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Respiratory Therapists Interview Questions and Answers
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What do you know about our healthcare facility?
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Care about patients, and workers.
You are a acute care hospital and code stroke certified.
You have been around since 1930 and have a service area 16 counties wide. I like the fact that this hospital has been recognized by the AHA for your rapid service and successful outcomes to heart attack patients. I was also excited to learn that this is the only hospital in texas that is offering bronchial thermoplasty.
I have been a patient here before and was very impressed with the facility, staff and treatments. I love that the respiratory dept has many avenues.
I know the CEO is Kelly Adams, it has been providing care since 2006. It is a full service hospital with 25 inpatient suites. The facility has a 24 hr lab that can provide quick results. Radiology services such as MRIs, CT scans, Xrays, and mammograms. Provides cardiopulmonary tests such as PFTs, EKGs, cardiac stress tests and more. It as recently gained 2 new physicians and the Respiratory director has been known to be rural RT of the year.
I know some your history and a small background of the facility.
Affiliated with a few hospital which part of the Atlanticsystem, state the art equipment.
You are the top hospital in the state, and this building was opening in 1962. You have a level 1 trauma center and level 3 NICU. You are dedicated to providing high quality customer service and pt care to your ultimate customer, but you also treat everyone as a customer, which I really like.
You strive to provide the best quality care and excellence to all patients.
It is one of the leading teaching and research hospitals within Canada.
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