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Why do you want to work for our company?

1 of 30 Common Interview Questions and Answers Written by Rachelle Enns

Updated on December 27th, 2019 | Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.
How to Answer

If you are interested in working for this company, you must be prepared to highlight the main reasons why you are excited about the opportunity. In which ways do they stand out from their competitors? Don't forget to tell the interviewer that you want the job!

Perhaps this company offers an excellent continuing education program, excellent health benefits, or an irresistible growth plan. Highlight a couple of the reasons why you want to work for this company and be sure to close your statement with an expression of pure enthusiasm.

Professional Answer Examples
Answer example

"The primary reasons your company stands out to me include your focus on employee development and continued education. You have a strong reputation for nurturing the human resources that you have. I would be so grateful to work here."

Answer example

"Your company has an impressive industry reputation, and I would be thrilled to learn from your leadership team, and be in a support role to them. From my research, I find that you are very involved in the community and put a lot of efforts into developing your employees."

Answer example

"I want to work for a small company with a family-like feel, just like yours. I have always worked in large organizations where I am a number, not an individual. This 'corporate giant' type of environment made it difficult for me to flourish as a manager and a leader. I appreciate the workplace culture you have cultivated."

Answer example

"As I mentioned before, this is a calculated move in my career. A year ago, I decided to work towards a new position and began researching potential marketing agencies that would be a good fit. Since then, I have had your agency on my short list and have been waiting for the right opportunity to become available. I am beyond excited about your marketing coordinator position and think that I can leverage my skill set in a unique way for your business."

Answer example

"You are the undeniable giants in the industry. I have been planning my job here since I graduated with my business admin degree. I now feel that I am ready to accelerate my career by making this move. There are so many growth opportunities here, and that truly excites me."

Answer example

"I have been looking for a high-growth startup for quite a while, and your company is what I've been seeking in a work environment. You value your people and have an awesome culture centered around achievement, growth, and accountability. You are disrupting an industry that needs some shaking up, and you have science that is allowing that disruption. The energy in here is contagious, which only make me even more excited about the opportunity."

Answer example

"Your district is one of the top rated in the state, is considered a thought-leader in the educational community, and it is the district that I grew up attending. So, it's not only full-circle for me in setting, but also the place where I decided I wanted to become a teacher, so this is an extraordinary opportunity. I have always said I wanted to come back to teach in District ###, so this would be so exciting for me on both a professional and personal level."

Tailors, Dressmakers, and Custom Sewers
Answer example

"I'm really interested in working here because I really like the styles that you create. I also read that you focus on weddings, and I love to be a part of those lifelong memories. The bride is going to look at her wedding pictures five, ten years from now, and she'll be looking at the dress that we made for her, and I really cherish that."

Psychiatric Technicians
Answer example

"I like that it is a family run practice. Your mission is focused on creating a balanced and healthy work environment that will allow me to have a flexible schedule and work in a fun, positive environment."

Answer example

"I want to work for your company because you have a strong reputation for valuing your employees. Your company is well known for being a leader in your industry and your level of employee retention is very impressive."

Answer example

"I am a passionate shopper of your store and an avid reader who loves to share that with others. As an inspiring writer, I would love to surround myself with up and coming authors and readers. As a customer, I believe in your store's values around customer care and the services you provide to the community."

Data Collection
Answer example

"I saw on your website that your company is participating in (X initiative). This is a great initiative contributing to the company morale by strengthening relationships while giving back to the community. I also always seek the opportunity to develop my team playing skills and hope to work with colleagues I will consider family."

Warehouse Clerk
Answer example

"The company I currently work with is a 3PL environment with our clients being some of the country's largest suppliers of home hardware and appliances. There are many benefits to hiring a third-party provider. For instance, we can handle the delivery schedules flawlessly, without the company needing to purchase a fleet of delivery trucks. I do understand that it is vital, as a third-party provider, to always deliver exceptional service to both the client and their customers."

Answer example

"I am impressed by your mission and I love how much of an impact you made on the local community."

Critical Care Nurse
Answer example

"I am not married and have no children at this time. So, I am pretty flexible with my schedule. If I had a choice, I would prefer the late shift, as I am a bit of a night owl. However, I am excited about the opportunity to become a part of this team and am willing to work where I'm needed."

