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Tell me about an idea you implemented at your last job.

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The interviewer would like to know if you are the type of employee who would be proactive if you noticed room for change. Think of some ways you have made an impact at work. When you see something that could be improved, do you take action? Provide an example that shows you have a high level of engagement, and the required confidence to recommend a change.

"In my most recent position, I suggested that we eliminate the use of fax machines by better utilizing our company technology and shared servers. I calculated the cost-savings for my boss, and it turns out that it saved us over $500/month on paper. Not to mention the positive environmental impact."
"In my most recent position I implemented a work-share program when profits were declining. It was an answer to pending layoffs, and although it temporarily cut hours back for our warehouse staff, it saved us from having to make layoffs."
"I implemented a suggestion box regarding workplace safety initiatives. The employees were full of great ideas about how to continually improve our safety standards."
"When I started my current position, the company did not have an organized email marketing system or organized list of subscribers. I proposed compiling our current customer list and rolling out an email marketing campaign that would connect them with our blogs, different sales initiatives, and continue to grow our e-commerce efforts. Over the course of three months, I built out our subscriber list, increased that base from 426 to 1754 and have seen e-commerce sales correlate with that increase."
"In my previous role, I was responsible for merchandising our department's floor. I decided it would be more cohesive to also collaborate with the surrounding departments, and pitched the idea to the other managers and staff. They loved it, so I was responsible for leading a team to collaborate on a bi-weekly theme and work together to develop and execute that vision."
"I was part of creating and implementing a cohort of employees to suggest, plan, and execute company-wide issues that needed addressing. For instance, we identified that we needed a better, formal mentorship program for new hires. So, we created one. We crafted guidelines, gained approval from the executive team, and implemented the changes."
"One example that I'm particularly proud of is the immersion program that I helped spearhead and implement. We work as pen pals with a local school that has a dual language program, and one day per year, we go and spend a day in their classroom that is conducted 80% in Spanish. The kids love the social component, and learn so much."

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Tell me about an idea you implemented at your last job.
Well I was working for Medicare, and we have rules what to say to our customers. But I would like that we could give some of the truth with our customer when dealing with them.
At my last job I made an idea if I have to grow I have to always look for an oppurtunity.
Changed to workflow to balance workload amongst all employees.
New system for monitoring.
Let everyone who wanted to drive motor operated equipment learn how just in case they were needed.
I am always thinking about my carrer that having any better opportunity search everywhere.
Hardworking and responsible person.
I haven't implemented on an idea at my last job because I wasn't involved in decision making.
New audit metholody successfully implemented through teammate.
I made an excel file to reorganize bank of data.
Gave I ideas on breakfast food to server to the kids at school that I thought they would like. We now serve that food, as well as organized a sheet that we use to mark or make a list of what foods are in our fridge or freezer.
I found a way to save about 30 man hours per week by automating an email task.
I have had multiple suggestions to improve our teams processes such as using tool such as Harvest to see each of our consultants productivity, so we are able to gauge projects more accurately.
Most of the ideas that are generally implemented have to do with the holidays and how we can helps others. Christmas time we have provided food baskets to those chosen customers who we feel have been making strides to go forward, even through the biggest difficulties in their lives. To see the great fullness is just wonderful for we have touched them and assisted them to be a whole family for one holiday.
In/out tray. May sound insignificant but it actually helped the lab be more organized. Submitted cases had a proper place for drop off and ready cases can be easily identified by investigators.
Looked at the existing process and realized that it was not efficient and listened to the customers feedback of the tedious red tape. I developed a new process that was simple, more efficient, saved the company money, and increased revenue by increasing the customer base by 40%.
I reduced repetitive discrepancy contracts by 25% and decreased days to funding by 5 days through implementation of a heat sheet listing discrepancies by dealer employee.
As a teacher I always implemented to my students the good values in life how they are going to apply in their real life.
