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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Aldi interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear about a positive experience you have had with leadership. Think about a time when you led a sports team, led a college project, managed a store, or coached a little league team. These are all great examples! Share the situation in which you were leading, and discuss why you enjoyed the experience. Talk about the positive outcome that the group had, and explain that you would gladly lead again!

Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
Answer example

"Although I have never led in the workplace, I do take on a volunteer coordinator role on the weekends with the local animal shelter. I have qualities that would make a good leader. I am a keen listener; I understand how to look at the big picture without losing momentum with the small tasks. In that particular volunteer position, I have a great amount of success and find that other people respond to my approach very positively."

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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
At my current employer we work as a team of 5 on the night shift; recently we have gotten an increase of new employees that sometimes need assistance. As an employee that has been there longer the supervisors expect that I show them how to handle their positions, whenever I have to become leader of the team I believe it turns out well.
I trained crews of up to 4 people and it worked out very well.
I have to be a leader all the time at work, you lead by example.
At my present job, I am always a leader. As a leader I have to make sure daily tasks get done and everyone has their own task.
At my first job, we had to prepare 80 school lunches. My boss was stressing out about how we would get it done in time. So I prepared a little system for each person to ensure all the hot food, cold food, drinks etc were ready by the time the lunches had to go out. It worked, made the job easier, and they continued using it.
I have been a mother for over 20 years, I have had to lead my children through out their lives. So far so good! I have 2 focused and happy kids.
A customer had came in to pick up her ring from being repaired. We send jewelry off to a repair company to be fixed. Upon looking at her ring the customer had noticed that some of her diamonds had been smashed in. The jewelry coordinator was off for the day, and the manager on duty was unsure how to deal with the issue. So, ultimately is was up to me to call the repair company as well as ensuring the customer that her ring would be as good as new.
While I was a customer service supervisor I always made sure I had no line to prevent that I would help cashiers bag.
I had to be a leader to show a new colleague the work that had to be done throughout the day, it went very well as the colleague was at a good standard at the end of the shift.
When I used to do a previous job and agency workers were sent in to assist due to shortage in staff. I played the role of a leader by showing the agency staffs what to do and how to go about the job so as to meet up with the finish time.
Store of the year competition in 2012. Internal competition. I was working the night shift management position. I led a team of 18. We won the Munster award.
At a particular busy time, my managers son became ill unexpectedly and he had to leave without notice. Within ten minutes, everybody started to panic and not knowing what to do. I am a natural problem solver and quickly calmed everybody down and suggested we delegated the managers jobs between us.. One take phone calls, one check and reply to emails, another cancel appointments etc, very quickly the office was running smoothly and we maintained this over several days.
As a part sales manager Team members would look to me for assistance with helping customers or restocking the store.
When conducting a training session and everyone had to take part. The outcome was positive.
I have been a manager the past 8 years but by dealing with situations the out come for the most part has been positive.
I managed an off license and lead that job for a year and a half. I was successful in the role. I also was a leader in a textile environment in training and quality control where the outcome was a reduction in quality related faults by 70%
In my current role, I regularly fill the position of co-ordinator. This requires strong leadership skills, as you have to co-ordinate all the meals from the front grill and back grill, in order to get the meals out within the allocated time (7 minutes).
Training people on the pokies. Good I like to help people.
When I was working at the cafe, we were short staffed on a busy day. I delegated tasks to my other co-workers that were best suited for their skills to create an efficient work environment that satisfied both our customers and my co-workers.
We recently had a till crash instore, out of the 3
I often over see my department when a supervisor is on holiday or just a general day off. The girls and I always achieve together what is needed of us.
At work I quite often take charge and delegate tasks to various individuals. Some of the less experienced managers look up to me for support, and recognise my usefulness. I achieve results consistently by managing my time efficiently, and delegating tasks in a timely manner to staff.
I was a section co ordinator for m &S my manager at the time was pregnant and had a lot of time off I took over her role and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
I lead a team on a daily basis.
I had to make tough calls at my old job and it went well.
I have been a leader for a year responsible for a big place with up to 30 staff on a daily basis, and I think I had done well because I have never had complaints from my GM
Went to support a new store opening, no one seemed to know what needed doing and lots of people stood around doing nothing. took it upon myself to allocate jobs out to people eg tidying, ckeaning and then went and found Project Manager to find out what needed doing and went back and allocated task out to. Outcome was that the shop was complete ready to open.
I was put in charge of two new employees at walgreens and told to dispense of a giant pile of boxes. Since I was the only 18 year old, I threw the boxes in the compactor while they both broke them down and handed them to me. We finished quickly and efficiently.
I had to a leader in a volunteering opportunity and work with tutors to draw plans and carry out presentations for the participants. It was a challenging task because each tutor had diverse skills and they needed to be brought to the same level. With careful planning and consideration, I was able to do that.
In my last job in the hotel we had a power cut and several bookings, many of which were driving so I had to take charge of the situation and got the candles out, chef to do cold platters and served this, everyone delighted.
