Data Architect Interview Questions

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Describe any metrics you may have created or used as a Data Architect in order to measure quality and consistency of new and existing data.

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Data Architect Interview Questions

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    Describe any metrics you may have created or used as a Data Architect in order to measure quality and consistency of new and existing data.

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    In order to effectively manage a company's data infrastructure as a Data Architect, it is important to have a solid understanding of the business and its strategic challenges. What steps have you taken in past positions as a Data Architect to ensure that

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    Data Architects take ownership of a company's data infrastructure and may lead teams to build data/database strategies. What challenges have you faced leading teams tasked with data/database strategy development? Describe how you overcame the challenges.

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    Data accessibility and data security is a balancing act for Data Architects. Have you ever had to deny data access to a group/individual in the company? What factors contributed to that decision and how did you communicate your decision?

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    A company's data needs are constantly changing and improving maintenance and accessibility of data is an ongoing process. Describe a time when you made changes to a company's data management systems and the impact the change made on the company overall.

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    Have you been involved with the improvement of a company's existing data architecture? If so, explain your role in the process and the impact the change had on the company overall.

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    What kind of challenges have you faced as a Data Architect with regards to security and ensuring the integrity of a company's data is not compromised?

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    What challenges have you faced working with others in your company who may not have a technical background? How did you overcome these challenges?

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    Many companies' data originate from both internal and external sources. Have you faced any obstacles in the past when trying to integrate a new external data source into the existing infrastructure? If so, how did you overcome these obstacles?

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    As a Data Architect, it's important to stay well-informed on new developments and technologies. How do you keep yourself abreast of the newest industry developments related to data architecture and data analysis?

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    An important part of your role as Data Architect will be to understand how the company's stored data is being used across the different departments. What steps have you take in past positions to understand the data needs across these various users?

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    What is your experience with open source technology? What challenges have you faced using it?

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    What modeling tools do you have experience using? Of these, which do you find the most useful or powerful?

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    Explain in detail your experience with batch and real-time data processing.