As far as selling vacation ownership - the most important thing is to put the customer in the picture. I found it most successful to play a game with my customers by handing them the catalog and have them choose from the book where they would love to go. I would have every member of the family pick a place. Then I would show them just how they could do it with our product. It really got everyone involved. Not only were my tours enjoying themselves, I too was having more fun and my sales started to increase.
An idea I implemented was suggesting new desk arrangments that would make us work better.
Lastly, I was working in Deutsche Telekom of One.ERP project. I developed an idea to determine the potential challenges and possible solutions of this project towards upcoming international rollouts.
I requested to learn how to perform hydrogen breath tests which allowed the office to schedule more patients on a providers schedule.
On a monthly basis we send thank you letters to our donors for the month. I initiated a call with our top quarterly donors to thank them for their support but also to hear from them what issues they would like to see addressed using their gifts. This was a more than welcome move that saw loyalty levels among donors increase over time.
I stepped up to the plate and was a lead for the day and took charge of the situation and got the job done.
In school had many ideas of how to improve out chapels and I worked hard to implement them. I talked with the teacher in charge of them and he put me in charge of organizing everything. I worked with a team of people to improve the sound system and efficiency of the event. The days became a huge success and everything ran very smoothly. Another idea I have implemented was setting up a event for the guys in the house I live in. I became in charge of decorations and worked with a team to create many ideas and make sure they were followed through.
I am outgoing and I gave my previous company new vendors to work with.
The largest opportunity for me to implement ideas has been in my extracurricular student government activities executive position at CMU. Our program has newly launched a hybrid program for a class of 40 students. My role within the GBA was to foster a grander community and networking system and I saw this as a prime opportunity to reach out to a new set of networks and grow the community immediately from the Pilot year and on the right foot. I pitched the idea of a hybrid student and on campus student mixer, reached out to the coordinator, arranged for a venue and marketed the idea. We were able to find consensus and I was able to drive the event. A successful event allowed me to grow the hybrid student in school network by 100% and gained the attention of the Dean. My efforts have also contributed to the establishing of a new board position for the Hybrid student in the GBA and have opened communications for the future.
During an entrepreneurial venture in our college, we initiated with a coffee making entrepreneur related activity and earned a third prize.
In our stockrooms we had issues with people from textiles taking our trainers and leaving the box with one foot. I implemented a rule where textiles department had to label each box they took a shoe of.
I have rolled out a global researcher meeting across 9 offices. As we are different researcher in different office, my plan was to increase the communication amongst them and also standardise documents. We came up with a shortlist document. Moreover, I have implemented regional skypecall amongst researchers to share success and questions and find common solutions.
Well as I mentioned in my application, I worked as an office assistant so one idea that I had and implemented was to schedule lunches at different times for the people spinning metal and the people working in the office because at lunch time it got really crowded and it was hard to move around and eat comfortably so they took that in mind and it worked out really well.
I am good to talk with customers so its easy for me to hit the saling target.
During our cycle 3 for holiday our region came up with a list of challenges we were going to face. I came up with a few strategies that I knew would help us locally and some others that would help as a whole for the region. I laid it out through a training packet identifying key roles and responsibilities and a accountability and measure tracker.
I had an idea of starting a brand or many store called sneaker heads, which is basically a retail apparel store for sports goods and athletic sneakers.
At the National Maritime Musuem Youth Advisory Group{YAG}, I suggested that we offer varied refreshments, in order to retain more members.I implemented this by, choosing low cost supermarkerts to purchase our items from, which reduced our costs and as a result we where able to offer more choice in refreshments.
At nandos, there was a particular instance where our store was promoting new products that had been released from the head office. We were given balloons and vouchers to give customers discounts. As we were situated in a retail park, I approached the manager and asked him if we could put the balloons in and around the store, outside, and place some vouchers on the cars. He agreed and I delegated tasks to the team. I learnt that a good relationship with the various areas of a business is crucial in being effective in an idea. I also learnt the value of good communication.
While at the UC Campus Rec Center a fellow co-worker and myself would travel to different gyms and sites to brings ideas back to the Rec. Some ideas were "channel of the month" and re-structuring the entire fitness floor.
