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What do you believe makes Aldi a success and how will you continue to improve that aspect at the stores?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

Aldi has strived to offer great products at low prices. Tell the interviewer that you think the low prices Aldi has been able to offer on great quality products has made it a success. The quarter system for carts, the smaller store footprint, and the wise decision to not offer shopping bags are all a part of things Aldi has done to keep costs down. Be sure to mention that Aldi also offers great service to its customers, and this helps keep them coming back. Finally, tell the interviewer that you look forward to supporting cost saving measures that are implemented in the stores and being one of those Aldi employees that supports its team through great customer service!

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What do you believe makes Aldi a success and how will you continue to improve that aspect at the stores?
Excellent customer service and will focus on customer needs.
Because there products are good quality and affordable, and I can give good customer service.
I believe Aldi is a success through hard working staff, great quality products and excellent customer service.
Great service. Great prices. Great people. I will work to uphold all Aldi values and policies.
You run on efficiency being able to give customers low prices, you dont need to over staff when you pay your employees a very high wage to keep up this efficiency. I am very fast, and efficient.
Their great prices and friendly and knowledgable staff.
Their excellent customer service and low prices, I will give brilliant customer service and help to all the customers.
I think aldi is successful because if it cheaper than its competitors and I would continue to improve aspect of the stores by offering great customer service skills and keeping the work space clean and tidy.
I think the food and the prices of the food because you can get very good deals at aldi.
Hardworking staff, good management and teamwork. I believe I could contribute to the success by carrying out all tasks to my best ability, having excellent customer service and being a hard worker.
Cheaper prices, clean organised stores, efficient customer service. Keeping things as basic and easy as you can for shoppers. And national pricing. I would continue to improve it with excellent customer service, speed and accuracy and bring a great work ethic.
The low prices bring people in, help customers as much as I can.
Also cares about their colleagues they believe on higher wages as their colleagues deserve it. If colleges are happy the team will work more efficiently.
I was given the opportunity to be creative in leading throughout.
You are customer focused. You always have unique offers and always are customer focused. I would continue this by making the customer my number one priority.
Excellent customer service and will focus on customers.
Quality of product at a reasonable price point. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.
Affordable prices and great quality of food. Also great customer service.
A great environment to not only shop at, but also a great workplace. The prices of the food is amazing as well, so that draws people in. I will provide great customer service.
The competitive prices and good staff wages and produts.
What makes aldi a success is its competitive, local easy to shop in friendly staff quick service and a great after care and customer service as I have a great deal of experience in this area I feel that I would be a benefit to this role by providing the above service in my own professional way.
Aldi is very competitive on price, quality and brand, we will consistently promote the core values on simplicity, consistency and responsibility.
The no frills aspect of aldi has made it a success. The money spent on staff and overheads to have a shop perfectly detailed is eliminated while the detail is still somewhat in tact. I will continue to improve this aspect by ensuring my team know how to merchandise at speed and with great detail.
I am looking for a chalenge, the Aldi is great sucesfull company,I am able to work hard,
There unbeatable prices and there very helpfull and friendly staff.
Great customer service and thats what I believe in.
Great hospitality combined with fast service and great value for money.
The big chains are over priced and crowded. No personal touch.
I maintains a good reputation among shoppers, I will do my utmost to ensure customers are happy going in and out of the store.
The prices are what people can afford and the products are first class. You get more for your money at Aldi. Great customer service and I would continue to deliver that.
Price and value for money when the deals are on offer. I would create more deals and better offers.
Great customer services and cheap qualitie products.
Biggest success come from offering quality products at competitive prices. Making sure its easy for customer to navigate around the store and they can pick up what they want to buy with no hassle and get great customer service.
Pricing, speed of checkout, and customer satisfaction.
Higth qulity of peoducts and I would keep this going by doing my job to the best I could do to help keep it inpeoveing it.
Aldi is a success because it offers top quality products at very low prices and has a very professional staff well trained and motivated and its low cost structure means it is a highly profitable operation I can help continue this by taking on board all the training and keeping to company policy while using my management skills to drive staff moral and increase sales and productivity.
Working productively at a fast pace. Reducing the possibility of shrink. I;E no bagging ; quarters for carts.
I believe hard work and dedication from the staff make a success, I will continue that my bringing my own hard work.
Supplier customer with products at great value try and improve the customers experience to keep them coming back.
Aldis success I believe comes from giving people affordable quality goods, by following aldis lead and implementing new ideas where possible.
The food is very good quality at a fraction of the price it would be from other supermarkets. Once someone shops at Aldi it is very difficult to go back to Tesco and spend much more money on food that is of a lower quality and people can see that clearly. I would ensure that the shop keeps selling great quality products at an affordable price by continually improving efficiency within the store itself.
Value for money - Innovative products, quality foods - customer satisfaction.
I feel the relaxed atmosphere and helpful staff in Aldi stores are big plus and in my opinion my past experience in my current job some situations that arose required a calm and fair response.
Good products at low prices for consumers. Ensure a clean and stocked environment so that customers will be able to get through stores easily and know where products are.
