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What are your strengths?

Example #1
"My greatest strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent performer in a client-facing role. I understand, from the job description that you seek a Client Manager who brings an honest and empathetic approach to customer engagement. These strengths that I mention align very well with this need."
Example #2
"I place a lot of value on continually educating myself and spend a great deal of my spare time learning and growing professionally and personally. I am thoughtful and have a high level of emotional intelligence. I appreciate that everyone has an opinion and a unique approach to work. Taking this understanding, I can patiently adapt to a variety of communication approaches. Lately, I have been working on my technical skills, and for the past six months, I attended an online course focused on Excel skills. I am proud to say that I am now an Excel power user!"
Example #3
"My greatest strengths include understanding employee differences and unique needs and my ability to delegate tasks according to individual strengths. I build long-lasting and trusting professional relationships with the people whom I lead because they appreciate that I look deeper into their needs and greatest assets."
Example #4
"I believe my greatest strength lies in my analytical and creative mind, as well as my desire to learn. I have worked hard to cultivate my creativity and grow my professional understanding of digital marketing through numerous workshops and masterminds that I attend. I have gained an understanding of both the creative and the analytical sides of marketing, which sets me apart, as other marketing professionals tend to lean one way."
Example #5
"My greatest strengths include my ability to boost confidence and buy-in from my team members. I like to excite the team at the beginning of the day with my cheerful, go-getter attitude. I am also highly self-aware and an excellent listener, which helps when it comes to assisting customers and closing a sale without being pushy. I relate to the customer, get to know them and their needs, build excellent rapport and make educated recommendations that suit them. These customers buy and often return. My closing rates and referral rates are the second-highest in the company out of 45 retail associates."
Example #6
"My greatest strengths are in my communication skills and my ability to win others over. I have the innate ability to read a room and quickly adapt based on the overall vibe and personalities of those present. I believe that my communication and people-based strengths have greatly contributed to my overall success in sales. I leverage these strengths for tasks such as writing emails, pitching clients, or renewing and negotiating contracts."
Example #7
"My genuine passion and joy for teaching, and my focus on student wellbeing are my greatest strengths. I truly enjoy what I do every single day, and I view my job as a blessing. I recognized my passion for teaching early on in my college education when I switched my focus to an education degree, and I followed my desire to be a mentor and a positive influence on children."
Example #8
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent performer in a client facing role."
Example #9
"I am extremely detailed when planning a project. I spend time learning about the land and checking the soil to find out what plants will look and work best for the area. I am also easy going and fun to work with. Customer service is one of my highest priorities. I always take time to listen to what my client needs and wants to make sure I am able to design beautiful yards and gardens that meet their expectations."
Example #10
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent performer in high pressure, patient facing situations."
Example #11
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent dispatcher."
Example #12
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of the animals, and my customers. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent animal shelter worker."
Example #13
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent adult education teacher."
Example #14
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent heavy equipment operator."
Example #15
"I realize that salaries are often determined by the amount of experience an applicant has. I appreciate the fact that employers recognize experience as a factor in determining pay and am willing to show that I am worthy."
Example #16
"I thrive on challenges and do not hesitate to work long hours to get the job done. I also have strong project management, time management and organizational skills which will absolutely benefit me in this role."
Example #17
"My main strength is my experience. I have been wiring homes since I was a teenager working with my Dad's remodeling company. Second, my organizational skills are my second strongest asset as an Electrician. I keep my wiring clean and my job site organized."
Example #18
"This past year I was recognized by my faculty supervisor for my innovative thinking. I was able to implement a new reading program that incorporated music and art. The students really took to it well and it created a lot of successes for the students who struggled with reading. So, I would say that innovative thinking is a great strength of mine."
Example #19
"I'm a leader and an excellent communicator. I am good at observing people and noticing body language. I can tell when others feel nervous or uncomfortable and I am good at being sensitive to their needs. I like speaking in front of others, and I feel confident that these strengths will make me a great fit for this position!"