I once had an idea during a community service meeting at my school of reaching out to other clubs inorder to attract larger amounts of people.
While I was the brand ambassador for huria boutique one I implemented was style tour this style tour helped regular college students on a budget find things to wear for different occasions .
In PR, I suggested a new way of inventory and records of samples/merchandise. I developed a spreadsheet that would keep track of how much inventory we had at the showroom and each time we sent out samples we would record the publication/purpose, issue, story, contact, date out and date to be returned. This would help our team be more efficient and save a lot of time and trouble because we would refer to the sheet. It also helped our team to better communicate and stay on top of things. In group projects, we had to learn to collaborate. I came up with the idea to re-design the public phonebooth and make it more attractive looking and digital by implementing functions such as touch screen and having local businesses look up. This was all then created on illustration which I collaborated with my group partner on and she also added some ideas that were great such as keeping the payment system of using coins but also adding a creditcard option.
Lighting control solution for the spanish market.
I had the idea of implementing an Onboard Presentation for my following intern colleague. I realized this idea beside my tasks for the Product Managers at adidas.
I previously worked in a chip shop and I had a few ideas of working as a team and helping each other on different tasks to ensure excellent customer service.
I have always been b=very excited and passionate about doing something on my own. During my college days I started a small kiosk in a shopping mall and earned money to pay me tution fee, which made my parents proud.
To lower operational costs for a project I decided to cut an external intermediary and use my skills to approach my supplier.
Little things like improving the safety in the BOH area at office - using more bins to cut down on accidents and injuries. Continuously using me initiative to make things work more effectively.
Change the color of a category due to a territorial issue.
At my perivous job the division that I was assigned too lacked any market social media exposure. So I developed an executive brief on the benefits of creating various professional and corporate social media handles. My request was approved as a testing platform for gathering exposure before fully being integrated with corporate outbound marketing. Within a month of testing and reporting the accounts I created where immediately linked to all e-marketing channels used by my division within Qatar Foundation.
In my current role, I manage wholesale account order books. Our goal is to ensure that the right product is shipped to the right customer at the right time. Working with factory delays is always challenging, so I was part of the team that implemented the Delay Management Report tool. Previous to this tool, our process was quite manual, so my team came up with a way to work with other existing report, and anticipate factory delays earlier in the season, and communicate those to our customers in order to remedy the situation in a more timely and efficient manner.
Only finished high school.
Working in the army, I wanted to change the way we approached our training budget. I did so with a financial model.
Ideas that I have had and implemented are changing up class styles.
I have came up with ideas on how to better supplement golf courses with data on a daily basis while still getting the sale out of the experience.
My hardwork and consistency in work has always been appreciated my higher authorities as I do my work in time and respect the work assigned to me. My discipline and self determination is the key for any work to be successfull.
I have made a large no. Of contribution in college . I helped evry people who want to b successful in their life.
If I accept ant challenge then surely will give my 100 percent. If I joined any competition then why we leave or back down . If you are star then we r also star . Thousand people love born star but 2 people motivate me and we ready to compete. We will win any competition.
My hard work and consistency has always been praised by my previous employers. I am known for delivering the result in assigned time and I can prove it with this that in my previous organization I was given some task to achieve certain level of targets and we did what was looking unreachable. So I believe in my strength and skills that be it be any tasks I am sure of that I will reach the goal that I required.
My hardwork and consistency in work has always been appreciated my higher authorities as I do my work in time and respect the work assigned to me. My discipline and self determination is the key for any work to be successfull.
The courses and training provided allowed me to incorporate new practices and incentives to customers, highlighting the great features and benefits of their services.
We created aim chatrooms that all employers was logged in 24 hours a day and if a csp needed help on a issues we was always there to help each rather if was on the clock or not.
I trained and mentored our contracted workers and certified them on the HARP process.
Otherthan work I participate in other activities like skip, Quiz competition or any other contest. Recently I participated in HOS how I use it contest, I gave presentation about BIQ, I got two spot awards from my manager and from HOS team and my presentation was screened on honeywell reception.
