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Video Game Developer Interview

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What's the best game of all time and why?
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Minecraft, because there is so much you can do and it is perfect for all ages. Ex: if you like fighting you can play survival and if you just like toi simply build you could play on creative.
In my opinion, the best game of all time is Minecraft, because of the endless possibilities. You can build, fight, survive, socialize. Minecraft, from building a little hut to building a giant castle.
Mario.... As it was my first game that I had enjoyed in my childhood with my friends.
Mario, because that's where all good games originated from.
My best game I ever played would be assassin's creed.
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How creative are you?
User-Submitted Answers
I think I am decently creative, I can do many things other people can't and that is what makes me special and creative.
I'm really good at making stuff and I have a really good imagination.
I would say that I am very creative in areas that I am good at producing materials for, and would be more than happy to learn about areas I am not so good at and be more creative in them.
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Video Game developing can be a tiring process, how will you refrain from burning out?
User-Submitted Answers
I would probably try to have a good nights sleep the night before and make sure I had breakfast before coming to work.
When I start burning out, every hour, y'know, I will get off the couch or chair, and go exercise!
I dont feel that . As I am very much intrested in gaming I will be happy if it takes long time.
I really love programing but if I got tired I would take a break and think what I should do next.
One way to not get burned out is not being a one man army, you need at least two people to motivate each other.
One way to not get burned out is not being a one man army, you need at least two people to motivate each other.
I like to think that I am a sort of quality assurance assistant. Know that I am helping to make the game better for everyone would keep me motivated.
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Give me an example of the most challenging algorithm you've created?
User-Submitted Answers
I don't create algorithms, I solve them.
I had created a sudoku algorithm that works with probablities of losing.
I had created a sudoku algorithm that works with probablities of losing.
It would be an open world video game and it has to be mmorpgs. I live actions fantacy and others.
I have never created an algorithm to my knowledge.
Question 5 of 35
What will you bring to the team?
User-Submitted Answers
I will bring a large amount of support to the team, I endeavour to make sure my team reaches the goal they so desperately need. I feel that adding me to the team will bring our performance up a notch.
I am hardworking, sincere, polite person with good programming skills. I am patient and hence can bear any hard time with an ease.
Everyhing im like the best player in the world.
I will brink good information about what games that lids would like to play and hardwork.
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Name a language which you aren't that adverse in. What steps are you taking to learn about this language?
Question 7 of 35
What was the easiest algorithm you have created?
Question 8 of 35
Say you are creating a game of tic tac toe, how would you create an algorithm to implement a computer's artificial intelligence for the game?
Question 9 of 35
Tell me about a bug you've found in a game you recently played?
Question 10 of 35
When was the last time you had to meet a tough deadline?
Question 11 of 35
Which programming language are you most fluent in?
Question 12 of 35
How well would you rate you know C++?
Question 13 of 35
What do you test for given that there isn't enough time to test everything you want to?
Question 14 of 35
Give me a quick algorithm on how you can shuffle a deck of cards?
Question 15 of 35
How would you make the games you are playing better?
Question 16 of 35
How do you feel about overtime?
Question 17 of 35
Name one thing that may make me regret hiring you?
Question 18 of 35
What game would you make if money were no object?
Question 19 of 35
How do you extend your knowledge of programming on your own time?
Question 20 of 35
What was the last video game you played start to finish?
Question 21 of 35
What do you know about sales?
Question 22 of 35
Tell me about a video game you have recently played, and what you believe could have made it better?
User-Submitted Answers
Planetside 2, more complex weapons and smother combat.
Question 23 of 35
What changes to current video games, do you think needs made?
User-Submitted Answers
I would change almost everything in the game line it should be a tower that you have to reach to the top and it had to have levels.
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What is your favorite video game of all-time, and why?
User-Submitted Answers
Jedi Outcast, one of the first games I really got into.
It would be assassin's creed because it's an open world and you can do what ever you want in there.
Halo series.
League of legendsBEST GAME EVER!!!!!
Nuff said ^
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What video games do you enjoy playing the most?
User-Submitted Answers
Pirate101, wizard101, Gta, and black op.
Question 26 of 35
How far do you see yourself climbing, in the video game industry?
User-Submitted Answers
I feel like im just going to stay at the bottom and leach of of others income.
Question 27 of 35
What challenges are you looking for in a position?
Question 28 of 35
Tell me about a time, when you needed to see the project as a whole, to complete the problem you were on?
User-Submitted Answers
If you mean how long it would take me to finish a project it would be about a week or sooner.
Question 29 of 35
What applicable attributes do you have?
Question 30 of 35
Have you developed or worked on any type of gaming before?
Question 31 of 35
What is the most extensive program you have written?
Question 32 of 35
Tell me about the most challenging programming problem you have done? How did you figure out a solution?
Question 33 of 35
When have you worked an extensive amount of time at once? Tell me about it.
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Our atmosphere is really casual, but we expect long hours of work, are you okay with this?
Question 35 of 35
How well do you work in teams?

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