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Talk to the hiring manager about your ability to meet deadlines and deal with stress by using an example of a time when you had to do just that.
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"Last week we had a very strict deadline to meet and it wasn't looking positive. I dealt with it by focusing, working a lot of overtime and pushing some non-urgent projects back a little bit. The biggest lesson that I learned was that there is always a way to streamline your time so that a deadline can be met."

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User-Submitted Answers

I composed myself and relaxed a bit then moved on.
Its make sense that I take responsibility to finished my task and make the time frame its finished it this to this make it possible but in case I failed it may be more time request or situation depends and this will manageable thing.
It happens with electronics circuit many times but patience is very important and not get frustrated by it.
I told my self that I have to finish this task no matter the hard ship is.
As a field service technician, speed is always a key factor when it comes to the customer. If I ever felt overwhelmed I would look to my more experienced technicians for guidance and commit what I have learned from them to memory as well as educate myself about the problem.
I gonna asked for supervisor or team lead.
I will co ordinate with my seniors and I will find my mistakes that I will not repeate them again.
Immediatly report to the top management and all related departments, also the whole company will react accordingly to minimize the lost.