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Tell me about your customer service experience.

1 of 25 Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated November 12th, 2018 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
How to Answer

The interviewer would like a brief overview of your customer service experience. Avoid beginning at the VERY the start of your entire career. Your resume should touch on just the last ten years of your career, at most. Begin your reply with the oldest listed customer service job on your resume. Move up in time from there.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"I started my career in customer service as a cashier at the local grocery store. Eventually, I gained the promotion to assistant manager. After four years, that particular store closed down, and I found a new role with Company ABC. I have been there, as the deli manager, ever since. My role includes face to face customer service, customer complaint follow-ups, as well as attendance at some events such as food drives and other charitable efforts."

Answer example

"I have been an administrative assistant for the past six years, ever since completing my business administration certificate. My first role was with Company ABC. They hired me as their receptionist after completing my 120 practicum hours with them. I was happy they were so impressed with my customer service skills right off the bat. When I relocated, I spent some time as a temp receptionist, working in a variety of corporate offices in downtown Denver. For the past three years, I have been with my current company, as an executive assistant. My day-to-day including working with vendors and customers, ensuring smooth events execution, travel plans, and overall scheduling for the executive whom I support."

Answer example

"Customer service has been the core of my career all along. Starting with my earlier positions, you will see on my resume that I worked as a commissioned sales associate for Company ABC for two years. The customers were very loyal, and I loved helping them troubleshoot their tech-based needs. Once that company merged with a competitor, I stayed on and gained promotion to assistant manager. I stayed there for another five years. Currently, I manage a team of ten sales associates and train them in delivering excellent customer service. As the manager, I take care of any customer service disputes and escalated needs."

Answer example

"In marketing, customer service is the most important part of successful campaign delivery. If I have a connection with my customers, I will better understand their needs and the voice of their business, therefore, offering a greater product. Customer service has been at the heart of every marketing role I have held in the past eight years. Not listed on my resume is the serving job I had at University. Also, a very highly customer-service driven role."

Answer example

"I have worked in fashion retail for the past four years. First, at department store ABC where I worked at the customer service desk. I helped people with their inquiries, and returns. After staying in that role for one year, I moved to my current role as a customer service manager for Company ABC. I follow up on customer complaints and spend some time on the floor in direct sales as well."

Answer example

"Sales and customer service go hand-in-hand. I have been in a sales-based role for the past eight years. As an Inside Sales Rep for Company ABC, I called on existing accounts which had not ordered for over 90 days. This lack of order was because they were unhappy about their last experience. It was entirely my job to turn them around by displaying impeccable customer care. I take that training and experience with me to work every day at Company XYZ by showing added care in all of my customer interactions."

Bank Compliance Officer
Answer example

"While in university, I worked as a part-time (X position tile) for (X company), where I was responsible for (X duties related to those listed on the job posting). I also worked as (X position title) for (X company) upon graduation from university, where I was responsible for (X duties related to those listed on the job posting)."

Personal Trainer
Answer example

"Through working in restaurants I learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Everyone wants to be heard. I learned to be patient and listen to customer needs to give them consistent service and make sure they walked out happy."

Campus Tour Guides
Answer example

"I have been working in customer service for the past three years in a retail store. I have learned how to listen and show empathy whenever a customer has an issue. I am also very experienced in meeting customer needs and problem-solving. I really enjoy helping others, which is why I am excited about this opportunity! I'm ready to take my experience to the next level."

Answer example

"Before doing hair and makeup I worked in a restaurant where learned how to handle difficult customers and keep a positive attitude. Since I started working with clients in school, I learned even more how important it is to be patient and listen to customer needs. I strive to give them consistent service and make sure they walk out happy."

Answer example

"My earlier career was in a retail based customer service position and since then I have always had some sort of customer facing component to my position. I have a lighthearted personality and am able to easily connect with a variety of personalities. You can be comfortable knowing that your customers are in good hands with me."

Answer example

"Using a discard tube helps to empty any air out of the butterfly tubing which allows the light blue top to be filled with the appropriate amount of blood."

Written by:

Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
First written on: 03/31/2018
Last modified on: 11/12/2018
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