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Tell me about your customer service experience.

This question has been answered 11 times by professional recruiters and hiring managers. View their answers below.

The interviewer would like a brief overview of your customer service experience. Avoid beginning at the VERY the start of your entire career. Your resume should touch on just the last ten years of your career, at most. Begin your reply with the oldest listed customer service job on your resume. Move up in time from there.

Admin answer example
"I have been an administrative assistant for the past six years, ever since completing my business administration certificate. My first role was with Company ABC. They hired me as their receptionist after completing my 120 practicum hours with them. I was happy they were so impressed with my customer service skills right off the bat. When I relocated, I spent some time as a temp receptionist, working in a variety of corporate offices in downtown Denver. For the past three years, I have been with my current company, as an executive assistant. My day-to-day including working with vendors and customers, ensuring smooth events execution, travel plans, and overall scheduling for the executive whom I support."
Bank Compliance Officer answer example
"While in university, I worked as a part-time (X position tile) for (X company), where I was responsible for (X duties related to those listed on the job posting). I also worked as (X position title) for (X company) upon graduation from university, where I was responsible for (X duties related to those listed on the job posting)."
Basic answer example
"I started my career in customer service as a cashier at the local grocery store. Eventually, I gained promotion to assistant manager. After four years, that particular store closed down, and I found a new role with Company ABC. I have been there, as the deli manager, ever since. My role includes face to face customer service, customer complaint follow-ups, as well as attendance at some events such as food drives and other charitable efforts."
Campus Tour Guides answer example
"I have been working in customer service for the past three years in a retail store. I have learned how to listen and show empathy whenever a customer has an issue. I am also very experienced in meeting customer needs and problem-solving. I really enjoy helping others, which is why I am excited about this opportunity! I'm ready to take my experience to the next level." Some people enjoy making the customer happy and receiving positive feedback after an interaction. Others like the satisfaction of solving problems. Explain your experience to show the interviewer that you treat customers with respect and take great care to resolve issues. Customer service experience is not always a requirement, but very helpful for a position as a campus tour guide! If you haven't worked in customer service, share any relevant work or volunteer experience. "
Cosmetologist answer example
"Before doing hair and makeup I worked in a restaurant where learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Since I started working with clients in school, I learned even more how important it is to be patient and listen to customer needs. I strive to give them consistent service and make sure they walk out happy." Pleasing customers is top priority! If you learn how to listen, communicate clearly and treat customers with respect, your clients will keep coming back. Share what you have learned from your customer service experience and how you think it will assist you in this new role."
Fitness Instructor answer example
"Through working in restaurants I learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Everyone wants to be heard. I learned to be patient and listen to customer needs to give them consistent service and make sure they walked out happy." You can't please everyone, but if you learn how to empathize and treat customers with respect, your clients will keep coming back. Share what you have learned from your customer service experience and how you think it will assist you in this new role."
Maintenance answer example
"My earlier career was in a retail based customer service position and since then I have always had some sort of customer facing component to my position. I have a lighthearted personality and am able to easily connect with a variety of personalities. You can be comfortable knowing that your customers are in good hands with me."
Manager answer example
"Customer service has been the core of my career all along. Starting with my earlier positions, you will see on my resume that I worked as a commissioned sales associate for Company ABC for two years. The customers were very loyal, and I loved helping them troubleshoot their tech-based needs. Once that company merged with a competitor, I stayed on and gained promotion to assistant manager. I stayed there for another five years. Currently, I manage a team of ten sales associates and train them on delivering excellent customer service. As the manager, I take care of any customer service disputes and escalated needs."
Marketing answer example
"In marketing, customer service is the most important part of successful campaign delivery. If I have a connection with my customers, I will better understand their needs and the voice of their business, therefore, offering a greater product. Customer service has been at the heart of every marketing role I have held in the past eight years. Not listed on my resume is the serving job I had at University. Also, a very highly customer-service driven role."
Personal Trainer answer example
"Through working in restaurants I learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Everyone wants to be heard. I learned to be patient and listen to customer needs to give them consistent service and make sure they walked out happy." You can't please everyone, but if you learn how to empathize and treat customers with respect, your clients will keep coming back. Share what you have learned from your customer service experience and how you think it will assist you in this new role."
Retail answer example
"I have worked in fashion retail for the past four years. First, at department store ABC where I worked at the customer service desk. I helped people with their inquiries, and returns. After staying in that role for one year, I moved to my current role as customer service manager for Company ABC. I follow up on customer complaints and spend some time on the floor in direct sales as well."

