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Can you work overtime, weekends, and holidays?
How to answer
Medical facilities often require you to be available to work odd hours. You might be working the night shift for weeks and then one day you're asked to work a double or switch to 12-hour shifts. If you work in a doctor's office that's only open till 7 PM every night, you might have a more predictable schedule. But if you're in the emergency room or another 24-hour facility, you will need to be flexible. Explain your availability, but be clear that you are willing to work the shifts needed. If you're not sure what to expect, ask!
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User-Submitted Answers

Can you work overtime, weekends, and holidays?
Yes, I will be available to work overtime, weekends, and holidays.
Yes of course. I always know that working in the hospital will require me to work on those schedules.
Yes definately! I have no problem working extra shifts and holidays and weekends will be no problem for me.
Yes I can work over time, weekends and holidays.
Yes I will work as I am needed.
Yes, I am flexible to work any hours.
O course, it comes with the territory.
With a career in health care, I understand that with that comes shift work and a variety of hours. In a profession like this I believe that you have to do whatever you need to do, and by doing so, that involves a lot of extra time. That is something we sign on for as health professionals.
Yes, preferably with notice, but I can be flexible when needed.
Yes that is not a problem.
I am currently able to work on weekends as i've just recently taken up a full time position at another company.
Absolutely. This is not an issue for me.
Yes. As a matter of fact I prefer to work weekends, overtime and occasional holidays.
Yes. I am available whenever needed.
I can work overtime on the weekends and holidays because patient care is most important.