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Why do you enjoy auditing?

1 of 32 Internal Audit Manager Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated on July 1st, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
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"I enjoy auditing as a whole, however; the main reason that I enjoy auditing is because it's the perfect job for an analytical, organized person such as myself. I love knowing that I can make an impact on a company financially and organizationally."

Written by:

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 09/24/2010
Last modified on: 07/01/2018

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Why do you enjoy auditing?
I have always been intrested in doing activies that involve analysing.
Oversee successful completion of the audit.
I enjoy auditing because its one of the main branches of accounting that really enhances the standards.
10. In reference to accounting, because I love accounting and I am good at it. In reference to internal controls, I have seen owners who were totally unable to know if their employee was qualified for their accounting position. They have had no clue of the magnitude of the risk they were taking in allowing them to handle their financial record keeping. 10. I will use my skills and forward-thinking processes to learn how to minimize loss and maximize profits.
Auditing is a challenging job and I like new challenges.
Its basically a double check. I being a person who is interested in making things better for the better tomorrow, make sure things are taking place in the manner it should take place.
I enjoy auditing because I enjoy reviewing accounts for accurarcy and helping to improve the internal auditing process.
I enjoy auditing as involves indepth research to ensure that the information provided is accurate and the procedure are followed to arrive at the end results.
I enjoy how dynamic the work in auditing is. The excitement I get everytime there's something new, a new process to learn, a new issue to uncover and solve. I do get thrilled with the uncertainties you get in auditing. I also love the unending learning process in audit, I never get bored in auditing. I have that passion in auditing.
Auditing is interested because its examine the whole area of business. Minimizing the fraud and error.
Because an auditor gets fully aware of the policies, procedures and systems.
Because I am good in reviewing and analysis.
Its appraisal activity adding value to the company through identification of risks and evaluation with suggestion.
Auditing allows me to look into the businesses process and could also help identify GAPS in procedures.
Since I was young am interested In auditing.
I enjoy saving the company money and making departments efficient to streamline workflow and stress.
Travelling, Intracting with new persons, New Opportuinties and new challenges.
It helps to have overall picture of the organisation and is an excellent way of adding value.
This will help to improve the organisation practices and self benefit too....
Audit is my filed and I like it.
Because audit department is responsible on safeguarding of the organization asset.
I enjoy auditing because I get the chance to engage my mind to the fullest from the planning phase of the audit to the completion phase. I also enjoy audit because it requires a team effort and I am good team player.
I can learn things which will enable me add to process improvement.
This help you to get involved in all functions.
Its a very sophisticated work I have ever done.
Because I always learn something new that is helping the organization on how yo meet the objectives and also analyzing the business processes, procedures and etc.
I enjoy planning and executing an audit. Digging into the details and confirming transactions.
Seeing that I assist Management with the right information to take right decison.
Auditing is a chance to not only see all aspects of the company, but to build relationships with a large network of people and make real positive changes to not only the company, but to staff and the customer journey.
Diversity of work, overview of company, working with different people.
So auditors provide an important service that enables the business world to function, can help to identify and prevent fraud and injustice, and helps the UK's economy to remain stable. Auditors also provide a wider set of audit-related services, known as assurance.
I have a desire to understand how some of the country’s top companies operate, and the opportunity to engage with these companies and build long-term relationships through them. It is important for passion and excitement to shine through.
Bring about positive change and assisting the company achieve it business objective.
Enjoy discovering inefficiencies and reporting on them. always seeking to for improvements at work.
Looking at systems and how they work, integral processes. Like to do things better and more efficient if can. Improve controls if required. It's challenging but rewarding.
I have worked as an auditor for more than 2 years and I still want to work as an auditor because every auditing work is different depending on the industry, client etc. A portion of your time you audit financial reports, some portion of your time working with people learning about their processes. So you get a chance to get experience from many aspect of business. It's not same work every day. Expectation keeps changing as the situation demands. And you are constantly thinking about new ideas and be creative to resolve any issues. The main reason I enjoy auditing is because I get to interect with lot of people and understand their work process and help improve their process. The feelings that I get when I help people or company is worh million dollars for me.
Auditing has always been one of my favourite subject. What I like abt it its that it ensures that a company is inline with its poicies.
For Process improvement, and systematic/organised way of keeping things/project..
