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Where do you see yourself in five years?
How to answer
Be honest with yourself: Are you looking for a permanent position with opportunity for long-term growth? Do you plan to work as a respiratory therapist forever or do you see it as a gateway into another career down the road? Whenever you apply for a new job, you might want to consider these questions first. How will this new position fit into your future plans? Five years might feel like a long time, but it flies by fast! Working as a respiratory therapist will give you the clinical experience that could open the doors to other fields of medicine. Some people consider pursuing a related career, like becoming a Pulminary Function Technologist. If you enjoy working in a laboratory, you may be interested in working as a Biological Technician. If you have completed your associate's degree, then there is always room for more education! Think about where you'd like to see yourself in five years and work backwards to identify the milestone goals you will need to accomplish in order to get there.
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User-Submitted Answers

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Growing within this organization and becoming an integral part.
In 5 yrs I see myself working as a respiratory therapist manager in a big hospital.
Settled down with my own house, a steady job with steady pay as a Respiratory Therapist, my children in school, and possibly returning to school to further my education.
I would like to be working as a proficient RT in a critical care area of the hospital, I am enrolling in the health care administration bachelors program at OSU and I am interested in patient education and helping patients understand and manage their disease process so that they can live more productive and satisfying lives with less exacerbations, I want to continue to learn as much as I can in the field of respiratory care.
Well since the future is a mystery, my goal for 5 years would be to have my studies completed and achieved a leader ship role in this organization and continue to assist others breathe better.
I see myself with my bachelors of Respiratory Care. I hope to be able to take on more responsibility.
A successful respiratory therapist.
I see myself in a hospital helping people with respiratory issues, and explain to them that they can still have a normal life as long as they follow all directions and take of many issues with the patient to allow them to have a successful life.
I see myself growing within the respiratory field, learning new information to stay updated on how to care for patients, and possibly working in NICU
In this facility getting ready for one of my kids to graduate college.
I definitely see myself going back to school trying to get my bachelor's degree and want to work in helicopter transport.
I would love to be with a company that can help me improve not only as a Respiratory Therapist but as a human being as well. I will also hope to have a bachelor's degree in 5 years in Respiratory Therapy because I planned to advance my education.
Working in TICU and adult critical care.
I want to growth in became a supervisor or Director..
Becoming proficiency NICU
I can see myself continuing my education within the respiratory field. I want to obtain other credentials such as NPS, and ACCS because I believe that the learning is the key to being successful and I throughly enjoy learning.
Working in an ICU department, proficient in critical care, trained in patients' intubation.
Hopefully working here but in an advanced capacity.
I see myself as a respiratory therapist and a respiratory instructor. I would like to teach it to others to help improve the respiratory therapists we have now.
Teaching. Helping people understand more and learning more.
I would like to have at least a BA and become a respiratory therapist.
In a hospital, with my colleague, my patient, my routine taking care in the emergency room or in a private clinique.
In a secure position as a respiratory therapist, hopefully within the nicu and peds department.
Working as a RRT. And possibly working in a pediatric hospital or area of the hospital. But I would really like to stay close to home so I am hoping to be working here in 5 years.
In 5 years, hopefully I will be finished with my bachelor's, and I see myself helping people every day and just enjoying life.
Working for same company feeling confident in majority of my choices.
I see my self working in a hospital, working in pulmonary function testing in order to help diagnose patients with respiratory diseases.
I would like to be having clinics, utilising physical assessment skills to assess patients risk of copd or diagnosis. Helping manage them at home with an acute exacerbation.
I see myself learning and growing, mrspmis ever changing and I will continue to learn and evolve with it.