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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
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I was left in charge of running the floor at McDonalds while the manager counted some drawers. I had to make sure all the food was made correctly and handed out in timely fashion. I handled it well even when we got busy but knew when to ask for help before becoming overwhelmed.;
I was assigned leader when my manager was banking the money, keeping everything running efficiently and dealing with any problems instantly.
At my current employer we work as a team of 5 on the night shift; recently we have gotten an increase of new employees that sometimes need assistance. As an employee that has been there longer the supervisors expect that I show them how to handle their positions, whenever I have to become leader of the team I believe it turns out well.
I trained crews of up to 4 people and it worked out very well.
I have to be a leader all the time at work, you lead by example.
At my present job, I am always a leader. As a leader I have to make sure daily tasks get done and everyone has their own task.
At my first job, we had to prepare 80 school lunches. My boss was stressing out about how we would get it done in time. So I prepared a little system for each person to ensure all the hot food, cold food, drinks etc were ready by the time the lunches had to go out. It worked, made the job easier, and they continued using it.
I have been a mother for over 20 years, I have had to lead my children through out their lives. So far so good! I have 2 focused and happy kids.
A customer had came in to pick up her ring from being repaired. We send jewelry off to a repair company to be fixed. Upon looking at her ring the customer had noticed that some of her diamonds had been smashed in. The jewelry coordinator was off for the day, and the manager on duty was unsure how to deal with the issue. So, ultimately is was up to me to call the repair company as well as ensuring the customer that her ring would be as good as new.
While I was a customer service supervisor I always made sure I had no line to prevent that I would help cashiers bag.