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Tell me about an idea you implemented at your last job.
User Submitted Interview Answers
At my last job I made an idea if I have to grow I have to always look for an oppurtunity.
Changed to workflow to balance workload amongst all employees.
An idea I implemented was suggesting new desk arrangments that would make us work better.
I requested to learn how to perform hydrogen breath tests which allowed the office to schedule more patients on a providers schedule.
I have had multiple suggestions to improve our teams processes such as using tool such as Harvest to see each of our consultants productivity, so we are able to gauge projects more accurately.
Most of the ideas that are generally implemented have to do with the holidays and how we can helps others. Christmas time we have provided food baskets to those chosen customers who we feel have been making strides to go forward, even through the biggest difficulties in their lives. To see the great fullness is just wonderful for we have touched them and assisted them to be a whole family for one holiday.
I am always thinking about my carrer that having any better opportunity search everywhere.
Gave I ideas on breakfast food to server to the kids at school that I thought they would like. We now serve that food, as well as organized a sheet that we use to mark or make a list of what foods are in our fridge or freezer.
I haven't implemented on an idea at my last job because I wasn't involved in decision making.
As far as selling vacation ownership - the most important thing is to put the customer in the picture. I found it most successful to play a game with my customers by handing them the catalog and have them choose from the book where they would love to go. I would have every member of the family pick a place. Then I would show them just how they could do it with our product. It really got everyone involved. Not only were my tours enjoying themselves, I too was having more fun and my sales started to increase.