I have made lots of contribution in my collage, I am always ready to help people who wants to grow in their life.
I improved lot of processes in my current job which resulted in time saving and so the cost.
I feel that consistency and self discipline and hard work are a core contribution for any job, not just my past job.
My ex-employer motivated me a lot due to my sincerity and honesty towards my work . I used to give my suggestions during team meetings .
None, still training. In college clean the class rooms and take all the things needed by the teachers like chalk and duster.
We were having issues with return payments that had been resolved but were still in an o/b worklist. The cm was receiving multiple calls in regards to this. I was able to identify what was causing the issue and how to resolve it. I notified the leadership in my department and we are now able to resolve this issue.
In the last company I was start of month several times becaause I was very good in customer serivce.
I have more than 10 suggestions and successful contribution. Motivating the marketing staff. I got 100% result from this suggestion in my past job.
Creating a virtual architecture group on Social site ..
Suggestion should b welcome. And if they are right for the business and for consumer then that create a confrontation ...Nothing special but few small things for the particular process I was working for ...
Suggested to organize fun activities on Friday to ease up the work pressure.
I have always been helping the needfull in all the ways I can.
I have suggested to use some temporary storage devices for accessing data that might be used very rarely.Due to which the server access time could be reduced.
I have prepared a template for the Deceased Account Resolution Department for representatives to use so there is consistency within the department and help prevent procedural and compliance citings.
A good support and relation with my seniors, juniors, line manager and a good work environment.
At American Girl I was asked if I would go to a department that works with the stores and helping customers get what they are looking for at the time. I contribute to my department of Point of Sale and I am able to help the customer more than I could in order processing.
I was working, I was an intern, I had to attend classes while I was in college at the same time and manage to pay school fees and graduate with a bachelors degree. If you really want to be successful in life and you know what your goal is, there is always a way.
A successful contributor I made on my last job was being selected to become a super user of a new computer program which was I in charge of training every one in the office.
My hard work and consistency in work has always been appreciated by my managers.
I have made lot of work in the system that I had worked to improve the efficiency of the system.
I have been always a top 3 performer while I have worked in my previous company and I was also selected as roll based process trainer as I had good skill.
Giving seminars and motivating clients why our product is best and in what way it could help then in their career growth.
I suggested we make a template, where we can input basic customer data and input notes and customers issues and resolution or escalation and ticket number, so it could be more unified . This was created by IT and it made out average call handle time much better.
I have taken part in RNR in my past company where I was winner and got the prize from client.
I have given maximum revenue among my team by up selling so I was the employee of the month for two consecutive months.
There are technical referals that you could make to suggest a system improvement. I was always rewarded for that.
My suggestion was half worked the first part of the day on their file while the othr half worked the dialer and rotate after lunch then on one file is behind and the calls are giving our equally.
Increased sales in restuarant through productivity at low times,
When I crack the maximum sales and when some body someone closer to my target.
Last time, When Nepal faced the tragedy so I also contributed with my co workers and collected some clothes, shoes and some rupees also.
I have being an person who has done the work with maximum zeal and enthusiam and have got recognition for the same.
My hardwork and consistency in work has always been appreciated my higher authorities as I do my work in time and respect the work assigned to me. My discipline and self determination is the key for any work to be successfull.
Have handled all fraud vendors which was not a cake walk.
I made a silly mistake in one and my supervisor challenged my skill and my experience. I took his words as a feedback for me and proved myself in next 2days. I remain positive during the situation.
I imposed of using the digital media for marketing medium rather then using domestic marketing. And it worked out pretty good.
I worked as a teaching assistant for some course in my masters.. I have made several suggestions in designing the coursework and in preparation for midterms and finals with the experience of me with that course in my past semister.
Helping others while exceeding my metrics and standards for the company.
In my current organization, I delivered 2 projects on time in a less time with less bugs. Managed 3 resources .
The tim when I gave the advise or suggestion to my colleagues to do that things in those way because he was going to do that in a wrong way which made him in a serious problem so after the sugestiion colleague appreciate my help.

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