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What are your strengths?

104 Answer Examples | Learn how to answer this question from professional recruiters

How to Answer

Which personal strengths make you excellent at your job? Strengths can be skills or qualities that help you overcome difficult circumstances or accomplish challenging tasks. In a work context, your strengths will help you to complete your to-do list, understand client needs, and help you to apply what you have learned in your training. Talk to the interviewer about a couple of your strengths and why those will help you to be successful in this role. If you can tie your strengths into the qualities mentioned in the job posting, even better!

Some great strengths to mention are:

- Communicative
- Loyal
- Collaborative
- Tech Savvy
- Flexible in Schedule/Availability
- Persistent and Determined
- Eager for Knowledge/New Skills

What are your strengths?
3D Animator

"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent performer in a client facing role."

ABE Teacher

"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent adult education teacher."

Addiction Counselor

"One of my strengths is my ability to empathize and express my understanding to my patients. These skills make them feel more comfortable opening up to me."

Addiction Psychiatrist

"One of my strengths is my ability to empathize and express my understanding to my patients. This added level of empathy and care makes them feel more comfortable talking to me."

Addiction Therapist

"My greatest strength would be my patience. I can keep my cool through any situation and find a release for a stressful situation later. My stress release is reading outside in the fresh air."


"I have developed many strengths in my career. One strength that consistently stands out is my strong technical skills. I am an expert user of Excel and SAP."

Air Traffic Controllers

"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent performer as an air traffic controller."

Alcohol and Drug Counselor

"My greatest strength is my ability to bring everyone together. Not only for projects or during work but I have a knack for bringing people together outside of work as well."

Anesthesiologist Assistant

"My greatest strength is that I am a true team player. The saying 'It's not my job' does not exist for me. Sometimes this means that I help with administrative tasks and sometimes this means that I help order supplies. Whatever the team needs, I am committed to getting it done."

Animal Shelter Worker

"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of the animals, and my customers. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent animal shelter worker."

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What are your strengths?
Organizational and management.
Inventory, loading and unloading trucks meeting people when filling orders.
My best skills is that I can relate to people and that with a humble heart I can help them when they need the help. I have good public relation, I also like to handle a hard situation on my own I am also very dependent in my work.
My best skill is treating people with relationship as humble. It gives me very helpful to my life.
My best skills were responsible working, helping, respect.
My best skill would be my dancing but also my friendliness.
I consider my best skill to be empathy, because I really care about each and every patient coming into the clinci and treat them as my own pet. I take the responsibility of caring for the clients animals very seriously.
My diagnostics skills and ability to teach this to others.
Communicating and Interacting with people.
Ability to analyze problem and dealing with them diplomatically.
Communication and the ability to learn fast.
Adaptability. I can change my approach to suit the needs of the individual customer as appropriate to ensure they have a positive expereicne.
I'd say ability to communicate effectively with Business and Development Teams. Eg. Pete and Warehouse Manager. Users of PC Client to web based TUI system.
I'm good at conflict resolution. When there's an issue I'm careful to consider everyone's point of view in order to come up with a compromise.
My past experience has shown me to be someone who is dedicated to my company's success, capable of making tough decisions, and committed to working as a member of a team. In my most recent position I work on a various of technologies mostly focusing on VMware products. But through those experiences I met deadlines, I committed myself to projects made sure they were done correctly. I put in many hours of research in. Worked with a variety of customers, so I got to see how to deal with frustrated customers. I have good presentation skills, I enjoy meeting and talking with and explaining to customers a variety of technologies. i. Hardworking ii. Communication iii. Teamwork iv.Passionate.
More learning ability & more grassping power.
Ability to work with customers and see beyond what is on the surface. Sometime it's like peeling an onion. Each layer reveals much more, till you get to the core and look at the real onion and what it has to offer. Many time you have to help customer to see beyond today to what they can become.
My problem-solving skills and analyzing my decision before actually making it.
I am a quick learner and a great team player.
I feel my best skill is organization and planning.
I'm a fast learner, that's what my current employer said.
My parents, because they always telling me to be confindent in what everything thing im doin and not to give up bt to believe in myself.
Yes I like working with others because with others you can share ideas and works can be done easily and in a faster way.
My best skill is my ability to get on with a wide range of different people and to handle situations of conflict with deplomacy.
I have the ability to think outside the box.
I can do the work under pressure this is best skills, I am good to take right decision.
Customer service . I have a degree in hospitality and I was working in the field for 12 years.
I have all ways been good at people knowing what makes them tick and helping them realise and nurture their own potential skills and abilities'
My best skills are definitely done on computer. I'm very proficient in Word applications.
My best skill may be that I am very hard working. I always try my best to fulfilll whatever the task is given to me.
My best skills ever I am innovative, and creative with dealing people.
I think my beats skills are my patience confidence and my listening skills.
My determination and quick learning ability.
My best skill is listening.In order to provide the best service for the customer you must listen to what they tell you. If a customer is upset they must be heard before a resolution is offered. And by listening closely you can direct them to something they may not have realized they even needed.
My best skill would be that I have the ability to turn a bad situation into a good one. I am naturally a calm person and always try and make people smile.
Understanding the new things and grasping it ,
I am obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. I love working out and encourage my family members to do the same. We all together try to figure out different strategies to keep ourselves fit and best of all we're able to encourage each other to take life as a gift and make the best out of it. As you must have known by now that I am an ESL instructor and I have worked relentlessly to enhance my students' language abilities through innovative ideas. Similarly I would like to make use of my teaching skills and bring about a positive change in Goodlife fitness' clients as a personal fitness instructor.
Numerical skills, financial analysis & planning.
I have great interpersonal skills and this helps me to build and maintain relationships pretty easily. People get to trust my word because I strive to keep my word at all times.
My best skills would have to be being organized and self motivated and management. Managing my time to accomplish company goals.
Critical thinking.
Team work and willing to work alone.
I can me flexibility. I m always cool and never comes in pressure.
My strenght are my personality, my charact, my simpathy, my courage, i'm my strenght.
I work hard. And provides exceptional hospitality service.
I am hard worker, and I provides exceptional hospitality service to gusts by frindly and efficient manner.
Communication skills, build team work, hard working and good in showing or training people.
Very organised and adapt well to any change. I don't get stressed easily, I'm intuitive and can juggle quite a few things at the same.
Good organizational and computer skills, high standard of writing and copying.
I would say my strengths are, my communication skills and my organization skills, being able to manage my own workload.

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