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What then is meant by an incremental load?

"Incremental load refers to applying dynamic changes after the initial or full load process. These are performed as needed or when required in a specific period or on predefined schedules."

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25 Data Migration Interview Questions & Answers

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  • 1. What then is meant by an incremental load?

  • 2. Can you explain the differences between a connected and an unconnected lookup and when you should use each of them in a data migration?

  • 3. Please define the term workflow and discuss how it is used in the context of data migration?

  • 4. How do you fine-tune the mapping of the data during data migration?

  • 5. How are the tables in data migration analyzed, and when does the analysis occur?

  • 6. Can you discuss what is meant by an operational data store and how it works?

  • 7. Can you discuss round-robin and hash partitioning in more detail?

  • 8. Can you discuss partitioning in data migration, including the types of partitions and what benefits they bring to data migration?

  • 9. What is a powercenter as it relates to data migration, and what is the difference between a powercenter and a powermart?

  • 10. What are views, and how do they differ from materialized views?

  • 11. What is meant by the term "snapshots" as it relates to data migration?

  • 12. Can you tell me the names of the three layers in a data migration system?

  • 13. With regard to data migration, what is referred to as a Three-Tier System?

  • 14. Can you explain the key features of a data migration system within a data warehouse?

  • 15. What is the difference between an initial load and a full load process in the context of data migration?

  • 16. Why is it important to have real-time data migration into a data warehouse?

  • 17. What is the best way to process a fixed-length flat file?

  • 18. Why is it important to analyze the impact of changes in a data migration system?

  • 19. Can you describe the roles and responsibilities of a data migration team?

  • 20. Can you name some of the popular data migration tools available to database administrators?

  • 21. What operations are executed in a data migration system, and in what order?

  • 22. Can you explain what a data migration validator is and how it is used in data migration?

  • 23. What is the purpose of data profiling in the data migration system?

  • 24. What are some of the standard data formats in a data migration system?

  • 25. What are the day-to-day functions a data migration system performs?