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What are your career goals?
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My main motivation is to bring changed to people's lives, to improve their bodies, minds and lifestyle in general. As a personal trainer, I am more interested in the individual trainings rather then group ones. I am interested in developing individal programs and have individual approach to every client, developing unique training programs in order to reach the bet results, given specific conditions of every client. I want to become a well known personal trainer. - group exercise - personal training - programming/fitness management - club ownership.
To give people the body they wanted, to make them happy.
To coach and build a strong relations with clients and company.
Fitness is my passion. Is helping people feel good and achieve a wellness state in the lives of people.
Becoming a master trainer as well as helping all my clients reach any fitness goal possible.
My career goals as a Personal Trainer is to continue to build my clientele, at the same time as studying, doing a university degree in order to become a qualified Exercise Physiologist. Eventually I would like to either work alongside a club as their Exercise Physiologist able to work with the other Personal Trainers of that club to find the best course of action for their client. Or I'd like to open my own exercise/rehabiltion centre and help people through fitness.
I see myself as a master trainer in few years, teaching other personal trainers.
Help people to become healthy individuals and maintain clientele.
My goal is to help people give to understand the sport is healthy to help them in shaping the body.
To get certified, get experience for some time and once I do,I want to create my own program. I love getting people involved and I love pushing them to workout and have a healthy lifestyle.
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