When I was at placement at college I had to supervise some of the children by myself and at first I felt nervous because I was scared because I thought something could have happened to them but once I knew what I was doing I was absolutely fine.
I am still a leader and thats the way it will stay.
I am a assistant manager, so I have to be a leader daily.
Closing a large deal at a large credit union. I won the deal.
I am currently a leader every day and my business is successful.
For the last 2 years I have been in the role of deputy manager. I have been able to fulfil this role alongside my own contracted job. I have had to support the service manager to ensure that we maintain CQC standards at all time and maintain all aspects of health & safety and infection control. this has been done successfully.
Seasonal items needed to be reduced and we split up the work to get them reduced and out for customers to purchase.
When we were on this training there was 6 girls on each table so I was the leader to ask questions and we did very well.
Every day at my previous restaurant, the boathouse, I was responsible for leading the front of house staff during service. I particularly remember having a private event for a pharmaceutical group when the power went out at the restaurant. We had 7 guests and no lights, so we lit the fireplace, put candles all over the table for them to see and cooked with flashlights in the kitchen. The guests were ecstatic.
I am a supervisor and have to lead everyday and the outcome is I get my job done and everyone is happy.
Launching new products instore working on emails ensuring everyone is aligned.
I was been in charge in the floor to lead my fellow crew in mcdonald as the manager is counting the money . I need to make sure that we are serving the best quality of foods and in fast and presentable way.
I worked hard to become like my leader.
Take charge on shift, cleaning customer area, baking breads cookies ensuring we did not run out as this would lose custom. Had good outcome and feed abck.
In my current role I was left in charge of foreign agency staff. I got them to perform. By setting an example.
We had to ensure the legal training was conducted on time and that all colleagues were trained within the time limit, so I liaised with my team leader and planned what to do. The outcome was that we managed to train all colleagues within the given time limit and passed the legal training audit.
I was asked to stand up in our sikh community to guide the yooungest about our religion I was a bit reluctunt at first but once I done my homework and prepared for seeing them on sunday I was very succefull and they wanted me to come on a regulat basis.
It can happen on a daily basis where it requires someone to tell another person to start preparing another meal and that you will cover the order they initially started preparing. The reserve also occurs.
When I worked at Subway, I had to train in a new guy because our manager was unable to. The outcome was great, my manager told me I did a better job than she probably could have done because I am so good at communicating and having patience with him!
Generally I don't tend to take a leadership role, so I can't recall one currently.
Many of times at Morrisons in the Admin department - The supervisor and Manager would not be scheduled to work, I would be the next in line to ensure the smooth running of the office. Therefore I would revise the workload and work with the team in order to complete the daily tasks required.
One time my manager was having a rough day, this lady was complaining that we didn't have one of her ingredients so the manager was being rude to her I step up and apologize, told her the reason why we didn't have it and gave her an item for free for the inconvenience.
I currently lead a team of volunteers. I enjoy passing on my skills to enable them to gain paid work. Many of them have gone on to get paid work.
I had to be a leader once when.... The outcome was positive.
As an intern I had times where I had my priorities related to my job description which came first and then I had projects that I conducted to help 9-1-1 Telecommunicators went it came to a lack of mental health resources. I had the other intern with me work on parts of the projects that I assigned. I gave her a detailed step by step process for each task depending on the project. I also presented my research study findings to 100+ people and management. The outcome was great, the documentary was approved.
With my current role I handle a team of 10-12 persons so I always help them with the problems if the face any. And the outcome of it is really positive.
I was involved in the redundancy consultation and had to keep team up to date after meetings, I was honest and empathetic and held the respect of my team as such.
Outcome was good job got don well.
New girl started and I had to show her the ropes, it went well, I made sure I was approachable if she had and issues and it gave me a sense of pride, teaching her and helping.
During vintage, managing a team and the heavy workload associated with this plus any problems that would arise. Completed with quality effectively and efficiently, I thrive in this environment.
Working on the deli I quiet often found myself having to take control. I am a fair leader and I assign the jobs to be done out equally.
The shift supervisor was ill and I had to lead the shift hand over meeting. All the required information was passed on and production continued.
I was a manager at my previous job. I think I did very well. It was very rewarding & I enjoyed it very much.
I was working freight in a temporary position with a home stores . The manager called in sick and I had to organise all employees and unload both trucks and stock all shelves. We succeeded and the day progressed as usual.
Last one year I worked as supervisor,I handled everthing.
At one point I was in charge of the department because of days off and I had a member of the staff who called off sick in the morning, as my priority is getting the rooms back I rearranged the tasks for the day so my linen porter teamed up with one of the room attendants in order to clean more rooms, I took the remaining rooms and got my most experience room attendant to help me checking so everything was back on time.
I currently lead a team of volunteers. I enjoy passing on my work experience to others. Many of my volunteers have moved on to get paid work.
When you have gained respect of people than anything is possible. I have not been given many opportunites to be a leader in my work, However I can see when jobs need to be done and happy to delegate tasks to help the team achieve their goals.
During the redundancy consultation process, I had to attend meetings with CEO and other departmental heads and feedback to team.
