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Data Architect Interview

14 Questions and Answers Written by Helen Lee

Updated on June 28th, 2018
Question 1 of 14
A company's data needs are constantly changing and improving maintenance and accessibility of data is an ongoing process. Describe a time when you made changes to a company's data management systems and the impact the change made on the company overall.
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Inevitably, companies' data needs will change and hiring managers would like to understand how well you adapt to these types of changes. Even more so, they are interested in hearing about how you may have taken the initiative to implement these improvements. If you are earlier in your career as a Data Architect and you have not yet had the opportunity to initiate or be a part of any changes, share how you would have improved the data management systems at your company and what impact those improvements would have had.

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Question 2 of 14
Have you been involved with the improvement of a company's existing data architecture? If so, explain your role in the process and the impact the change had on the company overall.
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Although it is important to complete routine tasks and maintenance, it is also vital for Data Architects to be viewing current environments with a critical eye. Hiring managers would like to hear how prospective hires took the initiative to question current processes and structures with the purpose of increasing efficiency and productivity. Present yourself as someone that continually views the 'big picture' and does not get absorbed in only the routine tasks.

Question 3 of 14
What kind of challenges have you faced as a Data Architect with regards to security and ensuring the integrity of a company's data is not compromised?
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How to Answer
Data security should be a priority for all company employees regardless of their job title or the department they work in. Because of its high importance, hiring managers would like to understand your experience with data security issues. As you answer this question, reinforce that, although your background is not concentrated in data security, you understand its importance in your role as a Data Architect.

Question 4 of 14
What challenges have you faced working with others in your company who may not have a technical background? How did you overcome these challenges?
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How to Answer
It is understood that, in order to make a positive impact on a company overall, Data Architects cannot remain in their own bubble. Undoubtedly, you have had experience working with different departments across the companies at which you have worked. Moreover, it is likely that you have worked with several people who are less technically inclined. Interviewers want to hear how you interact with these people and, in doing so, what challenges you faced. If you have difficulty thinking of specific challenges, consider what helped you avoid them.

Question 5 of 14
Many companies' data originate from both internal and external sources. Have you faced any obstacles in the past when trying to integrate a new external data source into the existing infrastructure? If so, how did you overcome these obstacles?
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How to Answer
Bringing external data into a company's data systems can present challenges as the data may be coming from a source using different systems and data formats. Data architects and their colleagues must ensure that the data is in a format that is readable and useful before it is stored in the company's data warehouse. Hiring managers would like to see that you have problems solving skills specific to external data integration.

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Author of Data Architect Answers and Questions

Helen Lee
Helen Lee is a freelance data analyst and writer with over 15 years of experience in the Marketing field working for companies and clients in a variety of industries including financial services, quick service restaurant (QSR), consumer packaged goods (CPG) and education technology. She has experience managing marketing research projects, conducting strategic analyses and writing and editing a variety of pieces including marketing material, blog entries and user guides.
First written on: 01/19/2017
Last modified on: 06/28/2018

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