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Top 25 Auditor Interview Questions
1. Have you ever discovered fraud in an audit?
List of Auditor Interview Questions
  1. Have you ever discovered fraud in an audit?
  2. What kind of supervisor gets the best work performance from you?
  3. Everyone has to bend or break rules sometimes, give me an example when you had to do just that.
  4. Why do you want a career as an auditor?
  5. Why should we hire you?
  6. Do you enjoy traveling?
  7. Do you work well with other auditing members?
  8. Tell me about a time when you seeked guidance, from another coworker who was the same level as you?
  9. If you found some glaring numbers that did not make sense, what would be your next step?
  10. How well do you work with people?
  11. Are you okay working longer hours during parts of the year? Or if a job had a deadline?
  12. If you could change anything about being an auditor, what would it be?
  13. Have you ever been burned out? How did you regain your focus?
  14. If I saw your work papers right now, from your past or current employment, what would I find? Neat and Organized? Detailed?
  15. Have you ever been offered a bribe? How did you react?
  16. What do you enjoy most about being an auditor?
  17. Have you ever had an employee, treat you poorly, when reviewing their documents? How did you handle the situation?
  18. Have you ever had difficulty with a supervisor?
  19. By providing examples, convince me that you can adapt to a wide variety of people, situations and environments.
  20. How do you keep track of work so that it gets done on time?
  21. Have you ever been overloaded with work?
  22. What makes you passionate about being an Auditor?
  23. How do you evaluate success?
  24. What are your greatest career accomplishments?
  25. Describe a difficult project and how you overcame it?
  26. Have you ever been faced with enforcing company policy, you did not agree with? How did you handle it?
Contributing Author
Diana D'Souza
HR Professional
Auditor Information
August 26th, 2017

Auditors are financial experts who specialize in performing internal financial and risk management audits for companies. They may work in the accounting department of a large organization or they may provide auditing services to smaller organizations as an employee with an independent chartered and certified firm. As part of their job, auditors review companies' financial accounts to ensure that they are legal and valid. Depending on their findings, they recommend measures that would help the company save money and minimize risks.
A bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, economics or a related subject will help you get started in this field as an internal auditor. External auditors are required to qualify as chartered accounts through a recognized accounting body. Experience is a must to be hired by established companies. Doing an internship will help you gain the work experience you need when starting out. Meticulous attention to detail, ability to work to deadlines, a strong aptitude for maths, an interest in financial analysis, and outstanding problem-solving and analytical skills are all essential attributes in this role.
At your interview, be prepared to emphasize your passion for financial analysis and problem-solving. To get the job, your answers must reflect your knowledge, expertise, and interest in performing all auditing-related tasks. The interviewer may give you a mock audit to perform to gauge your competency. Interviews for auditor roles are usually rigorous. You can prepare for your upcoming interview by going to Mock Questions and rehearsing your answers to the questions listed there.
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