point of view. Always open for discussion.

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