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What makes you a stand-out candidate?
How to answer
What sets you apart from other candidates? What qualities do you have that others do not?
Answer examples
"I am a stand out candidate because my math skills are above average. I have a strong attention to detail in everything that I do, and accuracy matters a great deal to me."
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User-Submitted Answers

What makes you a stand-out candidate?
Experience and the interpersonal skills.
1-do best for company respect our staff and all other departments and obey all orders complete as per required . 2-one chance give me next time you will definitely allow me to work that company.
I have a knowledge about automation.
I'm confident about the work and will give my hundred percent in this position.
If you give me chance you schould feel it.
I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because of my extensive customer service and management experience and my ability to adapt to any situation. I have a passion for success and goal oriented demeanor that would push me to accomplish my set tasks. Also, with my personable character I can work well and communicate with others to contribute to team efforts. In all that I do I would strive to advance the company, and I feel that my previous work experience proves that.
My skills and dedication will prove to be a valuable asset to your company.
Industry experience Experience in performing certain tasks or duties Technical skills Soft skills Key accomplishments Awards/accolades Education/training.
I can't say this ans that's up to your design.
My carefully work and very good behaviour.
An very experienced person and yet still have the hunger to learn new things.