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Tell me about a character trait that makes you a good candidate for this job?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Respiratory Therapists interview

Integrity, humbleness and empathy are all character traits that would make you a great candidate for the job. Think about a day in the life of a respiratory therapist. What challenges do you anticipate? How will you handle them? Your ability to remain calm during stressful times is an example of a character trait that would lend itself to the role. Your ability to listen to patients is another example. Review the job description and ask yourself, "What traits would help me to accomplish these tasks on a daily basis?"
Basic answer example
"What traits would help me to accomplish these tasks on a daily basis?"

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Tell me about a character trait that makes you a good candidate for this job?
I have compassion for people, and I like to understand why and how, I am excited about the opportunity in this field to learn something new every day.
I have compassion for people, strong interpersonal skills and I am excited about the field of respiratory care and the opportunity to continue to learn everyday, I understand the importance of the profession and the magnitude of what we do.
Determined to always to my best job possible and I am very reliable.
Integrity and inner strength.
Punctuality and patience. Dedication to work knowledgable.
I am extremely dependable and enjoy working with others.
I am very dependable. You can always count on me to get the job done and effectively.
I am self-motivated and hard working always eager to learn and I am a quick learner.
I am very dependable and a reliable person but besides these two qualities I have been acknowledged for my flexibility.
I have a positive attitude and am able to adapt to different situations very easily.
My clinical skills are excellent as well as my people skills. I consider myself a good jusge of charecter and can usually make up with even the most curmudginly old guy.
I am a sensitive caring individual.
I feel I care for others who seek my help way.
I am easy going and I handle stressful situations in a calm and mature manner.
I am loyal, professional, caring, organized, and I stay calm under pressure.
I'm a loving individual who cares deeply for the well being of others. I also enjoy a fast paced work environment and working as a team.
I am dedicated, punctual and detail orientated and my educational background on medicine make me a good candidate for this job.
The patients overall well being is my top priority. They are always first on my book. I'm a hard worker and I try to give 110% even on my worst days.
I am a caring and understanding person, I will treat each patients with respect.
I sincerely care for the patients I take care of and always wanting to learn how to better myself in order to make a bigger difference for patients progress.
My ability to be calm and collective during a crisis.
The patients overall well being my top priority.
Stay calm loyal professional organized under pressure.
Describe a conflict with a co- worked and supervisor how did you handle?
My drive towards work and eagerness to learn new things.
I am a very determined and dependable person. I am extremely caring and open to new learning experiences.
I am honest and hard working, very efficient with my time and I care and have compassion towards people.
Great on working alone. Also a great team player ( would offer help if needed with no questions asked) I want to learn as much as possible.
I'm a fast learner and a team player.
I'm reliable. You can teach me something and know that I will soon understand it. I will be there if you need me. I will take care of my pts and prns as soon as possible.
I have great interpersonal skills when it comes to speaking to individuals on a one on one basis, or in a small group. Show compassion for individuals.
I adapt to new situations very well.
I am dependable, honest and a team player.
I am easy going, dependable, a hard worker and patient oriented.
I have the skills and I am good at solving problems.
I am a caring and hard working person. I am always willing to go above and beyond for not only my patients, but my coworkers and employers as well.
I am a intelligent and organized individual who strives to make the care of each patient better. I am a honest individual, this will aid in explaining and comforting the patient with new treatments and health care advice.
I am know for being a hard worker. I work hard and stay alert to the last minute of my shift. I take my job seriously regardless of my task.
I love working and helping people.
I am compassionate, dependable, and am very goal oriented.
I'm a patient person, I have a lot of a empathy, i'm good to react under stressful situation where I have a lot of responsibility . I love helping people and have a lot challenge . I like to see the direct impact that result from my job.I am proffesionnal, i'm good to explain the situation and the problem of my patient to the family with tact.I have manner .I have analytic skills, honesty, good jugement and the desire to perform, to be efficient in my work.
My perseverance, my ability to talk with people and make them confortable and my kindness.
I am friendly, warm hearted, caring, empathetic and enjoy taking care of others.
I am a dedicated and reliable individual who is highly self-motivated and goal orientated. My approach to health care is very focus on patient centered care. I believe that the patient should play a large roll in the health care they receive and that communication should be open. My character is very honest and welcoming, I feel my patients portray me in this way also. I feel they feel comfortable talking to me and being in my care.
I'm personable, reliable, always on time, and I'm egar to learn. I love a challenge and this job comes with many challenges. I care about people & I want to help.
I want to contribute to society by helping those in need, especially when it involves survival. I am friendly and compassionate and very patient.
I have a compassion for people. I am always willing to offer ways to help others get through their ailments. Becoming an RRT gives me that opportunity.
My best character is wanting to help others. Whether it be patients or employees. That is why I think I would be a good fit for this position.
I'm driven to provide the best performance.
Not only am I passionate about my job, I am upbeat and dedicated to helping my patients.
I am great under stress. I thrive to learn and grow within the company.
I am a quick learner and a great team player.
I'm a lighthearted person, very compassionate. I tend to always show sympathy and put myself in somebody else's shoe. I'm very enthusiastic, optimistic and joyful. I treat everyone with respect regardless of the religious beliefs, sexual orientation and race.
I am able to relate and empathize with patients.
My determination, I plan to work my hardest for the patient and the company in order to be successful.
How outgoing I am. I like talking to patients and getting to know different things about them. I also like watching them progress and get better.
I am a good team maker hard working, organizer, easy going, punctual dependable, play well with each other, good sense of humor.
I'm a hard worker who wants to provide the best possible care to my patients. I'm enjoy taking initiative whenever possible and working with a team.
I am very kind, compassionate and caring. I care about my patients like they r one of my own family members. I love what I do. I am very dependable and honest. I have great communication skills, and I am a good listener. I work very well with others.
Yes I have reputed hospital exp.
I am a very easy going, quiet, but confident person. I do not stress the small stuff and remain fairly calm in high stress situations. I am an excellent team member and will always be there for my fellow coworkers.
I am a hard worker and I enjoy a fast pasted environment. I believe that there is more than one way to do things and I am willing to learn what the preferences of this institution are.
I'm honest and a hard worker. You can trust me to finish almost all task you give.
I always make sure I have a smile in my face and a positive attitude. Always treat everybody with respect.
I'm detail oriented. I get along well in a group setting or individually. I'm self motivated & like to set goals that I'm able to attain.
Punctual, team player, willing to learn, work well under pressure, love helping ppl.
I am a determined person. I will stay in the lab or in the hospital until I get something. I perservereat tings I don't understand.. I am a kind person to the patients and to the hospital staff.
I enjoy learning and having a specilism to focus on will be advantegous for me to learn in detail copd and as I have a desire to expand into nurse practitioner roles where im using advanced clinical skills this background preparation is ideal. Equally im self motivated, always wishing to do the best for the team and the patient. I am equally very patient, in my current role I have been told how patience I am with relatives or rude patients. I try my very best not let personalities affect how I work/

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