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What have you done in the last year to improve your knowledge as an electrical technician?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

The interviewer would like to know what you do to improve yourself as an electrical technician continually. Do you take additional coursework, watch videos on specific skills or read any electrical related literature? Tell the hiring manager all the things you do to improve your skills as an electrical technician.

Basic answer example
"This past year I have taken a course on schematics and blueprint reading. I try to take a couple of courses per year to freshen up my skills as an electrical technician. Are there any courses or workshops you would like to see me take, should you bring me onto your team?"
Entry Level answer example
"In addition to my recent degree in applied science in electrical technology, I have also taken coursework in project management. This additional work will set me apart from any other candidate in competition for this role."
Experienced answer example
"I think that continued education is incredibly important. For this reason, I take a leadership course every year. Also, I am working towards my PMP certification so that I can be the strongest project manager possible."

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What have you done in the last year to improve your knowledge as an electrical technician?
I have installed the softwares for the plc to learn.
I have read the Basics of electronics by Malvino and I have attended discussions related to electronics assembly.
No formal school has been taken, but I constantly look for better ways of performing my current tasks.
Learning opportunities are all around us, just the matter of the person willing to learn or not. I am the person that always have the mind set of learning all the time.

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