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Tell me about a time when you mixed up a clients' order. How did you fix the situation?

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Everyone makes mistakes; no one is perfect. The interviewer knows that too and is asking this question to see how you handle situations when you make mistakes. Give an example that demonstrates how you took responsibility for your error and fixed it. Also, include what you learned from the experience as a result. Sometimes learning from our mistakes allows us to gain some valuable tools.

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"When I first started my current job, I was a bit overwhelmed with the variety of drinks our customers ordered. One day, I mixed up three orders in a row. It wasn't because I didn't know how to make the drinks. It was because I wasn't actively listening, due to nerves. I made a Caf? Mocha instead of a Caf? au lait. Then, a Frappuccino instead of a Caramel Macchiato. I apologized profusely and quickly repaired the situation by making the correct drinks and offering to pay for the ones I made in error. Now, I am sure to actively listen to every customer as they place their specific orders."

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"Luckily I have never mixed up an order related to a food allergy; however, in my first year as a server, there were a couple of instances where I forgot how a customer wanted their steak done or the accompaniments they chose. I started to write down my orders, and then as I learned the menu and gathered memorization and recall techniques, I was able to better rely on my memory. Of course, when I have mixed up orders in the past, I assume the blame, apologize, and repair the situation as soon as possible."

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First written on: 03/27/2014
Last modified on: 12/26/2018