Example #20
"My greatest strength is my ability to actively listen. I am able to learn a great deal more from and about others when I demonstrate a genuine interest in what they're saying and offer them space to fully formulate and express their thoughts. I take notes, I observe what is and is not being said, and I paraphrase to clarify my understanding. When it comes to wedding planning, this skill is particularly crucial in building a strong client relationship and sense of trust in our ability to communicate and execute a vision together."
Example #21
"I am flexible and adaptable to working in intense conditions with all different types of personalities. I can move quickly and slow down and focus when I need to. I can also switch gears between tasks, which makes me an asset to any team."
Example #22
"My greatest strength is my people skills. I make customers feel comfortable and quickly build trust with them. Customers have left feedback for me saying they didn't feel pressured to make their purchase, but rather, empowered that they had found the best product for them. This strength will benefit Company ABC, should I be hired as your next Sales Associate, since I will focus on the customers ' core needs to ensure I recommend products that will turn them into raving fans."
Example #23
"One of my greatest strengths is attention to detail. I am very patient and will take the time to examine all the details of the task I am working on. This helps me identify anomalies or locate the source of an issue I am trying to fix. I often see things that other people miss, and this has helped to save our organization time and money."
Example #24
"My greatest strength is that I am extremely customer-oriented. For instance, while employed for (X employer) as a Receptionist, I (X further information re: past experience demonstrating your customer-oriented and relationship building skills, relevant to the job posting)."
Example #25
"I have been told by past managers that my greatest strength is that I am disciplined. I work hard and stay focused on the task at hand. My consistency makes me reliable and gives others confidence in me. I try to ensure that I make no errors in my work for which I check and recheck my work before submission, which has always been praised by my supervisors."
Example #26
"I think that my greatest strength is my positive attitude. With a positive attitude, anything can be overcome and everything can be achieved because it gives me the energy I need to persist at whatever I'm doing. For example, if there's a PTA night and a student also needs my help, some people might see that as too much work. But with my positive mental attitude, I see it the situation as two valuable opportunities to help my students."
Example #27
"When I first started observing a classroom in college, I had a student that was trying to get a rise out of me. They started saying some inappropriate things in my direction. Instead of me reacting by yelling or getting upset, even if I felt that way inside, I spoke calmly towards the student, got the homeroom teacher involved, and it never happened again with that student."
Example #28
"I used to work in a health unit and one of my primary jobs was to well-child exams and health screenings and to give immunizations to pediatric patients."
Example #29
"My greatest strength is my ability to build professional patient/therapist relationships. Patients confide in me, respect me as a provider as well as a person."
Example #30
"My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As the lead Psychiatric Technician in my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team."
Example #31
"I think my greatest strength is being approachable, it is very important for youth to be comfortable going to an adult when they need help with something. Also, being approachable is important for staff and parents/guardians to feel comfortable coming to me with any issues or concerns."
Example #32
"One of my greatest strengths as a Mental Health Counselor is my knowledge of the cognitive-behavior therapy problem-solving approach for clients with mental health concerns. By using a variety of problem-solving techniques, I can quickly get to the heart of the matter and help my clients to heal at a consistent pace. This strength takes practice and education, and it is an area where I am well-skilled. I understand that your clinic is exploring more therapy methods related to CBT, such as problem-solving, social skills training, and cognitive restructuring. I use solution-based counseling methods to get my clients to a point where they display good decision-making skills and feel empowered. I have completed additional training in cognitive behavior therapy, and I believe my approach will be an excellent complement to your clinic."
Example #33
"My greatest strength is my ability to encourage patients to open up to me. I've dedicated these past four years to constantly working on my communication skills with patients and value their outcome."
Example #34
"My most significant asset for this role is the combination of relevant education and real-life experience in Youth Work. This blend of knowledge and experience is the foundation behind my success as a Youth Worker. After completing my diploma in Leadership, I began a diploma in Counselling. This unique education combination has allowed me to develop critical strengths, such as building healthy relationships and clear communication with clients. I have also gained strengths in facilitating group therapy sessions and one-on-one therapy sessions. In 2018, I worked for ABC Health Care Group as a group therapist. Here, I gained knowledge of medications and proper distribution. I was responsible for community outreach and keeping in contact with clients. I wrote case reports and received training in privacy legislation, as I was responsible for accessing private medical records. While earning my diploma in Counselling, I performed a lot of research and spent a great deal of time volunteering. This research and volunteer work helped me to see where my greatest passions were, and which career path would best suit me. Thanks to these experiences, I am now ready to shine in a role such as this."