Personally I believe that your low prices and wonderful customer service makes it a success. I will do my best to maintain that wonderful customer service by treating customers with the best attitude.
The excellent customer service it provides which I can continue to do so and provide if I was a part of your company.
I believe that what makes the company a success is that the products are at a high equality and a cheap price at the same time, which is rare in the supermarket industry.
The great low prices and products, great customer service and a friendly enviroment.
The prices an the people that work here I can bring leadership an hard work to your team.
The good quality and low prices. Customer service is my number one priority.
Aldi strives to keep things affordable, simple and quick, I will strive to deliver great customer service in a timely fashion, and keep things simple for customers.
Selling quality products for the best price, caring for customers, environment and suppliers.
Should neat and clean, job on the time, cofidence, listen to customer, check stock.
Best quality, best customer service, fastest check out. I would make sure I continued to improve on Aldi strengths.
Mostly due to how cheap it is to buy food and good hourly pay.
The vast range of products and also there are always new ones, competing with current trends. Also the friendliness and efficiency of the staff.
Aldi employs hark working staffs who help to make the business grow.
The enthusiasm and positivity of the staff make Aldi a success and I will continue to improve that by working towards the Aldi values.
The enthusiasm and positivity of the staff make Aldi a success and I will continue to improve that by working towards Aldi values.
Cheerful staff competitive prices customer satisfaction Be approachable listen to customer and staff feedback and supply the customers with what they like if possible.
I think that the customer service and the prices at aldi make it successful, I can improve this aspect because I have excellent customer service.
Low prices and customer service and shelves full of stock and the deals they have on every Saturday.
Value and quality I would continue great customer service.
The basis store fit out the unique priducts and the great customer service.
Fresh food at lower prices, keep store neat and clean shelves stocked at all times.
Aldi has a special recipe for success and it is based mainly on customer service. I will continue to improve that aspect at the store by focusing on customers everyday and make sure the shop floor is always clean and tidy with the right products on the selves.
Their low prices. Any recipes I suggest would have aldi products.
Great customer service, being efficient, keep the stores clean and neat.
By adopting ALDI core beliefs of simplicity, consistency and responsibility and implementing these into the role.
Team proactivity, and ensuring product availability.
From what I've seen Aldi has very friendly and efficient workers who love what they do and strive to have excellent customer service. I would improve that aspect by being an all around ideal employee and not only help the customers but the company and my coworkers as well by doing so.
It has to be the atmosphere if people love there job they will go above and beyond. I'm very energetic and love people so I plan on making aldi success my top priority.
There good customer services, cheaper food, friendly environment and helpful staff.
Having top brands for the lowest cost ever. I will make sure I follow their philosophy and that is to make sure we provide good quality food for the lowest possible cost.
Great customer service. And I will continue to make sure the customers are fully satisfied before they walk out of the doors.
Aldi is successful due to supply high quality products at an affordable price and I can provide optimal customer service.
I find Aldi's products are always low prices and I know Aldi's customers loves that and I can give good customer service.
Society has changed in recent years. Previously, people shopped locally regardless of the price. These days, people are hunting for deals, but all expect exceptional quality. Aldi is a key demonstration of excellent value for money, and I will do my bit by ensuring quality control in every aspect of the store.
The high quality product, the low price, the clean environment/shop, the polite shop assistant. I would like to search the best products what aldi can sell, and organize the shipment to arrive every shop in time with a long product expiry date.
Aldi is excellent value for money. The enviroment is friendly, stock is easy to find and laid out simply. I believe the simplicity of Aldi, the value for money and good quality food and friendly staff make Aldi a success. I could improve this by showing excellent customer service skills, smiling to customers and ensuring I am doing my job to the best of my ability. Anything I do I give it 100%
I believe Aldi eliminating the costly overheads and by selecting the best products for their stores, using the re usable crates and not giving out plastic bags.
Aldi likes to give the best quality and price with a economic friendly approach, maintaining all those standards.
By adding my own edge to the working day by interacting with customers, and also hitting targets and working my hardest too ensure a success each and everyday.
In my opinion aldi is a great store, it has a certain way of completing tasks in the most efficient way possible.
Aldi have clean, well organised stock and friendly staff. The prices are very competitive and attractive to customers. I would build on the success of the company and maintain the great customer service.
Because of the good customer experience ans well as ensuring the shop floor is free from abstraction.
They look after there customers to improve would be to keep customers happy.
That customer needs are met - while shopping and with the choices they are offered. I also love that there are new product ranges available on a regular basis. Would love to support Irish products reaching more people too - would enjoy this aspect.
They have always had an economic advantage over their competitors which is highly attractive to customers but where there's customers there's always customer service, which I hope I can provide well to encourage people to shop Aldi more often.
I think aldi is already success and I just want to contribute what I can to the store to make it even better.
The great staff along with great products and affordable pricing. I feel I could be a tremendous assert to the friendly and helpful staff for many hands make light work. And a happy staff makes a happy customer which in turn makes a happy company.
I think Aldi has a very good quality products and compare with other supermarkets . The products are cheap . Speciallbuys the are next one what make aldi a success, speed checkout . I can improve it work hard and be focus for the customer and be sure that always he leave happy our store.
Low prices, fresh items and a great selection.
Cheap prices and quality produce. The stores have a great work ethos and.

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