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What are your career goals?
It's important to think about how the position you are interviewing for will fit into your long term goals even as you apply for jobs. As you know, it takes a lot of hard work to become a personal trainer. You learn about the body, nutrition, fitness, and you learn about how people work, what motivates them. You may want to consider building your own business as you gain clientele. You might even want to study different forms of exercise or techniques that can help you in the field. Think critically about what you really want for your future and share how this role will benefit you by helping you get to the next step.

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User-Submitted Answers

What are your career goals?
I want to educate and motivate my clients to achieve their fitness goals and one day run my own fitness business.
I want to expand my knowledge of the ways to train people and get better at creating programs for many different people. I want to be able to offer different services and not only personal 1-on-1 training.
To be one that encourages and motivates.
To build up my rapport, always keeping up to date with latest products and ways of exercising, finding more accesible ways to train and run events and possibly my own personal trainign academy.
To grow with a company and become a regional manager.
To know as much as possible . Provide quality results and maintain a good work Etic .
To specialise in older adults and post pregnancy training.
To grow a steady client base.
To give people the body they wanted, to make them happy.
I would like to become a confident and proficient personal trainer and ultimately to specialise in training pregnant and postpartum women and run my own business.
Nutrion coach, correct exercise.
To get certified, get experience for some time and once I do,I want to create my own program. I love getting people involved and I love pushing them to workout and have a healthy lifestyle.
Have a boot camp up and running, becoming a strength and conditioning triner for a major sports team.
Fitness is my passion. Is helping people feel good and achieve a wellness state in the lives of people.
I see myself as a master trainer in few years, teaching other personal trainers.
I am looking to make this either a primary or a secondary job that I love working at and enjoy helping others achieve their personal goals and objectives.
My goals as personal trainer is to make it to the professional level and help individual to live an healthy life style.
My main motivation is to bring changed to people's lives, to improve their bodies, minds and lifestyle in general. As a personal trainer, I am more interested in the individual trainings rather then group ones. I am interested in developing individal programs and have individual approach to every client, developing unique training programs in order to reach the bet results, given specific conditions of every client. I want to become a well known personal trainer. - group exercise - personal training - programming/fitness management - club ownership.
Continue study in the field of health and see where that leads me, looking to physio degree in university and career elsewhere possible Army.
To meet the needs of the clients and to provide them with the best possible training. In the process of training them, I would hope to make an impact on their life and change their lifestyle.
I am very ambitious to succeed in this industry. I first set out to be a golf fitness instructor and know this is niece market and this club is central to a lot of golf clubs in the area. However as I’ve progressed and done group training sessions and one to ones I just want to learn as much as I can and be the best I can be at Personal training.
Becoming a master trainer as well as helping all my clients reach any fitness goal possible.
Help people to become healthy individuals and maintain clientele.
Become specialty trained.
Motivate clients and make work seem fun.
My goal is to help people give to understand the sport is healthy to help them in shaping the body.
I plan to help several clients establish and maintain healthy life styles. Not only do I want to help them achieve fitness, but also I will create a trusting relationship with each individual.
My career goals as a personal trainer is to become the best Trainer I can by gaining all the knowledge I can and training as many clients as possible and doing my very best to keep them.
I would like to work with different clientelle to get as much experience as possible and hopefully be where you are sat one day.
My career goals as a Personal Trainer is to continue to build my clientele, at the same time as studying, doing a university degree in order to become a qualified Exercise Physiologist. Eventually I would like to either work alongside a club as their Exercise Physiologist able to work with the other Personal Trainers of that club to find the best course of action for their client. Or I'd like to open my own exercise/rehabiltion centre and help people through fitness.
I want to be the best personal trainer I can be by helping a wide variety of people and gaining more experience in that way. I also want to open up my own gym one day.
To start my own business.
I'd like to become certified with the NASM, and hopefully move forward to bigger groups such as celebrities, and professional athletes. I want to get to a level where I'm constantly learning and having to adjust workout programs for specific needs.
I would like to help people gain confidence and good health by learning to work out. I would like to focus on people that are new to working out and people like me that are in recovery from cancer and just starting to work out again.
To work withh top atheletes.
The day one when I came in this filed I wanted to become a very famose and susccesful trainer not just in a particular subject but also in different sub to like treat special population and honestly I want to earn more and more money.
I want to commit 100% to peoples fitness goals and guide them through the process.
To see results in people lives.
My two main goals as a personal trainer are to give 100% of my knowledge and dedication to my clients to help them grow and meet their goals, while being there for them as a friend and someone they can count on. Second, to strive to learn every day whether its from experiences or reading and education. From this foundation, everything will fall into place and I will continue to grow and find great opportunities in the future.
To promote health and fitness to clients and see their physical and emotional progress.
I would like to get a job first later on I would like to open a own gym just for girls.
My goals are to train and develop in other areas of health and fitness such as sports massage. I would like to be able to offer a full package. My short term goals are to develop a client base and continue to grow it.
I want to be the best and one day own my own gym.
Change peoples lives, build my own gym.
To coach and build a strong relations with clients and company.
To become a specialist in sports conditioning, and eventually one day open my own gym.
I like to be able to be a manager in a gym in the future.
My career goals as a personal trainer is to firstly gain as much experience in personal training as possible for example with a wide variety of different clientele in different settings. My main goal as a personal trainer is to be as successful as possible, and build a great reputation as a professional for providing great knowledge and skills to meet my clients needs.
I want to become a successful trainer so that I can impact other's lives positively. Staying healthy is hard, but with someone keeping you accountable it is much easier.