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What type of manager brings out the best in you?
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"I have worked with a wide range of personalities and management styles with great success. If I could express a preference, I feel that I am best with a manager who allows me autonomy while still investing time in me through mentor-ship and training. Can you describe the management style here?"
"I work best with managers who are highly communicative and approachable. I don't enjoy working in a hierarchy based environment as I find it does not offer room for new ideas and creative thinking. How would you describe your management style?"
"I prefer managers who give me an assignment and let me run with it. I don't like to be micro-managed. If I need help, or need to provide regular updates, I certainly will do so on my own."
"I have had a lot of different types of managers, but I have found the most success when I am given some latitude to make the job, sales pitch, and process my own. I absolutely value coaching and mentorship, and am accountable to the manager, my goals, and the organization's sales targets as well, so if I'm given some freedom, I find I can be the most successful. That said, I'm quite adaptable and can make most any situation work, as necessary."
"I like a manager that is interested in nurturing his or her employees. I don't need hand-holding, by any stretch, but I like when my manager takes an interest in me, and my drive for growth and development, and encourages it by offering to be a resource, connecting me with other resources, and the like. I will never lose my drive, but it is so much more fun and a much more collaborative environment when my manager sees that fire in me and wants to stoke it to glow brighter."
"I thrive most in a collaborative, team-focused environment. I work really well in a team environment when all of the Spanish teachers are working together to build really great content, lessons, and means of getting through to our students. When the department head is supportive of our goals, helps us think of things we haven't considered, and push us to continue to do better, I feel I really grow as a teacher."
The interviewer wants to see that you are self-aware and understand the type of manager or employer that brings out the best in you. Some individuals prefer a close working relationship with a lot of accountability, while others prefer space and autonomy. If you are unsure of the management style of the interviewing company, try to leave your answer as open as possible. You can certainly ask the interviewer to describe their management style.
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User-Submitted Answers
All managers would get the same from me. Hard work.
The ones that know my work ethic, give him that job you won’t have to worry.
He always says me that you are a respectful person and responsible person.
Punctuality respecting every one helping nature.
A friendly one and one that helps me learn.
The manager who is responsible of the result.
The one who understands the people/ employers concerns.
Who knows the difference between boss and leader.
The manager that checks in regularly and is able to lead by example.
A manager that trust me to be able to do my job. One who allows me to ask questions and bounce ideas off of them. Ne who encourages and keep us updated to changes. One who likes to find the strengths of his/her employees so as to better serve customer and company.
Compassionate. Someone who can guide us in a firm but gentle manner. Compassionate.
The kind ones. The ones who are not pressuring me on doing something. The ones who bring out the best in me.
One that provides measurable parameters and clear guidance.
I am a hardworking woman I can able to work with less supervision.
Positive people that are uplifting and inspiring. Must have a can do attitude. Those that lead by example.
Cool headed and one who manages things properly.
Supportive, who trust me and provide clear guidelines.
A manager who outlines clearly what is expected of me and allows me to utilize my skills and creativity to get the work done. I also welcome constructive criticism which allows me to improve the quality of my work.
I work well with everyone I do is I mast I get the job done.
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