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Tell me about your customer service experience.
Finding out what my client likes/dislikes and remember faces and names. Listen, listen and listen some more. I rephrase what they want so we are clear on our plan.
The knowledge of knowing what my customer want done to her hair.
First you have to listen to what they want and what they are trying to go for. Offer them suggestions but dont be to pushy. Make them happy. Keep them up to date on the new styles. Be freindly and courteous.
Well im good with people and I love doing hair.
Building customers you really have to agree with what they say. Do what they want and please them. Give them suggestions and help them.
The hair style of a person defines who they are.
I know that being yourself is the mane thing for me... The more your clients get to know you the more they will like you.
The experience I have is from beauty school and I've had many returning customers.
I've worked in retail for 4 years now.
I talk with my clients to make sure they are satisfied when they leave.
I worked in customer services before and always done while building customer relations.
I generally get along well with people. I have worked jobs where I had clients that I worked with one on one. I helped to house them and keep them in their homes. I worked with them on a weekly basis.
I have worked in costumer service. I have volunteered on many occasions and I know how important that if someone walks in they need to leave just as happy if not happier.
I very easily and quickly get along with people. I always make sure that people are comfortable around me and know that I am always open to anything! No one is too difficult for me to deal with ever! I understand that everyone is different and that some people are a little bit more difficult but that doesn't frighten me! I will just adjust to their personality.
I have worked in customer service nearly all of my working life. My parent's owned two businesses.
My entire career has revolved around customer service. I worked in a call center for Capital One Bank which eventually led to me managing the call center. I have worked in retail, restaurants, and salons for the rest of my career. Working as a stylist is the most intimate customer service you can provide.
I am a good listener and ask important questions to find out what it is they really desire from their hair in general. Also providing a plan that is suited to their personality with a sense of how manageable is it for them.
You must have excellent customer service experience as well as interpersonal relationship skills.
Really getting to know and talk to your client is key for building customer relations. Getting to know what they like and dislike is very important.
I am very good at keeping customers happy im a nice person to talk too.
With building costumer relations I have done what I needed to and if I had messed up somehow Then make sure not to repeat the mistake.
My experience with building customer relations has grown and is continuing to grow. I could say most of my experience comes from school but it is the best experience anyone can get.
Well I've had many jobs where I have to deal with customers and I am a people person.. I live talking and I'm very understanding to any of the customers needs.
I do not have any experience.
I have had a lot of experience working with people and I have learned to be a good listner.
I have alot of friends, I have a linked in, and I also have customers who already want to come to me.
I have worked in retail and customer service for over 10 years.
Make sure that everything is about them and not about you. They walk out happy. Make sure you know there name and give them a good service.
I think that may work well even though I'm a bit shy.
I am a pretty independent person. I like to figure out things on my own.
Customer service.. Always make people happy!
I give my clients incentives for being on time, referring friends or family, and being a loyal customer.
I have been on the customer service for long time and I know how to deal with people very well and I can handle the stressful situation very well and my client were always happy with me and my services.
I worked at a gas station and was always involved with people.
I connect with them, go above and beyond in service. I stay updated with the latest trends and treat them like family.
Clientele, talking to them right when they walk in.
I am a generally smiley person by nature; I have a big, toothy smile so it just a habit to smile big at anyone and everyone I meet. I have built relationships with grocery store workers and cosmetologists who have been in the business for quite some time.
I have been involved with my high school through cheerleading and we get to know the people in the crowd. Also having my friends I have built relationships with them.
I always give my clients the best customer service experience including consultation, listen the client focus on what they want from service.
While in school, we had a lot of experience building relationships with our customers.
I have a lot experience . And it comes to me very easy.
Having excellent knowledge is key along with being creative. Being personable is a huge part within this industry.
I am currently a hair stylist. Info have. I have been doing hair for 3 years.
Working at my aunts mirror image shop.
Styling friends and family hair.
My customers warm up to me quickly.I make them comfortable during consultation.
I feel that it is very important to listen to your clients. Treat them with respect and always give them what they want.
I have experience with both.
After being in the profession for over 15 years I have learned to listen to my clients. Fund out how much work they want to do on their hair. If they are a no fuss type or love to play with their hair type.