Internal audit provides a window/broad perspective to an organization where I really get to know the true purpose and function of the entity. IA offers variety in daily tasks, opportunity to meet other people and ensure the entity has effective controls to meet their goals.
Auditing is the only field which I guess give access to understand different areas of business. Being an auditor you can audit marketing, sales Quality department, IT audit. Auditor is the person who understand whats happening all around.
It is a process of combing knowledge and critically analyse events and situations. It give me pleasure of accomplishment and improving exiting system. Every time you face new challenges and you can learn more.
I enjoy auditing because it is a process of defining a problem, looking for a solution and ensuring that the problem is solved.
Its a challenging job and need enough research wisdom and time. I like chanllenges in life.
I enjoy auditing because I love this field and thats my career line. Also its challenging field and I am good and flexible in challenging situations.
It brings a challenge with several unique routine and special assignments embarked upon.
To check that book quantity is correct with physical count.
You must always research and equip yourself with new developments, relevant knowledge and skills because new These new developments, relevant knowledge and skills that you are learning makes you to grow and be able to advise and add value to your audit client.
I enjoy auditing because each auditing task presents a new set of challenges. It is my belief that auditing not only adds value to a company but contributing to its overall efficiency.
It has always been a passion of mine to help solve isssues.
I haven't done auditing before, however I have been in a role that had a lot of risk attached to it, I have been responsible for trying to minimize that risk by reducing the staff turnover, implementing easier processes to follow and ensuring that accounts are in order.
Because it requires you to always be prepared, effective and efficient and those are the things that take priority in my life.
I enjoy auditing because I have the opportunity to help to keep the organisation on track. It is fulfilling to see where there was an issue and a feasible solution is recommended.
Because this is the only field of study and work which I chose with my own discretion not the discretion of my parents.I have a lot of interest in it.
During the audit, we can under understand all process and departments.
It aims at improving the organisation's processes and system thus adding which brings satisfaction and and motivation to me.
I have no previous experience in audit, however it aligns with my professional interests and will be valuable experience moving forward. I have strong observational skill and I believe I would play an important role identifying areas of concern and ensure proper controls are in place.
It is challenging and there is always room for growth and learning.
It gives me the opportunity to work with the business to identify risk in the environment and communicate to the business so they can mitigate and ensure continues improvement in their process.
It exposes me to different companies thus giving me an experience on how different organisations operate thus appreciating the diversity in the challenges and strengths in various industries.
Because it's detail and policy oriented.
Well during audit of different application and systems in a bank, enhance my knowledge and experience. The IT is always facing different security threats and vulnerability and during IS audit we always keep in touch with new technologies and its associated risk.
I enjoy being a part of making positive changes, and I really love changing the face of feedback. Also being involved in the whole company and not silo'd.
Because its my passion and that what I am good at.
I am happy with it and my most experience in it, so its part of my life or blood.
It helps the organisation in reviewing its performance.
It is interesting because you get to learn new things everyone, it keeps you on your toes because you have to be stay updated about everything that is happening in your organisation and it be sceptic at all time. You also get o meet people with different characters which may be challenging at times because some of them are against internal audit activity which gives you as an auditor to market internal audit unit and try to convience the person that internal audit is here to help not to criticise.
There is a scope here to contribute more to the improvement of the system of the company.
Making recommendations that help achieve overall company goals.
I enjoy rules and the application of rules. I enjoy making sure everyone plays by the same rules.
The analytical and interpersonal challenges. Interesting reflection of life.
Fun, helps the company reduce inefficiencies, manage costs etc.
I enjoy auditing because you learn the business compteley.
I prefer the Plan, Do, Check, Act model. This is holistic in approach, having identified the issue formulate a plan, get the plan underway, check that it's working and make adjustments or tweaks where necessary - it should be organic and re-evaluated regularly to ensure all is fit for purpose. Act upon issues again as you find them. Go back to the original problem statement and make sure you have done what you set out to do.
It gave me chance to apply my knowledge to achieve the goals of organisation and proper functioning of all processes.
Because you gain lot of industry exposure, since each client is unique.
Because you gain lot of industry exposure, since each client is unique.
I am passionate about compliance especially in the business I work for and believe that to achieve 100% compliance to industry regulations, robust and efficient policies and procedures must be maintained which can be governed effectively through carrying out regular audits.
Because you gain lot of industry exposure, since each client is unique.
Its a continuous process where you cover different areas in the business both operational and financial to insure adequate and reliable reporting and work flow.