Service Station Attendants
Answer example

"I understand dangers such as a build-up of static electricity, fire, spillage, and more. Some things to remember are to avoid having the customer exit and re-enter their vehicle while fueling. Also, to never smoke near the pumps. Lastly, never overfill a tank. I have had formal safety training from my previous gas attendant role and am prepared to apply my knowledge to this position."

Preschool Teacher
Answer example

"I have had my eye out for new opportunities at this center since my children attended your program five years ago. They were always so happy to attend preschool here, and I appreciated the high standards of care and the great level of organization that I witnessed here."

Answer example

"One of the reasons I would love to work for you is because numerous opportunities for growth are available at your company, such as (X past project/initiative/leadership position you saw on their website or social media pages). This project/initiative/leadership position particularly interests me because (X reasons why this project/initiative/leadership position seems so exciting, such as ability to develop management skills, and so on)."

Answer example

"Being a patient flow nurse, giving patients their discharge instructions is a big part of my job. Each time I am assisting with a patient discharge at the hospital, I review the written discharge instructions with both the patient and any family members or other advocates they have present. In these situations, I know, that most of the time, the patients are unable to understand and comprehend their aftercare instructions since they have been receiving inpatient care, so I ensure whoever is there with them fully understands the instructions. I do this because I know how important aftercare instructions are, especially when patients are taking medications and managing their ongoing conditions, and I want to be sure someone understands how they should be cared for."

Kindergarten Teacher
Answer example

"I want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young students in this local area. My long term career goal is to become a principal and I admire the work of the leadership in this organization. I grew up in this community and want to get involved in helping to shape the young children that make up our local area. Additionally, your school is reputable, highly credible and raved about by the members of the community. It would be an honor to be apart of what is happening here."

Grounds Maintenance Worker
Answer example

"When I first read your job posting it attracted me because of the upbeat and fun environment you seem to enjoy. After going onto your website I saw that you have a great range of interesting clients such as XYZ Golf Course and ABC Regional Park. All of this seems very attractive to me."

Answer example

"I really want this job"

Bus Driver
Answer example

"I am a very dedicated and loyal person in both my personal and work life. Your organization is based on going the extra mile for your clients, and with a smile! My work ethic is the same. I am friendly, compassionate, and come ready to work hard for my valued passengers every day."

Dental Laboratory Technician
Answer example

"Your laboratory serves a small population yet makes a big impact. I'd like to be part of a team that isn't made up of hundreds of employees but a smaller lab where I'd be able to be part of the action versus an assembly line situation."

Social Work
Answer example

"While I was in school I had the opportunity to volunteer with your organization. I learned so much from you all that when a position came up I knew I wanted to work there and give back to other volunteers."

Answer example

"I have heard that your facility is a very safe, organized, and positive place to be. After meeting with you, I can definitely see these things to be true. I would be more than happy to be able to work here."

Answer example

"I want to do makeup in the fashion industry. Because you have such a great reputation and so much talent, I will be surrounding by people who can teach me and help me grow in my skills. I feel confident in my skills but I know I could learn so much from working with your team that would help me to move forward in my career."

Answer example

"Your organization has a reputation for providing amazing patient care. I have also heard great things from past employees. It's difficult to find a paramedic job somewhere that respects their employees and works with their schedules, so I was impressed by what I heard about you guys."

Veterinary Technician
Answer example

"I like that you are a family owned clinic. You have a great reputation among pet-owners and take such pride in the way you treat animals. I want to work alongside a vet I respect. All of those qualities make your clinic a place I would want to work."

Social Studies Teacher
Answer example

"Your school has a reputation for creating a learning environment that encourages students to be open-minded and thinks for themselves. I want my students to be proud of their individuality and ask hard questions."

