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Personal Trainer Interview Questions and Answers
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Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Its what I havr always wanted to do.
I should have decided years ago, because I got myself fit and healthy again after not being so fit and healthy whilst I was a student. I then helped my friends and my mum reach their goals. So it feels natural that I would want to pursue this as a career as I enjoy the industry and I enjoy helping people.
Great passion in fitness, and wanting to help others achieve their goals.
Love for making my body as healthy and functional as possible, which translated for love in helping other people achieve the same goals.
I am choosing to become a personal trainer to assist gym goers in achieving their fitness goals. As I do not have a lot of experience with the general population, this is a great opportunity to develop one of the key skills for any professional. That is communication. Being able to translate my knowledge to clients is the difference between short term and long term clients.
I have seen the journey from being fat to fit, its my passion to workout, hence I ended up becoming a personal trainer.
I generally love helping people and fitness is my life.
Exercise is my passion and personal training is about helping those who find it difficult to attend to exercise or gym.
Through my own Personal trainer, watching her train me and seeing how much joy it brought her helping others its when I knew thats what I wanted to do.
I am enthusiastic about staying healthy and in shape and want to share that enthusiasm with others.
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