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Tell me about a time when you mixed up a clients' order. How did you fix the situation?
Always worked happerly and calmly in my job.
When I worked as a hotel waitress, we have a private even there for a group of people. So manager decided to close the restaurant for puplic and open only for hotel guests and the event. But during the evening I was wondering that all hotel guests left already and could be good for our business to open for public, because it was still quite early. I asked for permission my boss and he agreed. He was very busy that day and probably did not realized that.
For example: it is the time of closing the restaurant and my work mate tells me to go and left the restaurant without cleaning it because it is not dirty anyway and I would make sure and tell her to clean it first before we go for health and safety season.
I really look for those opportunities on a daily basis. In my current job the best way I can do that is by working diligently and efficiently to speed along what is normally a very frustrating and lengthy process for students. And because those I work with see me working diligently it influences them to treat situations with the same care and urgency.
I'll motivate to work hard dont be lazy to their part as a team.
Many people have told me that I am a good leader. There was a time when a good friend of mine was starting to fall down the wrong path so I sat get down and showed her that her desired live style doesn't fit the one she is living and I helped her get to a place where she is making good choices.
If you go over your plan with your coworkers and let them know you are always there for them, and are going to support them, it makes them jump into their jobs easier, makes them spread their wings and fly a bit higher knowing they have that support.
Without giving direct orders but suggestively offer another option.
Many customers at my old job asked for my opinions on the cake and asked for guidance in which to choose, in which I was able to direct them to which they would enjoy most by asking questions about their favourite foods, listing ingredients, and offering my personal favourites from trying them myself.
Ask what there preferences are, do they feel like a hot or cold coffee and then Recommend options available in the cafe.
I was able to explain and convince the customers to try our new product offering.
I never want to be a burden to my colleagues and always give help to whosoever that needed it, to my surprise, they all cultivate this habit and always want to work with me.
When I helped a student study for an exam, she wanted to drop out but now she's staying.
When new staff began at the start of this year at Gryphs, I had the opportunity to train several of them since I was the student with the most experience at the restaurant. After being away for a week and returning, I noticed that they had picked up some bad habits from some of the other staff, and was able to suggest changes in their behaviour and explain to them how that would increase efficiency of the food production and enable us to serve customers faster and keep them happy.
Probably a group project where I took the initiative to be the leader and made sure that my decision was followed.
As a drama student I wrote, directed and starred in a group piece which went off without a hitch due to a positive outlook and compromise.
Show them a good result and everything will follow.
Always be positive because is my way and my comportation.
They were seeking help so I helped them.
In my previous barista position, we were out of a certain flavor of syrup for a latte so I had recommended a different flavor as we had to taste them prior to us selling it and the customer agreed to try it.
I will acknowledge and praised them and tell them to keep the good work they've done.
Just somebosy is upset, I can give them a good coffee, and their mood will change.
I used to sell credit cards for a well known retailer and regularly convinced people to open up accounts. I was among one of the leading associates in my store for those goals.
One thing from most of my experiences I had in giving customer service at a buffet I use to work at as an intern is that, I was a buffet runner by that time and the buffet was fully booked and when the time came the food was already out in the buffet area, there were a lot of guest waiting in the buffet area and it is not so pleasing in the eyes of a critic or even in a 5-star hotel seeing a buffet restaurant in a hotel looks like a zoo market, so what I did is remembered my supervisor's advice and went to the buffet area and took orders for the guest to keep calm from waiting to whatever order they took.
Towards the end of my school career I met with the head teacher several times to lay out why I and the group I was working with thought it very important that LGBT protections were written clearly on the school anti-bullying policy, which were able to achieve. Because of section 28 (which prevented teachers from mentioning homosexuality at all), which has now been lifted, but not all that long ago, there were still no official protections for LGBT students.
More often than not, customers just ask for a coffee, without specifying the size they want. When I ask them if they are after a small or a large, I will immediately follow with "If you get a large, it's only $1 extra, and you get a double shot", This usually leads to the customer purchasing a large, and in turn, the business makes more money.
I tend to be rather good at positively influencing people. There were several times that I can remember of people maybe slacking, or stuck on a project, when I offered my help or suggested a different way to go about it, things went easier.
Situation like talking to them very politely and manner.
When I was a camp couselor I was in charge of performing arts which didnt mean plays, it just meant acting classes, scenario improvisations ect. It was my job to get kids to feel comfortable with themselves and with the other people who attended this sleep away camp. By embarrassing myself, and everyone else. It was very rewarding actually if it worked.
I have not yet been in a position where I have had a huge positive influence on the actions of others but I would say that by being happy and uplifting I can improve the moods of my coworkers so that they preform better at their job.
Working for campus dining, often students would leave massive messes behind unintentionally. Some apologize and I tell them with a smile every time, "no worries, this is all part of my job." After a while, coworkers adopted a similar mindset and the culture grew due to this.
Ask them the strength of flavor they desire.
At my old job, morale was a bit low and we weren't meeting deadlines, so I created a fun board system.
There are many similar situations I find myself in when working a shift. I am assigned to the food or the frozen beverage stations most of the time. When my station is slow but the other is filled to the brim with orders to fulfill, I go and help. So if I'm assigned to the food station, but my coworker(s) need help with cleaning the blending jugs or blending or adding the correct toppings to the beverages, I help them out while still keeping an eye out for my station. With my help I was able to influence the actions of others in a smoother and quicker direction.
We had a time with several people trying to make our Mocha syrup all sorts of different ways, I managed to talk to everyone and come to one specific method for the best consistency.
I mentor teenagers and have helped encourage children with learning disabilities to take part in sports and craafts.
At many dance competitions people get extremely frustrated and I try to lighten the mood whenever we don't do our best or something happens.
There's an event in in Midway called Swiss Days. A little background, the area was once settled by Swiss immigrants. Their presence had a huge influence on the overall look of the city. The architecture, local art work, and cuisine. It's the Solvange of Utah. Anyway the event brings thousands of tourists to Midway, and every local business gets slammed. I had to organize and plan for the event. It was my job to build team morale and make sure we were well prepared. I did so by doubling product orders, and over staffing for the event, every staff member had a "station" and as a result the weekend went smoothly and we were able to actually enjoy Swiss Days.
I was very involved in charity and community fundraising for my high school, and I think there were a few such situations. The one that springs to mind is fundraising for the school's music teacher's gifts at the end of last year. I set up social media accounts to raise money and raised over $500 in three days solely from the graduating seniors in the instrumental music department.
When I was working as a Resident Assistant one of my fellow assistants intended to drop out because she had struggles meeting the targets. I proposed a duo programe that could help her attract residents to events and ease her meet the targets. A programme that was easy enough to implement during her stressful exam period but attractive and valuable to the residents and in this way I positively influenced her decision to remain in the team and we had a wonderful year together full of successes.
During my animation project we had to work within a team and we struggled to meet some deadlines, so I decided to make daily goals and they were motivated to do it.
A customer was unhappy with her drink as my coworker failed to make it the way she wanted it. I kept my attitude positive, and was able to improve the mood and work ethic of my coworker.
I easily get inspired when I see people who are handicap & work hard for something.
I never wanted to be a burden to my teammates back when I was in the office so I always help to whomever needed it back then as long as I could provide the help they needed. When I left the office, they told me they just realize how lucky they were and how easy it was when I was with them and they were inspired how hardworking I was. In my mind, I was just trying to never be a burden but it grew into something everyone can adapt for an easy life. Always help!
Detail your previous experience in meeting or exceeding sales objectives and/or individual performance targets, if any.
I described a situation specifically to someone to where they were personally able to understand it instead of just accept it.
Please describe an example of when you have provided exceptional patient care (or customer) service.
In retail, one of the least desirable tasks is shipment. I always tried to lighten the mood by singing ridiculously or making a game out of it to see who could unpack the most boxes the fastest.
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