I work in a place where you have to welcome each and every customer and make them feel very comfortable, so building relationships is very easy. I just say hello with a smile, and proceed with a question about what they need, or how their day is going.
I've been in customer services for 3 years, so I know how to make a good connections with people.
I feel you should be respectful to all clients and cater to their needs.
I worked in customer service before and I always had good customer relations.
I have plenty of customer service skills from working at subway!
Working with clients in the gym also taking inductions needing to show potential clients around the gym.
Worked at the administration department and have sound experience in sales.
As a part of my work experience for transition year I went too a fitness studio and interacted with the customers but I would not classify myself as having much customer service skills. I would like to prove this in time.
I believe that it is a personally choice for the person and I believe it is perfectly fine as long as the client is getting there complete nutritional needs.
I worked as a cashier before, and in my job I encounter different kinds of people, when it comes to customer service, you should make sure that your client will be satisfied for your assistance.A good customer service is giving the customer's need and assist them beyong the miles...
Smiling . Follow up eye contact.
I am fresher but yeah where I workout I do give tips to my fitness friends.
I used to work in a shop so I know how to deal with potential or rude customers. I am a happy person and always greet people with a smile, I also have good manners and am very approachable.
I work as a host in a fitness centre and I have done a lot of job where customer service is very important.
Bradford and Bingley, Waitressing.
From working in the shop and been involved with the gaa. Ive a good bit of experience with dealing with people.
I have been working with different people from different backround and age for many years.
I have worked as a customer assistant a couple of times and feel I have enough experience to build upon.
Not much at all but I am very happy to help those that need assistance.
I have been working as customer service for about 2 years.
Shipping import and export.
I deal with people on a daily basis.
Through my years being self employed I had to always be on show! Believe that treating people that you come into contact with, well and above and beyond is not customer service it is just the way life should be.
5 years customer service experience in a number of different roles.
I have been 10 years work in the hospistality.
Much more concerned about customer to take supplements.
I currently work at pita pit which pushes for great customer service, and the program I am in and the personality I have gives me a great advantage with customer service.
15 years in hairdressing.
I work for the retailer debhanams for 4 months on the tills and on the shop floor.
I have worked only in Accounts and have dealt with dissatisfied internal staff and external stakeholders.
I have 10 year working in sales and 15 years in a customer facing enviroment.
Well talk to face to face give them advice.
I am a dance teacher, Iknowhow to train people.
Having worked in a crèche setting for 14 years, we had many dealings with parents. A lot of the main queries were usually passed by management - fees etc. But as a teacher and childminder, I had a more professional and personal relationship with most parents, they would ask for advice on their children and activities going on etc. I'd like to think I was professional and caring in my role.
I am a dance teacher.. I have a experience of teaching in good manner.
My previous job was a recruiter, I deal with people everyday.
Recognize what the clients needs are. Make the services exceed what the guest desire. Sure the guest are happy when they leave.
My previous job working at a dog groomers meant I dealt with customers coming into the parlour, this meant welcoming them in, going through guidelines, general conversation, bookings and cashpayment. My work experience also worked alongside the public and therefore I had to supervise the public as a whole, also perform demostrations on site.
A great deal - I like people.
I have experience with customer service with previous work/volunteering experiences. Also I have recieved 100% customer service feedback from my weekend job.
I worked as a waitress before.
A lot especially with seniors.
Generally I have experienced great customer service which always leaves me with a happy feeling however when it is not so good it lowers the atmosphere.
I'm very good at sales I can convince people's according to my terms and can crack good deal . My customers service experience I got best collection on the month and I always prepared for the challenge have 4 years of experience I always look forward to serve best to my clients .
I did work in a customer based job in Tony and Guy a few years back, I would make drinks for the customers and make them feel comfortable and welcome.
I have a lot of experience from working in a gym before dealing with clients everyday and as work in as a cashier and receptionist iv learned alot of new customer service skills and it is always best to approach with a smile.
I have experience from the stand point of membership enquire to professional fitness information given.
I have worked in accounts and often need to assist internal staff and external shareholders with their queries.
Working in a restaurant, student support and providing frontline out of hours support over phone or in person. AS a firefighter, regularly interact with the public during safety programmes and initiatives.
Food service experience and personal trainer experience.
Working in retail as a checkout team leader. I am in constant contact with customers and so giving excellent service to keep the customers happy and returning.

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