Example #35
"I have been told by my colleagues that my greatest strength is my ability to strike up a conversation with anyone! As a union representative, this will help me build relationships with my employees making us a stronger team."
Example #36
"Yes, I am a Certified Anesthesiologist Assitant. I set a goal early in my career to become a CAA, and while it was a lot of hard work, it was very worth it. Because I am a CAA, I am able to do more things on my own Compared to my colleagues who are not certified, and I am able to make clinical decisions using my own knowledge rather than having to depend on a physician. Because my certification is recognized by the state board of medicine, I get to work much more independently, which is something I enjoy."
Example #37
"I feel that my greatest strength is in my ability to close a sale. Because of my strong listening skills, I am able to easily make a connection between the product I am offering and what the client's needs are. This helps me greatly when it comes to closing the deal."
Example #38
"I have been told by past managers that my greatest strength is my ability to strike up a conversation with anyone! As a supervisor, this will help me build relationships with my employees making us a stronger team."
Example #39
"I thrive on challenges and do not hesitate to work long hours to get the job done. I also have strong relationship building skills which will absolutely benefit me in this role as I will be able to provide exceptional customer service at all times."
Example #40
"My greatest strength is my ability to build professional patient/customer service relationships. Patients confide in me, respect me as the face of the clinic as well as a person."
Example #41
"My greatest strength is my determination. I am always determined in everything I do to do my best work, and I will always strive to get a goal done, no matter what it takes."
Example #42
"My greatest strength is my commitment to my work. I give 110% to each task as well as to the communication between my co-workers and clients."
Example #43
"My strengths as a trainer are really around tailoring large amounts of information into a fun, learning experience and using multiple delivery methods to make it a collaborative and engaging process for my audiences. This comes in handy when preparing sessions and improving upon them. I have great fun building relationships along the way."
Example #44
"My greatest strength is my ability to teach large groups of people at a time. I am able to make an impact on each student in a way that they leave their lesson feeling as though they received one on one training. This helps me to make a bigger impact on each student while best utilizing the limited time given to me, each class."
Example #45
"One of my strengths is my ability to correctly operate a centrifuge, micro-pipetting equipment, thermocyclers, microscopes, biosafety cabinet, laminar flow biosafety hood and other equipment in the lab."
Example #46
"I'm great at making sure that we produce quality content on time. First of all, I have a good eye for quality. Second of all, I'm a great project manager: I have good time management skills. Last but not least, I'm very good at making sure people meet their deadlines: I know exactly how much pressure I need to give to each individual writer and when to let up."
Example #47
"My biggest strengths are my ability to be observant even in chaotic times. Being observant helps me notice the details in medical records and the symptoms of patients. I can make sound decisions when it comes to patient care, no matter the circumstance."
Example #48
"My professional strengths include attention to detail, focus on outcomes, the ability to collaborate across the organization, and strong leadership skills. An example of these is when I identified a bug in a piece of code my team and I were implementing. My attention to detail allowed me to do this effectively."
Example #49
"I would say that my greatest strength is adaptability. I am adaptable in my communication style, in how I support others, and in my prioritization of tasks. I'm able to remain confident and positive when things change, even when it is a difficult or unexpected pivot."
Example #50
"I like working with people, but wasn't sure if a nursing career was what I wanted. I thought working as a phlebotomist would give me the opportunity to care for others while learning more about the healthcare industry."
Example #51
"My greatest strength is my ability to keep calm in stressful situations. Many times my patients come to me anxious and upset but I have a way of bringing them down and making our sessions beneficial."
