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Aldi Interview Questions and Answers
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What do you believe makes Aldi a success and how will you continue to improve that aspect at the stores?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Excellent customer service and will focus on customer needs.
Because there products are good quality and affordable, and I can give good customer service.
You run on efficiency being able to give customers low prices, you dont need to over staff when you pay your employees a very high wage to keep up this efficiency. I am very fast, and efficient.
There good customer services, cheaper food, friendly environment and helpful staff.
That customer needs are met - while shopping and with the choices they are offered. I also love that there are new product ranges available on a regular basis. Would love to support Irish products reaching more people too - would enjoy this aspect.
I believe Aldi eliminating the costly overheads and by selecting the best products for their stores, using the re usable crates and not giving out plastic bags.
Should neat and clean, job on the time, cofidence, listen to customer, check stock.
A great environment to not only shop at, but also a great workplace. The prices of the food is amazing as well, so that draws people in. I will provide great customer service.
From what I've seen Aldi has very friendly and efficient workers who love what they do and strive to have excellent customer service. I would improve that aspect by being an all around ideal employee and not only help the customers but the company and my coworkers as well by doing so.
The prices are what people can afford and the products are first class. You get more for your money at Aldi. Great customer service and I would continue to deliver that.