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Pest Control Worker Interview

20 Pest Control Worker Interview Questions

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Can you pass a drug test?
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Yes I could pass a drugs test.
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How long do you foresee yourself working for us, if hired?
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As long as we both feel that I am doing a good job.
While seeing the future is impossible, given what we've discussed, I can't foresee any reason to not continue our relationship for many years.
I could see my self staying in this type on work for along time as I am insterested in biology and chemistry.
As long as the company needs my services.
If I grow with this company I sill work.
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What do you know about our pest control company?
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Its a pest control company that keeps bugs out of the house.
Deal with wide variety of bugs. Work in the new jersey, maryland, deleware, and new york areas.
They deal with vertibate pest such as birds mammals and reptiles they also deal with invertibate insect like fleas ticks bed bugs ants that kinda thing, they also help to keep the enviroment safe for humans businesses and propoties and help minmise the spread of infections or deseases.
You're the largest pest control company in the United States, and bring a massive reputation.
Do any thing is must to do to control the pest without harmful the humane and environment.
Company having broad and permanent franchice network with efficent and high resulting product in market then other company.
Pest control india established in 1954 it is first and largest pest management company. Its product and services and equipment throught in countrywide in this company 150 offices and 3500 employees.
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Businesses leave us keys to enter their establishment during non-business hours. Are you a trustworthy and responsible person to handle this task?
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Yes I babysit my mephews alot and feed my mates pets when their away.
Yes I am a trustworthy and capable person in handling the presmises in a responsible manner.
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Do you know anyone that works in pest control?
User-Submitted Answers
Hundreds of people. Being a niche industry, we tend to be close knit and friendships develop easily.
Honestly sir, I dont have. But I have knowledge as pest control.
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About Pest Control Worker

August 18th, 2017

The primary role of pest control workers is to get rid of nuisance and dangerous pests such as rats, termites, bedbugs, ants and roaches from different types of premises and buildings. As part of the job, pest control workers travel to clients' sites where they first inspect the indoor and outdoor surroundings for any sign of pest infestation. Accordingly, they determine the type of treatment requirement to get rid of the pests.
A high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum qualification required for this role. Most employers provide newly hired pest control workers with a period of on the job training as well as formal technical instructions. This is necessary to help you get familiar with the pest control techniques they use on different pests. Pest control workers must be licensed in the state they are working in. Physical strength and stamina are important attributes for the job as it often involves lifting and shifting large items in order to carry out a thorough pest control job of the premises. Pest control workers must also be detail oriented and have excellent customer service skills.
The interviewing committee will most likely want to know more about why you chose this particular career and what skills do you have that make you the best candidate for the job. Check out other questions at mock interview questions for pest control workers.