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What will you deliver to us in your first three months?

Example #1
"I understand that your organization has seen a decrease in closed sales contracts over the last six months, and I plan to spring into action right away. In my first 30 days, I will complete my training faster than expected by spending extra time on the weekends and evenings learning internal processes. In the first 60 days, I will have reached out to all of my new clients and have a rapport built with them. After 90 days, I plan to be exceeding sales targets. I believe you'll be very impressed with my drive and steep learning curve."
Example #2
"You mentioned in our first meeting that you need someone to come in and re-organize all of your digital and physical files from the past five years. This organizing is a task I know I can do well and very quickly. I would like my 30 to 90-day impact to be in that area if this suits you."
Example #3
"For my first three months, I would like to get to know each of your staff members and become acquainted with their performance and recent results. From there, I can make an exciting action plan to motivate and encourage the team - especially the underperformers who are causing a strain on your company's bottom line."
Example #4
"The first three months, while I train, the best thing I can do is study hard and soak in all of the mentorship available to me by your leadership team. You mentioned that you'd like to see your team have stronger skills in Facebook marketing, so I can certainly take additional coursework in that topic."
Example #5
"I believe the best thing that I can deliver to you in my first three months, and long after that, is being a reliable and engaged employee who encourages customers to try new products. I plan to be well-versed in your product's features and benefits right out of the gates, making me a top performer."
Example #6
"I have brought with me a 30, 60, and 90-day plan. May I show you? This plan outlines how I will exceed my targets in the first three months while getting to know my new clients, learning the territory, and gaining knowledge of your products. I am very excited to get started!"
Example #7
"In the first few months of this new teaching role, I will put a significant focus on getting to know my students. It's most important to me that I make a connection with them quickly, as this will build the foundation for a fruitful year of learning. This connection will allow me to reach them where they are, resulting in more effective classroom time."
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