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Using jQuery, if you wanted to make a div move along the screen, what function would you most likely use?

This is another specific technical question. As was mentioned earlier, the majority of your interview will involve specific technical questions. Researching the company, its products, and the technology that it uses is the best way to be prepared to answer these types of questions. It will also help you frame your answers to address the technical and business issues the company is hiring you to help them resolve.

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30 Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers

  • 1. Using jQuery, if you wanted to make a div move along the screen, what function would you most likely use?

  • 2. What are the differences between JPEG and PNG compression, and when would you use each of these?

  • 3. Can you review this code and identify any errors you see?

  • 4. Can you discuss the use of namespacing in JavaScript?

  • 5. When developing a web application, do you prioritize SEO, maintainability, UX, performance, or security?

  • 6. How do you organize your JavaScript code?

  • 7. Can you explain what a RESTful web service is and the purpose of each HTTP request method?

  • 8. What do you know about CORS?

  • 9. What frameworks and tools do you use to identify and fix a performance bug?

  • 10. Can you describe the workflow you use when developing a website or app?

  • 11. Have you ever done pair programming, and if so, what do you think of it?

  • 12. What do you do when an application stops working?

  • 13. Pretend I'm a tech novice. Can you explain what Namespacing in JavaScript is in plain English?

  • 14. What's the difference between SOAP and REST?

  • 15. Which Content Management Systems (CMS) have you worked with?

  • 16. Tell me some considerations in selecting a font size for an adaptive web site.

  • 17. Explain to me briefly what the hide function is actually doing in jQuery withi the CSS.

  • 18. Can you list some of the input types that are new to HTML5?

  • 19. Do you know the programming language we primarily use?

  • 20. Which responsive frameworks do you work with or recommend?

  • 21. What is the default value for the display attribute for the image element?

  • 22. What are the five possible values for position for elements in a web page?

  • 23. How does the browser determine where to place positioned elements?

  • 24. Name several reasons why a website is not performing well or is slow to respond to user prompts.

  • 25. Do you enjoy working long hours on projects?

  • 26. What was your most successful website ever created? Why did it go so well?

  • 27. What was your least favorite website you've created? Why did you feel this way?

  • 28. Tell me about the most challenging website you created from start to finish.

  • 29. How would you write an SQL statement that would select only customers who made multiple orders within a single week?

  • 30. What are the possible values for the display attributes that are supported by all browsers?