Written by:

Rachelle Enns
Rachelle Enns is a job search expert, executive headhunter, career catalyst, and interview coach. Utilized by top talent from Fortune companies like Microsoft, General Electric, and Nestle, she helps professionals position themselves in today's competitive digital marketplace. Rachelle founded Renovate My Resume and Executive Resume Solutions, two companies focused on helping job seekers get their edge back. She helps everyone from new graduates looking for their first placement, to CEO's who want more out of their career. Rachelle coaches students to executives on how to master the toughest interview questions and how to handle the most bizarre interview situations; all with confidence and poise. Rachelle trains other career coaches, recruiters, and resume writers, globally. A big part of her job is also spent coaching HR professionals on how to bring the human touch back into their interview and hiring process.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown, is the creator of MockQuestions. He has over ten years experience creating interview questions. His website has helped over 10 million job seekers in their interview preparation.
First written on: 06/08/2015
Last modified on: 12/27/2019

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Why do you want to work for our company?
To have the opportunities to expand my knowledge.
When it comes to sports apparel you are #1 in the field . You are what I wear You are what I buy for myself and as gifts. Want to be the best work with the best.
I think it is one of the good company in my domain.
Because I want to learn new things and working for someone they will teach me.
As you can see from my resume, I have the necessary qualifications and several years of experience, but that does not capture the unique advantages I can provide to the company. At my last job, I was given the opportunity to advance my skill set, even getting some experience with positions that were above my work level. I am confident that I can bring something to the table that no other candidate will. b. Passionate c. Hard working d.Drive.
I have a entrepreneurial spirit, but financially I don't believe I'm prepared to start my own company; therefore, I feel that I can learn more about the systems and generate enough income in the process toward my own company.
Working for someone will improve my knowledge and experience, so when I start my own company I would be able to help someone else grow.
I really want to learn how to serve and as well tutored on how to build a career.
A friend of mine recommend it to me and said it really helped her.
My parents, because they always telling me to be confindent in what everything thing im doin and not to give up bt to believe in myself.
It gives me an opportunity to learn and improve myself.
Yes I like working with others because with others you can share ideas and works can be done easily and in a faster way.
I chose your organization because your mission statement aligns with what I would like to accomplish in my position. When a customer gains the skills they need to be successful, they become a better person, family member and citizen. When they succeed, I succeed. There is no greater reward to see someone accomplish their goal and feel great about where they are at that moment.
I enjoy working, and I put 100% into all that I do.
Because I rather be told what to do then have all the weight on my shoulder.
It's far more prospering than waiting for some unscrupulous undesirable wannabe from frog balls arkansa....
To grow the business and be able to succeed in life.
I believe that this organiisation takes me to the better position and grows to me as a project manger.
Because, Iam very much interested in this field.
So that I can learn from them, and its lower risk.
Looking for a place where I can grow in the future.
I felt I could make a difference in community here.
To take my skills to the next level and to earn a decent living wage before I branch off into a business of my own.
The chirstie is an internationall respected hospital for the treatment of cancer and will continue to lead in the area of radiotherapy with the installation of the mr linac and proton therapy unit.
I feel I have achieved all I can through my own industry, it's time for me to see how far I can go on someone else's idea and structure. I hope I can achieve great things and get lots of praise.
I am working for my intrest as common for TATA too but I too benfit like tata does.
First give me something. Then we will talk.
I chose this organization because I seem to relish the ambience here. It's calm, it's peaceful and most of all everybody seems to be friendly and down to earth.
First give me something. Then we will talk.
I choose this organisation because I come here often and all the employees are friendly and always happy to help.
To prove my tallent and efficient a and I want know my capacity of work.
Preferable to not working.
I like the fact that you are very transparent to your clients, they know what they are getting. There's a strong emphasis on accountability, compliance and continuity, all qualities I am looking for in my next employer. As the leading homeworking outsource partner, you can offer my flexibility in my working hours, training and coaching. I enjoy learning and believe you can always learn something new.
To follow in their footsteps so I can work harder to reach a higher position.
It is in the financial sector and this is well controlled to reduce or eliminate mistakes.
After doing research on your company, I’m even more excited about the chance to work here. I know I can do a great job for you.
So that I can make a difference in people and that I can help them and hopefully help them to start a new life. I also would want them to know that there are people out in this world that are willing to help them. Most of all to make a difference in a persons life.
Because you are known for great customer service and I've always admired your customer service when I shop there.
I want to gain some experience to someday work for myself.
