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Briefly tell me about your career as a Quality Control Inspector. Highlight some of your career wins and prouder accomplishments.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Quality Control Inspector interview

How to Answer
This is your opportunity to bring your resume to life for the hiring manager. It is usually easiest to start from the beginning of your career, working to your most recent experience. Be sure to include your reasons for leaving previous jobs, if applicable. Give a solid overview but avoid lingering on this question for more than a couple of minutes. You don't want to ramble!

"I began my career with Company X right after graduating from University. In that role, my biggest accomplishment was being promoted after just two months time. I left there after five years when Company Z offered me a bigger opportunity. I've been there ever since. My proudest accomplishments in this role include increasing our employee retention rate by 24% and decreasing accidents by 12% overall."
Entry Level
"I am a recent graduate from XYZ University and completed my practicum with Company ABC just last month. I mentored under the QC Manager there for three months and learned a great deal on CAD/CAM. I look forward to gaining more career wins with your organization."
"I have been a Quality Control Inspector for the past nine years. I started with Company ABC where I worked my way into a team lead position. In my current position, where I have been for ten years, I manage a team of eight junior technicians. I look forward to gaining further leadership experience in this role."

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Briefly tell me about your career as a Quality Control Inspector. Highlight some of your career wins and prouder accomplishments.
No, but currently in my position I have to inspect material and finishing good to make sure they meet company standards.
Yes, I have over 10 years experience in manufacturing dealing mostly injection molding and 3 years working as an off site QC for General Motors.
Yes, I have 8 years of experience as a QC Inspector.
Yes I have filled in for an inspector while he was on vacation.
I have filled in for Brett while he was on vacation.
Yes I have, I have been working As QC Inspector long time ago.
I have quality control labratory experience which I would inspect soil samples that were needed for construction sites and would run different tests to make sure they met state and highway association regulations to prevent future failures of the project and all work was guranteed for 3 years.
I have delegation 90% and and responsibility as inspector and am try to be inspector in my job.
2.5 Years working on a manfauctring company. And till date am working there.
All aspects of my training has prepared and taught me about QC and what to look for and how to report and solve issues.
No, but have been dealing with parts for many years and have a keen eye on quality visually, and can use basic measuring tools to check parts are correct.
Yes I have 20 years experience in the electronics mfg business and have been a QA at several companies.
Not as an inspector but as the individual responsible for doing or reworking tasks to pass quality control specs.
Not as an inspector but as the individual responsible for doing or reworking tasks to pass quality control specs.
Although I have never owned the QA inspector job title, I have had lots of experience with using quality tools such as the OGP. I also worked a week's work experience so am familiar with the work environment and have worked in quality inspecting for the past 2 years.
Not specifically, but I have experience in data verification, report creation, strict procedure adherence.
No, but I had to inspect every management document related to cost.
I do not have experience as a Quality Control Inspector, but I would like to work with you and I am sure that I will give my best. I really want to work with you.
Off course sir in BHEL one yr in quality assurance.
To become a Site Inspector. And I achieved that goal by earning the appropriate certifications, and training that was required for that position.
As a supervisor for syblon reid quality of work is second only to safety I was constantly checking for quality.
Managed to obtain my diploma while working and having family responsibilities.
I recently became a quality office but since I started working I've always love working quality officers....... I am my career what I have achieved is finishing my project in time and I recently don't a project that had 280 site and we were suppose to do it in 3months but I finished my sites in 2months.

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