Legal Assistants Interview Questions

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How has your education prepared you to work for us?

Legal Assistants Interview Questions

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    How has your education prepared you to work for us?

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    How familiar are you with the law we practice at our firm, or the law I specialize in?

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    Are your grades a good indication of your academic achievement?

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    How do you check your work for accuracy?

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    What two or three things are most important to you in a job?

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    What goals, other than those related to your legal career, have you established for yourself for the next 10 years?

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    Can you give me an example of a situation where you demonstrated an eye for detail?

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    What are the main components of a case file and what steps are carried out to file a case?

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    How do you handle stressful situations?

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    Do you work well under pressure?

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    Tell us about a time you had to handle a difficult client.

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    Do you enjoy working as part of a team?

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    What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

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    Which areas of law are you most interested in?

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    What qualities do you feel are most important for a successful legal assistant?

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    How has your college degree prepared you to work in this firm?

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    Why are you the best candidate for us?

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    How can you contribute to our firm?

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    What are your long and short range career goals and objectives?

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    How would you describe yourself?

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    What have you learned from the other attorneys/paralegals you've spoken with today?

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    What subject did you like the most at school? Why?

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    Why did you leave your last position?

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    What type of work environment would allow you do to your best work?

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    Do you understand the impact you, even as a legal assistant, will have on the lives of our clients?

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    What are you doing to better yourself as a Legal Assistant?

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    Can you give me an example of a situation where you needed to deal with multiple priorities at once and how you deal with it?

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    How do you deal with sensitive or confidential information?

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    How do you manage your research work considering there is so much to look through?

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    Why did you choose to pursue a career as a Legal Assistant?