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Do you have experience developing programs for maintaining new equipment?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Electrical Technician interview

The interviewer would like to know if you have experience with writing equipment maintenance programs. If you do, tell the hiring manager about the experience. Better yet - bring the work with you if you can! If you do not have experience in developing programs for maintenance equipment, be sure to talk about your interest in doing this, and discuss your stellar writing skills!

Basic answer example
"I have written two programs in my career so far, and have brought them with me for you to view. Are you looking for someone to rewrite some programs, in this role? I am happy to do so. My writing skills are strong, and this is a skill that I can teach as well."
Entry Level answer example
"I do not have experience in developing programs for maintaining new equipment. However, I have assisted my current supervisor in doing so. I am confident that this is a task I could perform with minimal training."
Experienced answer example
"I have developed many programs in my career and am happy to show you my work. To gain further strength in this area, I recently took a technical writing course. If you have programs that need to be developed, I am your person!"

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Do you have experience developing programs for maintaining new equipment?
I have not too much experience but I will maintaining our equipment for their betterment in future.
Yes, we monitoring equipments and rated output taken and decreased the load.
Yes. I have. I got a training program for plc troubleshooting.
I have no experience but I hope I will done.
Yes I have written work procedures and SOP for new equipment to make it easy to fault find and to maintain.
I have not had the opportunity to develop programs for new equipment.
Yes. I have a training for PLC and VSD trobleshooting.
Yes I have some experience developing programs for maintaing new equipment.

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