Example #52
"I have been told by previous supervisors that my greatest strengths include my ability to have compassion with even the most difficult of patients and situations. I am able to bring empathy to every scenario and keep my personal feelings out of the way if a patient is being unkind or rude. This benefits my employer because they can have confidence that I bring grit, and will not leave a situation because it is deemed too challenging."
Example #53
"Looking at my key strengths, and the strengths of other business analysts that I admire, I would say that an elevated sense of business operations through a variety of industries is fundamental. Also, to be a skilled listener who can read between the lines of what is said and what is truly happening is very helpful. Excellent data analysis is also an area where every business analyst should be highly skilled. "
Example #54
"I believe that my strengths relevant to this position include my professionalism, attention to detail, focus on constant improvement, and ability to collaborate with both my team as well as organizations outside of IT. Combined, these enable me to do my job to the best of my ability and to achieve the business results the organization is looking for. I make an effort to try to improve these strengths through continuing education, research, and feedback."
Example #55
"I am very active in my church, and I consider myself a very devout Christian. At the hospital that I work at, I often care for patients who have much different religious belief than my own, as I work in a very culturally diverse area. While some people in my church family have asked me if it is 'weird' for me to care for these people, for me, it isn't weird at all. I enjoy taking care of all people, and feel like it is my calling, no matter who they are or what religion they practice. I strive to give the best care possible to all my patients, despite how different their beliefs, religious or otherwise, may be from mine."
Example #56
"I think my biggest strength as a structural engineer is that I genuinely feel extremely passionate about crunching numbers and tackling challenging design problems. When I break out my paper, pencil, and calculator to work through a problem, it feels like time passes extremely quickly. I'm always excited for a new project and the challenges that come with it."
Example #57
"My greatest strength is in my ability to use the tools of my trade. I am a mechanically inclined individual and it comes very naturally to me."
Example #58
"One of my strengths is being a good listener. I have this genuine desire to help others and I believe that the best way I can do that is to first know what they need. You get that by listening to them."
Example #59
"My biggest strengths as a mechanic are my ability to troubleshoot, maintain patience on very detailed projects, and my willingness to stay up to date on changes in vehicle technology."
Example #60
"I think my strengths are in my perceptiveness and ability to be observant of the needs of others. These strengths are part of what makes me an excellent performer as an air traffic controller."
Example #61
"My greatest strength is my ability to lead under pressure. In a kitchen environment, this skill is incredibly important. It has helped me to move up in my career by being able to showcase myself as a strong leader, early on in my career."
Example #62
"Over the years I have learned skills and ways to improve my active listening with my patients. Every session I build a better rapport with my clients through effective active listening."
Example #63
"One strength that makes me a sought-after writer is my ability to take a complicated topic and make it easy for anyone to understand. I do this by drawing analogies and similarities to which the reader can quickly relate. When it comes to compelling content, the ability for the reader to easily relate to the topic is most important."
Example #64
"My greatest strength is in my ability to stay calm under pressure. I have experienced a lot of unexpected hurdles in the operating room and I can say that I am able to keep a calm mind and make good decisions no matter how stressful the situation becomes."
Example #65
"My greatest strength is in my listening skills. I feel that there is a great deal of wisdom that comes with you observe vs. talk. This strength would be particularly helpful in my role as an RA because so many students need a trustworthy and listening ear."
Example #66
"My greatest strength is that I am a true team player. The saying 'It's not my job' does not exist for me. Sometimes this means that I help with administrative tasks and sometimes this means that I help order supplies. Whatever the team needs, I am committed to getting it done."
Example #67
Example #68
"My greatest strength is my ability to see the project in a large, full picture, before beginning any solid plans. My ability to view all facets of a plan has been incredibly helpful in my career as it prevents me from making some unnecessary errors and oversights. My current manager has made this comment to me multiple times in my past performance reviews."
Example #69
"Family and friends alike have always complimented me on my sharp eye, reflexes, and quick response time. As a taxi driver, these attributes would be extremely helpful in maneuvering the vehicle in tight spots and avoiding accidents."
