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Why do you want to work for USPS?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an USPS interview

How to Answer

USPS wants to hire individuals who are reliable and also those who are willing to work hard to get the job done right. You want them to know that you fit the profile of the type of candidate for which they are looking. But first, you want to butter them up a little bit! After a bit of research, you will learn about their mission to create new products and services to meet the needs of their customers.

They strive to keep up with the latest technology to make sure packages and mail are delivered as quickly as possible. Review the website and then consider checking out what people are saying about them on If you are impressed by the employee reviews, talk about their reputation. Companies love to hear about the good things future employees are looking forward to experiencing! It makes them feel good and shows you are not looking for just any job. Find two the three positive qualities about the company and talk about how they excite or impress you.

Why do you want to work for USPS?
Answer example

"I want to work for USPS for a few reasons. First, you have a solid reputation in the logistics industry, and second, you are an undeniable leader. Third, I saw many great employee and customer reviews. I would be proud to work for such a well-established organization."

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Why do you want to work for USPS?
I am currently unemployed, and I saw a add for hire. I have always wanted to become a part of the team.
Because USPS deliver high quality services and provide excellent customer experiences.
Federal job lots of opportunities to grow and I like to deal with people.
I am looking for a more challenging position.
I am looking for a stable, permanent job that I can retire from. I relied on USPS
I've been interested in USPS since working at a small post office.
To work with a diversity of people and advancement for growth.
Looking for new career that will lasts and secure.
Wanting to become a part of a team that is consistent every day for the satisfaction of the costumers.
I believe there are great opportunities here to grow and learn.
I have always wanted to work for usps, and I seen there was an opportunity to utilize my skills.
I believe that we all can have a challenge in our lives, I believe that working in the USPS will be a very rewarding job.
Job security and benefits with good pay.
Because I have a great deal of respect for the post office and admire how organize they are. I like to be part of serving the community.
I have wanted to work at a job that could be a career for quite some time. I was exicted to see there was an opening.
I'm looking for a career that I can advance in and grow with the company.
I chose to apply because the job was exactly what I am looking for. It is very close to home, has perfect hours, the pay is great, and I enjoy working by myself.
The post office is one of the largest employers in the us country, I am a motivated person and like to always learn something new.
They have a very important job delivering mail to so many people and they have great benefits.
I chose to apply for the USPS so I can finally start a career that will be rewarding. The USPS is the second largest employer in the United States and the job security, benefits, and competitive pay offer a lot for me.
The position is something that I have always been interested in, it is out of my comfort zone which will push me harder to succeed.

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