Gain More Knowledge and every day is new thing to be learn. Not only identifying problem and lube holes but exercise proper analytical thinking with proper recommendation for improvement. At the same time helping company to improve and giving a portion of ideas for better future.
Identifying solutions to problems and control failures and risks.
Because it checks the performance of the organization and provide guidance gaps.
Getting into the heart of the business and adding value.
Because I learn new things everyday, meet different kinds of people, everyday is challenging and risky too.
Total organizational knowledge across all sectors.
I like to ensure that the financial and operational activities of an organisation is in compliance with all regulations. This can be checked and enforced through audit of the organisation.
I enjoy to positively contribute to the wellbeing of my organisation. Ensuring the right things are done and making recommendations for improvements for success of the organisation pleases me a lot.
Due to new learning every point.
To assist process owners, just so that they know that there is Internal Control in their division.
Besides qualification, I enjoy being part of the team that offers solutions.
It is a niche that adds value to the orgaization.
Giving assurance to the management that things are working as per the defined policy and procedures and it is based on the risk.
Because I love details and perfection so I want to everything runs flawlessly.
Because I find it a pro-active function that helps management identify areas where it is performing well and those where there are inconsistencies, thereby helping improvement and enhancing better ways of performance in the attainment of organizations objectives.
It helps an organisation in reviewing the quality and effectiveness of controls within the organisation to manage and mitigate risk and protect the assets of the organisation.
I have always been one to investigate why, who, how, what.. I feel that if I know the answers I can help to stop it from happening again. Also the satisfactions of stopping someone from doing something that is wrong.
I enjoy auditing because it entails working with details. Knowing procedures, processes and controls and know how to test if they are being followed.
Every Audit is different on its own, methodology adopted for every single audit differs, which challenges oneself to be an expert in applying the current methodology.
- It can utilize what I learned and was training to help the agency to improve operations.
I'm a control oriented person, that's how I was personally raised in addition to that I love the field of risk management and I started it nearly from 10 years and still in it till now.
Auditing has always been a life long passion. Auditing helps reduce cost and reduces the risk of fraud in an organisation and been a to add such value to an organisation is a good thing.
I love auditing because it allows me to interact with different departments in the organization. It also exposes you to so many different functions within the organization. Through walkthroughs I am able to better understand the business process within the departments. At times I have learned so much about the organization that I feel like I can come in and do what the client is doing.
I have a passion of things done systematically, principles and procedures being followed. Auditing gives me a chance to review how things are being done against what should be done.
I had a very disciplinarian dad who instilled in me the importance of 'integrity'. I hold this virtue in high esteem and always want to see others exhibit same.
Brings solutions to problems affecting the company.
1. Because is the best thing to do, that is the root of the organisation such that the continuos existence of the organisation depends on an error free environment where people know that they are been watched by effective watchdogs so that their activities will be revealed as it is. Is very interseting when you are able to read people mind and the mentality guiding their actions.
Auditing is the area where objective thinking is fostered and subjective thinking is less. And also this gives me the freedom I need to be an overseer advisor to the business on how to achieve its goals and objectives.
Auditing provides the scope of improvement. It enhances the knowledge of the auditor as well as the process owner.
For it let me gain different experiences that help me improve my skills personally and professionaly at the same time learning new things.
I enjoy learning processes and then evaluating them for efficiency and effectiveness.
I like internal audit because it gives good understanding of how a process works and its exciting to test the internal controls that the company has for that particular process.
It is the platform to understand all the process across the organization and also it will help us to understand the gap and improve the process.
It helps an organisation in reviewing the quality and effectiveness of controls within the organisation to manage and mitigate risk and protect the assets of the organisation.
It's a proven way to establish facts and identify ways to improve. It's a helpful objective exercise that can help people and businesses see things from another (outside) perspective. If one is looking to have confidence in the way a business operates getting checked using an independent partner is a helpful exercise. I enjoy giving feedback and identifying helpful, business improving ideas.
Because 1 you are able to understand the processes within the organization effectively a, 2 you are able to see the side of management that management is not aware in terms of differeent skills. Your mind is always up to date because of the changes that occure which requires one to research and come up with the best possible recommendation to the organization.
Auditing enables me to make a real difference and I can see the value of my work.
Its challenging and possible to see different business models in a short period of time.
Its an interesting field, its all about analysis and I am good in analytical skills.
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