Example #70
"My strengths are as follows: I am dependable and consider myself to be a team player. When someone else needs me, I am there - whether it's a patient or co-worker. I have been called after hours because a patient was not doing so well and I showed up to the ER immediately.

My weakness is that I have a Type A personality which stresses me out. I like for things to be a certain way and if a co-worker that I am working with is a bit too laid back, then I get annoyed. I am actively working on being patient with others as not everyone is going to be like me."
Example #71
"I am a very pragmatic and confident person, which I believe are incredibly important traits for a security guard to possess. These traits allow me to make quick decisions while relying on fact versus impulse."
Example #72
"My greatest strength is my flexibility to take on various voice over roles, whether it be a funny one, a serious one, or a more commercial tone. This makes me a great candidate because I can take on any role you ask me to."
Example #73
"Water treatment primarily focuses on health and safety, though it also incorporates a cosmetic function as well. The three main purposes of water treatment are: to remove any toxic or health-hazardous chemicals, to remove - or inactivate - any potential disease-causing microorganisms, and simply to improve the aesthetic quality of the water."
Example #74
"My greatest strength, as it relates to this Preschool Director role, is my compassion. The high level of compassion that I possess helps me to show up for students who struggle academically and to be present for teachers who need additional professional development to succeed. The compassion that I possess means that I can reach out to those that I lead in a way that is supportive and non-judgemental - elements that I believe are critical in an education-based environment such as your preschool. The compassion that I bring will match the needs of your school community as I will be emotionally available to your students, faculty, and the school community as a whole."
Example #75
"I would say, 'Be open to changes and unexpected discoveries.' I started medical school thinking I would do gynecology, but like many other things in life, that changed."
Example #76
"A strength that I would bring to this position is my years of experience working with Geriatric patients. I've worked on a multidiciplinary team treating stroke patients and have seen much success with that patient population."
Example #77
"One of my strengths is my ability to empathize and express my understanding to my patients. This added level of empathy and care makes them feel more comfortable talking to me."
Example #78
"I feel that my greatest strength is my work ethic. It has always been engrained in me that I need to give 100% to my employer every moment I am on the job. This dedication has helped me as a Water Treatment Operator because this job is demanding, requires attention to detail and requires me to be a safe worker. Strong work ethic keeps myself and my team safe and helps to produce a really great product."
Example #79
"The thing I dislike about being a surgical first assistant actually has nothing to do with my job title. What I dislike, like everyone in the healthcare industry, is having to acknowledge that we cannot heal or save everyone. Sometimes we go into a surgery and the patient tolerates a procedure well and recovers without incident. Other times, the patient's condition is too fragile and they do not survive. That is the most difficult thing about my job."
Example #80
"My greatest strength is my ability to work with a team. I am a great team player, which makes me a good fit for this job because I am willing to work with clients who hire me to transcribe interviews, and I am a good communicator to the rest of the team on the progress of my work."
Example #81
"When I first became an activities aide, a mother of one of the children reported to the director that she thought I was not as attentive to her child as I should be. When my supervisor talked with me about the complaint, I was able to give an account of my day and what activities I conducted that included the child in question. We were able to create a plan of activities for the parent to review and agree to. Our effort to resolve the issue showed the mother that we were willing to work with her and we never had any other issues."
Example #82
"I believe that my friends and family would say my greatest strengths are in my kindness, reliability, and organizational skills. I have many solid work and character references that could attest to this as well."
Example #83
"My greatest strength would be my patience. I can keep my cool through any situation and find a release for a stressful situation later. My stress release is reading outside in the fresh air."
Example #84
"I am a quick learner, a hard worker and I am incredibly persistent. I do not hesitate to go above and beyond to get the work done, and I am more than available to work after hours if necessary to meet deadlines."
Example #85
"My greatest strength is my emotional resilience. I know that the TSA is seeking Screeners who are skilled in decision making and have emotional maturity while showing sensitivity to others. When it comes to these mental demands, I will meet and exceed your expectations. Based on my previous work experience in high-pressure roles such as large events security, I have proven my ability to make wise, calculated decisions that benefit large public groups. I fully embrace the inclusion efforts put forward by the TSA and have shown my desire to help diverse groups through the volunteer efforts listed on my resume. I am emotionally mature and have been practicing stoicism for the past three years, which means training myself to be emotionally resilient."
