Pace University Physician Assistant Mock Interview

To help you prepare for your Physician Assistant interview at Pace University, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.

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Talk to us about your proudest academic achievement.

"I am proud of graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a solid GPA while working up to 30 hours a week at a medical clinic. I was learning both in the classroom and in the real world, two experiences that certainly solidified my interest in pursuing a PA career."

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Pace University Physician Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

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  • Accomplishment

    1. Talk to us about your proudest academic achievement.

  • Ask The Interviewer

    2. Do you have any questions for us about Pace University and the College of Health Professions?

  • Behavioral

    3. Talk about a time when a professor or co-worker criticized your work.

  • Career Goals

    4. As a Physician's Assistant you can work in a physicians' offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and more. What type of healthcare setting would you like to work in after graduating from our PA program?

  • Career Goals

    5. At Pace University we believe in the continual development of our students, both professionally and personally. What is your self-development plan?

  • Common

    6. Talk about a personal or professional weakness you will actively improve while attending our PA program.

  • Communication

    7. As a Physician's Assistant you will work closely with residents and medical staff. How will you approach building relationships with medical learners and staff?

  • Compatibility

    8. Name one important quality a Physician's Assistant should possess, and discuss how you emulate this quality in your professional life.

  • Critical Thinking

    9. Talk about a concerning issue facing Physicians and Physician's Assistants today.

  • Critical Thinking

    10. What is your opinion on socialized health care versus privatized health care?

  • Diligence

    11. What did you do to prepare for your interview with the PA Admissions Committee?

  • Diligence

    12. Admissions acceptance becomes more competitive every cycle. What will you do if you are not accepted into our PA program this cycle?

  • Diligence

    13. As a PA you need to gain certification from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA). Have you started preparing for the PA-C exam?

  • Diligence

    14. What are your favourite resources for staying in touch with new discoveries and current events in the medical industry?

  • Direct

    15. What other PA programs have you applied to and where does Pace University rank?

  • Direct

    16. How well do you think you have performed in this interview today?

  • Direct

    17. What do you know about Pace University's Center for Excellence in Healthcare Simulation?

  • Direct

    18. What do you know about Pace Path, our school's exclusive student development program?

  • Discovery

    19. Attending this PA program will be a considerable challenge. Do you have a healthy support system?

  • Discovery

    20. Talk to us about your Pre-PA journey.

  • Discovery

    21. Tell us one interesting fact about you.

  • Education

    22. Talk to the PA Program Admissions Committee about the GPA you achieved during your undergrad studies.

  • Education

    23. In order to keep your PA-C certification, you need to perform 100 hours of continued education every 24 months. What is your continued education plan?

  • Experience

    24. Have you ever taken advantage of a PA shadowing program?

  • Job Satisfaction

    25. Many Physician Assistants have an area of specialization. Which PA speciality interests you the most right now?

  • Job Satisfaction

    26. Pace University's Admissions Committee looks for applicants with a genuine passion for a PA career. What motivates you to pursue a career as a Physician's Assistant?

  • Problem Solving

    27. What aspect of being a Physician's Assistant do you believe will be the most challenging?

  • Scenario Based

    28. As a PA, you will be the first-assist in surgeries. This means being subject to difficult scenarios, such as handling blood and other bodily fluids. How do you feel about this?

  • Tough

    29. What do you think makes you stand out to our PA Program Admissions Committee?

  • Trust

    30. How would you react if you discovered a classmate cheating?