I'm a leader every single day I tell associates what to do and how to do it, I make sure to explain every step and always give a reason as to why we are doing it that way so everyone has a clear goal and a reason to do it. The outcome is always terrific when everyone works together with a clear understanding.
When my boss was on vacation, I was in charge of picking up the money each day and depositing it in the bank. I believe I worked well with my co workers to switch out money for bigger bills, providing them with change, et cetera. Everything flowed smoothly.
I had to take over as leader of a small family business when the owners went oversees. I had to train new staff and achieve finished product to a deadline. Worked long hours but got the job done to complete customer satisfaction.
I currently lead volunteers. I enjoy passing on my working knowledge to enable them to gain paid work. Many of them have gone on to paid work.
I had to organise a film shoot as I was a director. I was very fair in handing out job duties, and kept on a good atmoshphere amongst our team and listened to everyones wants for the films which everyone appreciated and delt out tasks.
I was left in charge of 4 carpenters assembling timber frame houses . I had to make sure quality work was done by all members of carpentry team .I Handled it well even when we got busy but knew to ask for help before becoming overwhelmed.
Have not experienced that situation yet, but would lead and carry out job well,
I was running a section of a factory to myself and had to delegate position to my work mates to make sure there was a consistent and effective method in place and the outcome was smooth sailing.
I often help train new cashiers at cvs, I have to say they always do their best! And being s leader is all about still working with others. Taking the time to be patient and explain certain policies and procedures, while ensuring customer needs are met.
A teacher always has to be a leader, I found my students enjoyed their lessons and got good grades.
Being a shift manager and my outcome was great because I have followed all the rules and made sure that everything was corrected.
I have always assumed a leadership role and am very comfortable doing it. I have no problems with delegation and getting people to follow my lead.
When I play handball at school I was a team leader and I arange the training times,, meetings and organizations for the all players.We often taken win.
In previous workplace I was a supervisor, I was fair but made sure deadlines were met helped out during busy times with hands on. Deadlines were always met.
One time at my current job I was called into work to manage the store while the Store Manager held a mandatory meeting for the other managers. I worked as a shift manager, placing people in positions and giving orders. The outcome was fantastic as I kept our time down and made sure the store stayed clean.
I was moved in very impressed that I can accomplish showing others how to handle the responsibility.
I was captain for my cricket at school the outcome was goog.
I lead often. Business as usual is often the outcome. I hate to bother my superiors with unconsequential events and only report that which need s further action.
Teaching the registers to new associates. It went well - I had to be patient and really listen to their worries and troubles about learning something completely new.
Had a party of 28 kids and I was the only one at the putt putt. I was looking after the shop and doing the party at the same time. I told the eldest kid to superivse the kids when I had to go serve people. It all ended well and I was able to do the party and look after the shop at the same time.
I had to lead a group project at uni on one occasion. I had to assign roles to individuals, and keep an eye on their process. We ended up passing the group assessment with flying colours.
School games and my team won.
Well I had to lead a group of middle schoolers, for activities. Many of them were very attentive, and I asked if everyone understood. ANd they did. They all seem to really enjoy it.
I had to delegate my fellow team members to stock shelves in an efficient way in a timely manner.
I feel quite strongly about equality and everyone having equal rights. In this years general election I felt that women in particular were not been represented. So I stood as a candidate and encountered terrific people who also cared about the same things I cared about. It opened my eyes to the potential for change if we step forward and take responsibility.
As a parent I am a leader for my family.
Whilst working at goals I had to work as leader when they had triple booked, the outcome was great and everybody was happy.
I have to be a leader on my shifts all the time, I assign tasks, resolve disputes between employees. The outcome is good.
It was great, no issues and everyone worked together as a team.
I had to be the salon manager at college and it was brilliant. I had to make sure that the salon looked professional and introduce clients to their therapist and make sure that the salon was up to standards and to stock checks on towels oils and creams and make sure that everything was ready to be used and in date and it was brilliant I loved it.
I covered all my bossess holidays which made me an acting manager. Outcome was very smooth.
In the sport I take part in I always have to be a leader as I have been one of the longest to take part in our gym. This means younger and newer people coming to train look up to me.
I hope I will be leader in future.
In my last three jobs I hae been a manager and have always enjoyed running a team and surpassing targets set.
Last year I organised a Douglas Macmillan coffee morning. We had a bake off, tombola, other competitions and buffet. So I needed to make sure everybody was clear what food they needed to bring in for the buffet and make sure this was distributed equally whilst making sure nothing was duplicated. For the tombola I contacted all our suppliers and asked for donations as it was for charity and for the bake off I listed the entries and invited managers from other areas of the business to come and judge the competition for us. I feel the day went fantastically well and we raised quite a bit for the cause.
I had to lead the athletics team in high school and we ended up winning the competition so it was a great outcome due to encouragement.
I was assigned leader when my manager was banking the money, keeping everything running efficiently and dealing with any problems instantly.
I was left in charge of running the floor at McDonalds while the manager counted some drawers. I had to make sure all the food was made correctly and handed out in timely fashion. I handled it well even when we got busy but knew when to ask for help before becoming overwhelmed.;

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