Example #86
"When faced with a stressful situation I've always had the ability to keep calm as well as keep my colleagues and patients calm."
Example #87
"The warehouse I currently work is organized very well, with a variety of storage areas, and clearly marked loading and unloading zones. We also have a highly efficient row system and a central picking area. I understand that some warehouses are not as streamlined as this one, but I do appreciate organization as it greatly speeds up delivery time and improves the customer experience while boosting employee satisfaction."
Example #88
"I have been told by past managers that my greatest strength is my ability to strike up a conversation with anyone! As an accountant, this will help me build relationships with my clients making us a stronger team."
Example #89
"I feel that my 2 greatest strengths are my ability to patiently listen and my inquisitive nature. My colleagues have told me previously that they appreciate how calm and collected I can stay throughout a challenging situation. Also, my previous supervisor complimented me on my inquisitive nature because she was very impressed with my willingness to research topics new to me."
Example #90
"My current supervisor consistently compliments me on my ability to do calculations off the cuff. I have very strong math skills and the ability to calculate quickly in my head. It's very helpful as a mortgage loan processor."
Example #91
"I am disciplined. I work hard and stay focused on the task at hand. My consistency makes me reliable and gives others confidence in me."
Example #92
"From my understanding, your company is expanding its number of remote workers, and one of your greatest needs is to build a virtual employee learning portal. I have built and delivered several programs online, both in the form of pre-recorded webinars and self-guided online curriculums. I also understand that your industry is very high-stress, and your employees are under a great amount of pressure. I believe it's critical to address topics such as stress management. I have delivered training sessions during employee retreats focused on mindfulness and dealing with stress in the workplace. I will be able to build a fantastic program for your employees focused on building better ongoing support when it comes to mental health, stress-management, and mindfulness practices. My background in HR and communications make me a unique asset in the sense that I have a full understanding of what it takes to support employee needs while aligning them with company goals."
Example #93
"My greatest strength as a Radiologic Technologist is my ability to relate the medical terminology to my patients in a way that they can understand. A patient's diagnosis and treatment plan should always be clear to them."
Example #94
"I've been told by previous employers and colleagues that I am really great at giving and receiving feedback. I feel that my greatest strength is in my ability to create an environment where everyone works very openly with each other. A happy team is a productive team."
Example #95
"I believe that continued education is always a good idea. I like to expand my medical knowledge whenever possible. With that said, my job would always come first. I understand that you have a tuition reimbursement program for your employees seeking additional cardiovascular coursework. I would be interested in learning more about this down the road."
Example #96
"My greatest strength is my ability to bring everyone together. Not only for projects or during work but I have a knack for bringing people together outside of work as well."
Example #97
"My greatest strength is that I am extremely meticulous. I also always review my work at least twice before submission to superiors or colleagues to ensure that my work is accurate."
Example #98
"I'm a pretty easygoing person and believe that I would work well on most teams. However, I prefer it when my manager has a hands-off mentality once I've earned their trust. I also enjoy a team that is dynamic and innovative as I like to brainstorm new and exciting ideas with others. I have also found that I enjoy startups and smaller companies as I like to have a hand in lots of areas and see the direct impact of my work."
Example #99
"My greatest strength is my ability to listen to people when all they need is an ear. I've found that some people don't want advice, they simply want to be heard. I have been told by many people that I'm easy to talk to and that they always know they can come to me."
Example #100
"My greatest strengths include my tenacity, my generous nature, and the fact that I am decisive. I have a real passion for helping others, meaning I will provide the human empathy that is needed to be an incredible Special Agent. At the same time, I will never give up or stop, until the job is done."
Example #101
"I do not have strong restrictions on photo-sharing, though I do ask that a caption indicating my company is included in any photos shared. I am also able to provide selected photos with my logo tastefully printed on a corner of the image if captioning isn't an option."
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