Knowing several people - and a couple of which are very good friends, - but knowing how happy they are and how successful they are - it is an organization I want to be part of.
Because of my background and previous job experience, the job position that was posted is the best fit.
Because I will believe this organisation that this will grow me to a better position in the future.
I want to work with a team of professionals in an environment where I have autonomy, and collaboration with colleagues that are very interested in the job we are doing.
I am very flexible and can do both.... Work for someone and/or have others work for me.
Footaction is known for taken care of costumers fast and I love the environment soon when I walk in.
I feel I would be able to develope my skills better.
Well, the American Express bank reputation is certainly a factor. I would be proud to work for a company with such a long history of leadership in the industry.
I have done some work experience at the local fvc here in thames and I really enjoyed feeling part of the team while I was there.
To help the economy grow and deliver a service.
Derby hospital in my opinion is the best hospital in the area, it would be a privilege to be able to say I work at such a caring hospital.
I made this choice because off my love for sharing knowledge and keep on updating my knowldge as well with time.
Because its one of the jobs i'll be able to use to interact with customers and at the same time with my help to grow this organization.
So that I can learn what they know about the profession.
Because it looked like the right one for me.
I chose your orginization because I know that your company provides the best.
I don't want to work for someone. I want to work with someone toward the achievement of mutual goals.
Because it is one of the best employer in Germany and the training opportunities at your organisation with the prospect of professional development and future career growth.
I found your company products more innovative and I liked your company vision.
To become like that someone, whom all the people know.
I thought that your organization would be better for me.
Working for someone is a way to deal and help someone.
It teaches me good work ethic.
Due the organization value in the market, the last week.
In future I would like to open my own business but as a person you have to start somewhere, so working for someone will give me more skills and also generate capital for my future business.
Accountability growth good costumer service.
Because I have read your motives and I think I am fit for it.
I am not working for someone, I am working for myself. It automatically brings fruits for everyone.
I liked indegene and their healthcare solutions which provides the best outcome to the consumers.
I choose it because after going through what you guys do, I realize that this is a place for me to expanding in my career.
I know sa I hear from my friend it's one of the fastest growing company in Cambodia and have many brend and many staff along over the world.
Because I know your company help me to become more productive as an SLp.
I want to have a job so I can support myself and not have to rely on my parents for everything.
This bank is one of the many leading banks today. I want to excel with this organization.
Your organization's mission is very closely aligned with my passion to contribute positively towards social change. You are making a big difference in the community and I would love to be part of such a team that is transforming lives for future leaders of this country.
It seems dealers always used Wells Fargo along with a captive lender.
First of all your company revenue is huge, it shows that your company is a reputable company. I want to work for reputable company as yours.
Yeah! As I know about your organization, there is so many growth of employ enhance skills and boost my level.
I want to grow with the growing organisation.
Give responsibility and my qualifications and experiences are adequately respected and rewarded.
I am striving to gain more knowledge. And add value and assets to the company.
Because I work better with someone else then I do by my self.
Being my own boss is a stressful position, to many legallaty have to be completed working for some one gives you the opportunity to have time and earn money.
I think its more about working with someone.
Fist of all because I have a passion for your company and also because I think is a great place to work and hopefully I will be part of this .
Because I don't have the skills and principles yet to run my own company.
Excellent referral and I agree with the holy cross health mission. You strive to provide honest and excellent care without judgement.
I want to work for someone as a start because I can take note on how to become a boss myself and I can learn a lot.
To learn and see how she or he run the business. To contribute my skills, talent to the company.
Timing and flexible hour fits my schedule.
I've been working with Richard Blackmore at Coburgh bank, we get on well and he knows me well and what I'm looking for in an organisation and job role.
I want to contribute to the organization to help it grow.
There are more oppurtunities with this organization and I could see myself growing and expanding my skills here.
I would like to contribute to the development of my country that supported my university education. i have passion to practice what I studied at the universty and I believe this I a great opporty for me to do so.
I have spent many years working in different areas of the uk service industry I enjoy this immensely and would like to continue I one day aspire to have my own business and sit where you are sitting now.
I was looking for customer service jobs in Melbourne, and this was one of the jobs looking for part time employees.
I choose your organization because I feel that I fit in your culture of the company and I believe that your organization will offer me to grow within your organization.
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